What Happened To Joey and Kariselle From Perfect Match?

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Joey and Kariselles break up
Joey and Kariselles break up Credits: Netflix

Perfect Match, the no.1 position grabber of US TV rankings, is a reality dating series that really did have some spicy contents, one of which was the Match of Joey and Kariselle. Created by Chris Coelen and produced by Kinetic Content, Perfect Match premiered on February 14, 2023, which made it a special must-watch. 

Though the viewers were excited about the casts from the shows like ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ ‘The Ultimatum‘ and ‘Love is Blind,’ one couple that they were really interested in was Joey Sasso from’ The Circle‘ and Kariselle Snow from ‘Sexy Beasts‘ and ‘Are You The One’ of MTV.

The audience was in utter expectation of witnessing some hot and spicy chemistry between the two since The Perfect Match couple had dated each other before entering the show.

Joey and Kariselle Credits:Netflix.Inc
Joey and Kariselle Credits: Netflix

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Who is Joey Sasso?

Born and brought up in Rochester, New York, Joey Sasso is a 29-year-old actor and reality star. He began by trying to make movies at a young age with him behind his family’s home video recorder before realizing that he wanted to be in front of the camera. He then started to focus on his passion. Along with studying in his town’s local theatre company, he also had a keen interest in sports and became a nationally ranked boxer as well.

Joey Sasso
Joey Sasso Credits: Netflix

After moving to Los Angeles at 18, he started with commercials which led him to films like’ Sinister 2‘ (2015), ‘They Want Dick Dickster‘(2018), and ABC’s ‘General Hospital (2016). But his biggest break was Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ in 2020. 

His romance with Miranda Bissonnette and bromance with Subham Goel got Joey to have extra attention from the viewers of the Netflix reality series. But Joey also blurted out about him being treated as “a douchebag or a cocky asshole or a Jersey Shore wannabe” at the beginning. According to him, his accent and slicked black hair made him stick out like a sore thumb in Los Angeles.

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Who is Kariselle Snow?

Born on December 18, 1995,  Kariselle Snow is a 27-year-old Sagittarius from East Hanover, New Jersey. Kariselle is a known face in reality dating shows.

Kariselle Snow
Kariselle Snow Credits: Netflix

This model cum musician started with Netflix’s ‘Sexy Beasts,’ disguised as a panda. She was also seen on ‘Are you the One?’ Season 8 on Netflix.

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About Perfect Match

In this show, a bunch of singletons(familiar reality show casts) are mixed together in an exotic Panamanian villa locale with a motive to hook up with someone of the opposite sex. After this is done, the couples are put on a compatibility list through a series of challenges.

Perfect Match
Show Perfect Match Credits: Netflix

The ‘most compatible’ couple is rewarded with a luxury date for themselves along with a chance to bring in a newbie for a contestant they believe is going through hard times, finding love. They can break up the matches and hook them up with the new arrivals that they think might suit them better. They are also given the scope to choose new entries. This kind of control level for the contestant is new in the field of reality dating series format.

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How did Joey and Kariselle meet?

Though Joey and Kariselle are known to have dated before, they entered the villa as singletons. The first episode enriched the viewers with the story of their first meeting when Kariselle DM’d Joey in 2020 after she met him on ‘The Circle.’ Kariselle traveled to LA to meet up, but Joey was not prepared to give in to a relationship at that time.

Joey and Kariselle
Joey and Kariselle Credits: Netflix

After a few months, when Joey actually tried to reconnect with Kariselle, they had already changed their tracks. Kariselle was heard saying that the “commitment thing” was not his cup of tea. But then. the pair was spotted kissing, on Joey’s Instagram, in his 2021 yearly recap video.

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Joey and Kariselle in Perfect Match

Joey Sasso and Kariselle Snow were runners up on’Perfect Match’ Season 1. They were the only couple who matched every week, as they were very much into each other from the start.

Joey and Kariselle in the show Credits: Harper's Bazaar Arabia
Joey and Kariselle in the show Credits: Netflix

They stayed strong despite all the flirty Netflix reality shows and TV singles. The couple had an off-and-on relationship before filming and ended up getting engaged to each other in the finale.

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What happened in Perfect Match?

In the ‘Perfect Match’ starting in the year 2022, the broke up couple(Joey and Kariselle) talked about their past, where Kariselle seemed reluctant to give Joey a second chance. But when Joey reveals that he is still in love with Kariselle, she agrees to be his Match, and they are together from the very first episode inspite of Kariselle receiving a kiss from Chase, which results in them picking up each other at the end of the show.

In the second round of episodes, we witness Kariselle happily agreeing to be Joey’s girlfriend upon asking her. the final two episodes were a treat to the eyes when Joey actually proposes to Kariselle, and they end up getting engaged in the finale.

Joey proposes Kariselles Credits: Show Star News
Joey proposes to Kariselles Credits: Netflix

Joey proposed to her, saying that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and there was no person that wants to go through life with beside her.

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What happened to Joey and Kariselle after ‘Perfect Match’?

After the final episode of Perfect Match, the show watchers actually had a clue about Joey and Kariselles relationship status, and they were not good. Kariselle’s tiktok post with the ringless fingers confirms the fact. Till the finale, Joey didn’t reveal anything about their present relationship but did open up in a Newsweek interview that he was excited to see the footage of the big moment when he proposed to Kariselle.

Joey and Kariselle break up
Joey and Kariselle break up. Credits: Netflix

But just a day after, Joey confirmed in a Today interview that they had ended the relationship after filming the final episode, also adding the real-life challenges being different from the real-life ones. He also said that they were still in touch and were focussing on repairing the friendship for the time being.

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