Herbert Stanonik’s Partner: The Male Couplet Made It Normal For The ‘Dancing Stars’

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Herbert Stanonic and Michael Buchinger
Herbert Stanonic and Michael Buchinger Credits: Dancing Stars

After a year’s break, when the dance couples for the new season of Dancing Stars in Austria were announced. The show-stealing news that made the audience all ears were a couple of men, that Tyrolean-born Herber Stanonic forming a male couple with influencer Michael Buchinger. He opened his mouth about how personally important it is for him to work alongside a man in the new season of “Dancing Stars. 

He thinks that people naturally accept strange events when they watch them on T.V. He wants to pass it on by giving examples of Alfons Haiden dancing with a man on the 2011 show and Virginia Ernst with a woman. It was always on his wish list to dance with a man who has been in a stable relationship with a man for around nine years and is very casual about homosexuality.

Who is Herbert Stanonic?

Herbert Stanonic is known in the Austrian version of the T.V. show “Dancing Stars.” He has been a dancing professional for many years and has won several competitions. Since he started as cast in Dancing Stars, he was paired with various celebrities to compete against other dance couples.

Herbert Stanonic paired with celebrities like Petra Fry (singer), Claudia Reiterer (journalist), Roxanne Rapp (actress), Maria Santner (singer), Yerena Scheitz (actress), Brigitte Kren (actress), Astriol Wirtenberger (singer) throughout the seasons of Dancing Stars.

Michael Buchinger and Herbert Stanonic
Michael Buchinger and Herbert Stanonic

What is “Dancing Stars” in Austria?

“Dancing Stars” is a renowned Austrian reality show presenting celebrities and professional dancers competing in a ballroom dancing competition. The show is a replica of the British TV show “Strictly Come Dancing” and has been running in Austria since 2005.

Celebrity participants with professional dancers. The duos showcase their moves through various ballroom and Latin dance forms like Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, cha-cha, and Salsa. Each week, the twos are judged by a bench of the jury, and the audience votes for their best-loved couple. The couple with the nethermost score is eliminated from the competition. 

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The performance of Herbert Stanonic and Michael Buchinger

In the 15th season of the star-studded show “Dancing Stars” in Austria, the entry of Michael Buchinger to be paired up with Herbert Stanonic was a  headliner for the show lovers.

When the news spread that youtube influencer Michael Buchinger and professional choreographer Herbert Stanonic would perform a Paso Doble to Madonna’s Frozen in the first “Dancing Stars” episode, watchers already knew that Buchinger had entered completely new territory with his participation in the dance show.

The 30-year-old, though not too ambitious, didn’t want to get kicked out at the first opportunity. He sounded too sympathetic while giving the example of how a star astrologer Gerda Rogers flew out on the first show.

Dancing Stars

Life of Michael Buchinger

Michael ‘Michi’ Buchinger was born on October 21, 1992, in Vienna with a bachelor’s in English and has completed his American studies in Vienna. He is a YouTuber, cabaret artist, author, columnist, podcast moderator (“Buchinger’s Diary”), and now a Dancing Star.

Buchinger grabs applause for the podcast, lounge, and book projects and is known for his charming Viennese ‘grant’ and strong opinion that takes the limelight of media in all forms. Buchinger’s first step on youtube started with the internet and his dad’s camera. His first appearance has crossed 1.2 million clicks to date. With a viewer count of 40 million views, his channel is one of the top-listed youtube channels in Austria.

Michael Buchinger
Michael Buchinger

Buchinger created a unique concept called  “hate lists” by focusing on the everyday life scenario that he particularly detested, just when the trend running on youtube was the “favorite lists,” which focussed on just the opposite concept.

It has not always been applauses and successes that have surrounded Buchinger. The exceptionally skilled author and columnist must also deal with criticisms and hate comments. He has written podcasts like “Buchinger’s Diary” and “Treffer Sich Prei.”Books like “Long legs, short his: Michi pours you pure wine,” “The last one closes your mouth,” “Do you still hate everyone ?”, “Healthy cookies, empty promises, and party games.”

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Michael Buchinger is in a live-in relationship with the graphic designer Dominick Pitcher, who has often been seen in Buchinger’s videos. They are residing in the second district of Vienna.

Michie Buchinger in Dancing Stars

Michie Buchinger, being a candidate 18 years after the first” Dancing Stars” season, thinks it to be a great opportunity, and it was beyond his thoughts that dancing with a man would ever be possible. According to him, it has been five years that he has been trying to make the cross-media leap into traditional media, and he thinks it to be working.

stanonic and buchinger
Herbert Stanonic and Michael Buchinger

He believes in running things in parallel. He has no thought of leaving the social media world but thinks it will be smart to keep one foot on social media and another on T.V. or printing media. He thinks “Dancing Stars” is the first show that runs a little long term than other T.V. shows.

The fourth show made a bit sad for the dancing stars, as a count of 765,000 audience lives on ORF 1 on Friday, March 24, 2023, at 8:15 p. m had to say goodbye to Michael Buchinger and Herbert Stanonic from the event.

Michael Buchinger, always believing the glass to be half full, says that he will miss the wonderful experience he had those seven weeks, assuring that he would overcome the phase and won’t allow this sorrowful moment to perish.

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