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Vermeil In Gold Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date: Exciting Second Year!

Vermeil In Gold Season 1 Episode 3
Vermeil In Gold Season 1 Episode 3

Vermeil in Gold season 1 episode 3 is about to release now! The manga was famous for its manga version and now burning hot from its anime release. Vermeil is Gold is a romantic comedy and fantasy manga that is so exciting to see. You can also consider it as an adult comedy type because the quantity of fan service is present in an abandoned amount.

The last time we saw a naked demon, god knows what next! Anyways the fan service isn’t the only fascinating thing about this series. The placement of a magical world is something to look forward to in this series. All in all, the series is full of surprises and very interesting to watch. Episode 3rd will be released soon, so be prepared to know everything about the series through this article.

Vermeil in Gold Plot

Vermeil is Gold is the story of a demon named Vermeil and a high school kid of the magical word Alto Goldfield. Alto Goldfield is a student of a wizard academy where they learn how to control and manipulate their magic. Goldfield considers himself one of the greatest magicians and wants to prove it to the world. But the greatest magician shouldn’t fail his first exam, right!

Alto and his classmates have to summon a magical being to clear the test, but it seems that even a little is out of the league for our great magician. Someone gives him an old book of spells that can help him to clear the exam. The whole thing turns out to be a plan. Alto summons a demon long locked away in another realm. The demon’s name was Vermeil. She appeared naked and tried to seduce Alto, but he didn’t fall for it. He gave her his sister’s clothes, and with that, Vermeil started her life as a high school kid. Vermeil helps Alto from time to time as gratitude toward him for setting her free.

Vermeil In Gold Season 1 Episode 3

Vermeil In Gold Season 1 Episode 3

Vermeil in Gold Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date and Time

Vermeil in Gold season 1 episode 3Β is to be released on 19 July 2022, Tuesday. The third episode will be out at 10:30 PM JST. For others, the timing will be 7:00 PM IST, 8:30 AM Central Time,6:30 AM Pacific Time, and 9:30 AM Eastern Time. To know what happened till now in the story and keep reading.

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Episode 2 Recap

The story is in the first episode, and Vermeil is now in Alto’s high school. The second episode starts with some lite demonstration of Vermeil’s power. She knocks out a dragon with almost no effort at all. The owners of the rampaging dragon pick up a fight with her, which won easily. Now back to their new school life. A rare fairy flower that is found only in remote places and is extremely rare to found. Every student must try to get one of the fairy flowers, a magical school adventurous activity.

Vermeil In Gold Season 1 Episode 3

Vermeil In Gold Season 1 Episode 3

This competition will determine the new class representative. Every student tried their best to find one because the class representative chain was at stake. Some failed utterly, but a few were able to complete the task. Lilia obtained it with the invisible potion. The flower, however, fell from Lilia’s hand onto Sharol’s, making her the new class representative. This is where the last episode leaves us, who knows what comes next.

What to Expect from episode 3?

The story is just getting started now. We are sure to see much more melodrama. There is no particular antagonist in the series to be aspected by the genre. Alto successfully entered the second year of high school. We will see more of the relationship’s ups and downs in this episode and less of the battle heat. Second-year activities are just now regaining, and we will see them.

Where to Watch Vermeil in Gold Season 1 Episode 3?

The first episode of Vermeil in Gold Season 1 was released on 5 July 2022. Every episode sub is available to watch on HIDIVE. Soon the third episode will also be joining the party. I hope you enjoy it.

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