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One Piece Episode 1023 Is Based On Which Chapter?

One Piece Episode 1023

One Piece Episode 1023 was one of the episodes that shook the internet. Though, we suppose it is the year that has to do with it. Some animes and episodes are breaking the internet left and right. There was even a moment in Boruto where Naruto’s new form had everyone’s jaw dropped. No, he is not a villain now that he has a new form. And speaking of the new form, Luffy will get one too in the anime soon. Given how much the anime stretches, it might look well-wishing; we can always dream in the world of pirates, right?

Though, right now, One Piece Episode 1023 is awarded for the most awesome scene in anime in recent history, along with Roof-Piece. The story starts with Luffy eating demon fruit from the loot Shanks brought home. After being saved by Shanks and inheriting his straw hat, Luffy decides to become someone like him. His adventure in the sea begins after the world’s most giant pirate reveals his Secret. He has hidden the world’s most significant treasure, One Piece, and many treasures in one place.

One Piece Episode 1023

CC: One Piece Franchise

His execution marked the great pirate age, with Luffy setting out independently. We see Luffy come across many people in his journey while a few go become part of his crew. He and his companions form the Straw hat pirate group. As the Straw hats ventures out to the sea, they make many friends and enemies while making their name. Eiichiro Oda is the manga series creator; before the manga, he was an assistant artist for the highly acclaimed Dragon Ball Manga. One Piece is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda and Published by Shueisha.

One Piece Episode 1023 Is Based On Which Chapter &Why Is It Shocking Fans?

One Piece Episode 1023 Is Based On chapter 1007. Why is One Piece Episode 1023 special? One Piece is special for its world-building and long mysteries. There has never been a point when the facts were wrong or contradictory in the entire series Even Luffy’s bounty, which got a bad rep from fans, makes sense once you sit and think about it. But One Piece Episode 1023 went against the tradition and brought us a character that has been dead for a long time.

One Piece Episode 1023

CC: One Piece Franchise

Odin! The past ruler of Wano fell at the hands of Kaido. Oda is not someone to pull one over his head and give us cheap emotional punches. Another important thing that happened in the episode was Chopper finally making a cure for the icy virus. He did that by making another virus.

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Where To Watch One Piece Episode 1023?

One Piece Episode 1023 and other episodes are available on all the major OTT platforms, so it doesn’t matter which platform you have subscribed to. You will be able to see the episode as soon as it streams. Below are the sites where you can watch Episode 1023 of One Piece. The websites below are up to date and have a good track record of watching shows on time.Β 

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