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Who is Fredrik Strage Married To? The Relationship With Linda Leopold

Fredrik Strage partner
Fredrik Strage partner; credits: a days merch

Swedish journalist and author Fredrik Strage is well known for his prominent coverage of pop culture. His popular, Hemma hos Strage, is the podcast he hosts where he has interviewed a variety of musicians and artists about their favorite songs.

Born on December 22, 1972, Strage started writing as a source of living in 1990, at the tender age of around 18, for the Swedish fanzine New Life. Sweden’s Linkoping is where he was born and raised.

Fredrik’s writing has appeared in a number of titles, including Dagens Nyheter, Pop, Bibel, Billboard, Cafe, and Sonic. In 2003, Strage contributed a composition to the collection De missanpassade compiled by Belinda Olsson.

In order to encourage musicians to talk about their favorite songs, Fredrik Strage invited them to his home and started the Hemma hos Strage podcast in 2016.

Fredrik Strage Partner

Fredrik Strage; credits: sydsvenskan

Hemma Hos Strage is considered the most well-known Swedish music podcast. It includes amusing anecdotes and musical guidance from well-known individuals, such as Slipknot and Michael Stipe.

With all the remarkable work to look for, no doubt Strage enjoys a wonderful fortune. According to reports, Fredrik will be valued at about $1.5 million in 2022. The author has more than 30 years of expertise in journalism and entertainment. An excellent journalist makes money in a variety of ways.

His essays about music, Patreon, podcasts, and brand endorsements provide the majority of his revenue. Hemma Hos Strage is considered the most well-known Swedish music podcast. It includes amusing anecdotes and song recommendations from well-known people, including Slipknot and Michael Stipe.

Fredrik Strage partner

Arti Zeighami, Carolyn Mair, Christopher Wylie, and Linda Leopold attend a Salon during

Along with money, he has garnered other accolades throughout his career. For instance, he received the Nojesguidens Pris in 2001 for “The Best Book of The Year” and the Stora Journalist priest for the year’s most innovative journalist in 2008.

Who is Strage’s partner?

Strage, though been paired and speculated with various names over time, is now happily married to Linda Leopold. They’ve been married for a very long time, the couple got hitched in 2004, and it seems to be running oh so smoothly.

They have two adorable kids together.

fredrik strage partner linda leopold

Linda Leopold; credits: Forbes

Leopold was the chief editor of the Fashion and Culture Magazine in the past and the author of two nonfiction books. She has also written for a lot of journals and publications, publishing articles in them. Linda frequently speaks in front of groups, and she strives to combine fashion and culture with science and technology.

Fredrik Strage partner

Linda Leopold at a summit; credits: Latest News

Leopold’s passion is fusing fashion, culture, science, and technology. Although she frequently speaks in public on AI and ethics, this is not her true passion. Fag hag, her critically acclaimed debut book, was published in 2007. It examines the close bond between straight women and homosexual men.

The publication that followed it, though, was the 2013 title The World’s Smartest: The High IQ Societies from the Inside. She describes the lovely lifestyle of the Mensa members and invites readers to their private events in this.

After spending a long time in the media sector. In 2018, she joined the H&M Group’s AI division. She oversees the business’s work on ethical and sustainable artificial intelligence and data as the Head of Responsible AI & Data.

She was also featured in an article with Forbes about the Nine Inspirational Women Leaders shaping the 21st century. The article was a part of a ten-part series.

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fredrick strage partner

Linda at an seminar; credits: H&M Group

Into their happy life

Strage recently celebrated his 50th birthday and posted about it on his Instagram page. The Swedish author and the 49-year-old seem to be in a very lowkey yet happy marriage that has lasted them for almost 19 years, and we wish them a lifetime of togetherness.

She is the only one who truly knows him. Sadly, the journalist rarely talks about his family because he wishes to keep them private. In addition, he hasn’t posted many pictures of them on social media yet.

The pair are now living in Stockholm, the capital of Sydney. Linda has extensive experience as a writer, speaker, and business consultant. Through thick and thin, she seems to have stuck with Fredrik Strage.

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