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Dynasty Season 5 Episode 19 Release Date: Fallon Organizes A Fundraiser

Dynasty Season 5 Episode 19
Dynasty Season 5 Episode 19

In Dynasty Season 5 Episode 19, Fallon is going to organize a fundraiser to help save her horse charity. Then Adam will ask Blake for help. Dominique will be assigned a bodyguard by FSN, and he will take his job very seriously. Cristal’s brother was reintroduced in Dynasty Season 4 Episode 18, and well, he was craftier than before. His arrival made it clear that he was in Atlanta for a deeper reason. Beto’s former blind loyalty to his father made us suspect that there was a lot to be gained by him turning his back on him. When Dynasty throws crazy revelations at viewers, it works perfectly, and Cristal’s father giving her the business was just karma.

Beto wanted Cristal to completely cut ties with her family so he could profit from it. Cristal wanted to think there was more to her brother’s lack of communication with her after her near-death experience, but he was only interested in taking over the company. It was cruel of Beto to have sex with Sam in order to steal the evidence and send the father to prison, but what was funnier was that Sam was not offended. He was all over Beto as soon as he got back to Atlanta, so he was probably just relieved to have gotten something positive out of the whole experience.

Dynasty Season 5 Episode 18 Recap

Before diving into Dynasty Season 5 Episode 19, let’s quickly do a recap of the previous Episode. In Episode 18, Cristal didn’t receive a reply from her brother after she sent him messages about her disease. He is currently in Atlanta trying to convince her to join him in the overthrow of their father. Cristal stays put; after all, he is still their father. Beto wants out and to live a free life like Crystal. Cristal makes the decision to cut all contact with her father. She doesn’t want him to once again harm her or her brother.

Dynasty Season 5 Episode 19

Dynasty Season 5 Episode 18 – Adam Huber

Sam and Beto get together, and as Sam is taking a shower, Beto steals the evidence that Cristal had ordered him to keep safe. Cristal worries that their father will believe she betrayed him if Beto turns him in. But that’s not the case. While he’s in jail, he hands over the management of the family business to Cristal.

When going through her father’s belongings, Kirby finds a flash drive that Anders requested her to watch after he left. She is hesitant to look at it because she assumes it will be another lecture. She eventually watches it, and even though it is a lecture, he also provides some important information. He tells her that sending an address to a woman named Victoria will change her life forever.

When Kirby first meets Victoria, he learns that she is his estate attorney and not a relative. She hands Kirby an envelope with yet another flash drive inside of it. One week before passing away, he made changes to the assets he wanted to be payable after his passing. Anders gave Kirby his life savings and a document containing the Carrington family secrets he had vowed to keep hidden until his death. He is now giving them to her as protection and insurance. Now we will discuss when will Episode 19 of Dynasty Season 5 will release and what will happen in it.

Dynasty Season 5 Episode 19

Dynasty Season 5 Episode 18 – Grant Show

Dynasty Season 5 Episode 19 Release Date & Preview

Dynasty Season 5 Episode 18 will release on 12 August 2022 on The CW. This episode is titled “But a Drug Scandal?”. The Synopsis of this episode is as follows: ” Liam hears his mother say something that is less than encouraging as he struggles with his conscience. Fallon plans a fundraiser to support the survival of her horse charity. Adam asks Blake for assistance. Dex tries to deal with things on his own, which does not sit well with Alexis. To Dom’s disgust, FSN gives Dominique a bodyguard, who takes his duty very seriously”.

Dynasty Season 5 Episode 19 Release Time & Where To Watch

Episode 19 of Dynasty Season 5 will air at 5 pm PDT. New episodes of Dynasty are released every Friday. If you have CW on your TV, then you could just watch episode 19 at the above-mentioned time. But, if for some reason you missed episode 19 while it was airing live or you prefer Streaming Dynasty, then there are several Streaming options available.

You can watch Dynasty S5 E19 live if you currently have a Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, or DIRECTV STREAM subscription. All of the aforementioned services feature The CW in their TV channel packages. The day after they premiere on television, Dynasty Season 5 episodes will be made freely accessible on the CW App and  Once the original Seventh Season of the show has completed, Dynasty S5 E19 might become available on Netflix in Australia, the UK, Canada, and India.

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