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Skins Season 4 Ending Explained: What Did Foster Mean?

Skins Season 4 Ending Explained
Skins Season 4 Ending Explained

We have to talk about Skins Season 4 ends. For some, it was random, poorly written, and hard to understand. And we can understand and attribute this to lazy scriptwriting. Whatever the reasons, the season finale is there. Whether we like it or not, we can break it down and try to make sense of it. The season finale corresponds to episode eight of this British drama.

As for the season finale, It aired originally back in March 2010. Jamie Brittain penned its script, and Daniel O’Hara directed it. In this episode, we see the protagonists inquiring about Freddie McClair’s missing status as he’s been killed off by Dr. John Foster, Effy Stonem’s shrink. So, without further ado, let’s explore this series’ denouement to see what the disappointment is all about!

Skins Season 4 Ending Explained

Short clips of several characters appear in the opening of the episode: First up is Thomas Tomone is seen running, having taken up running. Secondly, we have James Cook seen having sex with Arcia, who is presumed to be his new girlfriend. Third, Emily Fitch is seen with a girl named Mandy. Lastly, Katie Fitch is visiting Effy at the hospital, where Pandora Moon joins them and cheers Effy up with a song she wrote.

Skins Season 4 Ending Explained

This finale left many people disappointed

Plot Unraveled

Cook and Karen, Freddie’s sister, is concerned about his whereabouts. Dr. Foster sends Effy home, and Mandy begins making advances toward Emily, revealing that Emily’s girlfriend Naomi Campbell believes she is straight. Then Thomas and Katie devise a scheme for the former to win Pandora back, which involves Thomas teaching Katie French one-on-one.

Most of the group is having drinks at Naomi’s when things start to get awkward when she accidentally calls Arcia “Effy,” unintentionally causing Cook to realize his new girlfriend resembles Effy, who had previously injured him several times. After Cook dumps Arcia, Karen requests a meeting. Cook loses it when Karen hands him Freddie’s notebook after a brief argument because it contains hints that John Foster wants to hurt Effy.

Following that, JJ Jones can be seen leaving the party, where Naomi is behaving in an outlandishly hyper manner and even making out with Mandy in front of Emily, who then storms out. Katie is forced to repeat offensive words by Thomas constantly during the French lessons. When it is revealed that Pandora received an A* in French, she becomes upset and sits outside because she understands everything they are saying after Arcia informs the police of Cook’s location, the police raid Naomi’s home.

Cook Escapes

Cook manages to flee and find refuge in Freddie’s shed, where he meets Effy, who is concerned that she scared Freddie away. Thomas is pressured to accept an athletics scholarship to Harvard University in the United States in the meantime. In Freddie’s absence, the rest of the crew gathers in the shed to celebrate his birthday. Emily accepts Naomi back after she confesses her love for her and claims she was afraid of the impact Naomi would have on her. Thomas and Pandora also reconcile after the revelation that they are attending the same university.

Skins Season 4 Ending Explained

Here’s the series’ finale explained!

The Ending Explained

The final scene for most of the characters finds them enjoying themselves at the party, but Cook is outside when he spots a man watching Freddie’s house and decides to follow it, thinking it’s John Foster. Cook enters John’s basement and discovers Freddie’s blood-stained clothing there. Foster quickly shows up with the bat, knocks him to the ground, and declares that he is “nothing.” Cook stands up, laughs, and declares that he is a criminal who lacks common sense. Then he admits to John that he killed Freddie.

As the episode closes, he suddenly swings at Foster, yelling, “I’m Cook!” The result is left undetermined, leaving us to interpret what went down. It seems out of the blue, seems improvised scriptwriting. And it seems a rushed way to conclude such a convoluted plot. That’s one of the reasons why this finale caused so much mixed and negative reactions among viewers when it first aired. What do you think of this series’ finale?

Where To Watch Skins?

Skins is available for streaming on Hulu, and the episodes are available for purchase from Apple iTunes and from Google Play.

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