What Happened To Susan Boyle? The Reason Behind Not Hearing About The Singer Anymore

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What Happened To Susan Boyle?
Susan Boyle (CC: The Sun)

Do you know what happened to Susan Boyle? We don’t hear her pretty often, these days. Well, the singer has been making headlines for living a private lifestyle, more precisely in a council house, despite earning millions. Why? Is she sick with any particular disease? Before that, let’s briefly discuss Susan Boyle’s prominence in the industry. 

Starting from the basics, Susan Boyle gained fame after participating in Britain’s Got Talent Season 3. Hailing from West Lothian, Susan is now 62 years old as she was born in 1961. Have you not listened to her last studio album, released so far? It was titled Ten. 

Being Susan Boyle’s fan, some of her other great music works include- A Wonderful World, Someone to Watch Over Me, I Dreamed a Dream, The Gift, etc. Well, Susan is the recipient of several prestigious accolades, such as- the Scottish Music Awards, Japan Gold Disc Award, etc. Because of her great work, she also got nominated for Grammy Awards. 

Coming back to what happened to Susan Boyle, has been a reclusive figure. That’s valid despite earning more than 35 million euros from her music career. What about the singer’s health? Over the years, she seems to lose weight. How and why? What’s up with her health update? If you are looking for what happened to Susan Boyle, here is what we know. 

What Happened To Susan Boyle?
Susan Boyle (CC: Smooth)

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What Happened To Susan Boyle? Everything To Know

You must have noticed how Susan Boyle now looks younger than before. Why? Well, she has lost several pounds, more precisely, a whopping 50 pounds. Following that, she doesn’t just look slimmer but also very fit. Now you must have one question in your mind- how did it happen? Right? 

Little did you know, Susan Boyle reportedly got bullied for her weight. But, getting diagnosed with a disease in 2012, changed her perspective and it eventually gave her a new look, which is good. But, the disease isn’t great. She got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. That was the time when she decided to start a new healthy lifestyle. 

How did Susan Boyle lose weight? She started having garcinia cambogia supplements and removed sugar from her diet. In addition to that, she started working out, daily. 

Things were not limited to that. Susan Boyle was also got diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Throughout, she was told that her brain is damaged. As you may know that Susan is very successful in her life. Still, she didn’t allow her popularity and success to go to her head. Now, the singer can cope with the fame and pressure that comes along. In an interview, Susan Boyle shared that she is grateful to everyone who supported her throughout the bad phase of her life.

What Happened To Susan Boyle?
Susan Boyle (CC: MARCA)

Susan once said, “I don’t get so worked up about things. I got a lot of help and I’m managing a lot more effectively.” That sounds good!

Back in 2007, Susan Boyle’s mother passed away. She used to be very close to her, and following the incident, she took a break from her music career. Yes. That was for two years. It was her mother who always encouraged her to participate in Britain’s Got Talent. After her death, she got badly devastated emotionally. Thereafter, she chose to give audition for the show, to honor her. She is very humble and people love her for that. 

Things seem to be better, at present. Susan Boyle appears to have healed from before and is doing good in life. Best Wishes! You may give, Susan, a following on her Instagram account for more updates. We wish for nothing but her happiness and good mental health. That’s very important. 

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