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AHS Asylum Ending Explained: Will Lana be Successful in her Motive to Reveal the Truth?

Scene from the TB Hospital converted into Asylum
Scene from the TB Hospital converted into Asylum

In recent years, the horror genre has seen a number of successful ventures both on the big screen and on television, with AHS, an anthology show produced by Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk, being one of the more well-liked ones in the television industry. Viewers saw that the authors were capable of producing a spectacular anthology series with American Horror Story: Asylum. Its bizarre narratives are based in part on real events. In more than a decade on television, Asylum from season 2 of AHS is still regarded as one of the finest episodes, in part due to how authentic Ryan Murphy’s horror narrative seems.

Many people are still curious about the end of the show, and therefore, in this article, we will learn more about the series and explore the events that happened at the end of the American Horror Show: Asylum series. We will also look into its various streaming options.

What’s AHS Asylum all about?

Asylum is the second chapter of American Horror Story, an American FX horror television series produced by Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk. It was initially shown between October 17, 2012, and January 23, 2013. The second season’s premise represented a shift from the previous season’s, introducing all-new characters and a new setting, designating AHS as an anthology series. The first episode of the season is set in 1964 in the fictitious mental institution Briarcliff Manor. It follows the tales of its employees and residents while fusing present-day and historical events.

Still from American Horror Story Asylum Official trailer

Still from American Horror Story Asylum Official trailer

Asylum, which is mostly set in the 1960s, seized the present zeitgeist and skinned it alive in order to use it as a lamp to shed light on our society’s perverted mind and hungry need for diversion. Asylum was favorably welcomed by television reviewers, much like its predecessor. Particularly noteworthy appreciation was given to the roles of Lange, Quinto, romwell, Paulson, Peters, and Rabe.

Since Jessica Lange’s character runs a mad hospital that was originally a TB ward, Murphy chose the series title “Asylum” because it not only defines the site but also represents a shelter for the unwanted and unloved.

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What happened in the end in AHS Asylum?

In the last episode of American Horror Story:  Asylum, the Monsignor committed himself as a result of Lana Winters’ campaign to shut down Briarcliff and expose Dr. Arden as nothing more than a Nazi war criminal. In an interview, Lana Winters recounts this campaign. It is subsequently discovered that Kit had covertly freed Sister Jude from Briarcliff in 1970. Jude soon joins Kit’s family and develops close relationships with Kit’s two kids. Six months later, Jude passes away from what appears to be a brain tumor at Kit’s house. When Kit is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the aliens whisk him away, and he is never seen again.

Scene where patients being tortured in the Asylum

The scene where patients are being tortured in the Asylum

After the interview, Johnny confronts Lana while brandishing a gun and claims to be her child from a previous rape by Dr. Thredson. Before killing Johnny herself, Lana finally gets him to lay down the pistol. The episode “Welcome to Briarcliff,” from which the closing scene is a flashback, has Jude attempting to persuade Lana to give up her wish to speak with the murderer Bloody Face.

Where to watch AHS Asylum?

It is only possible to view American Horror Stories 2 if you have a Hulu subscription because it is an FX on Hulu original show. You have the option to subscribe to Hulu alone, Hulu with Live TV, or the Disney Plus Combo, which grants you a subscription to Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN. Currently, Hulu with commercials costs $7 per month or $70 per year. The whole of Hulu’s on-demand content is accessible with this plan’s ad-supported access, while its ad-free plan costs $13 per month.

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