40 Must-Watch Movies Like Five Feet Apart – Best Recommendations

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Movies Like Five Feet Apart
Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson in Five Feet Apart (2019)

Five Feet Apart, starring Riverdale‘s Cole Sprouse and The Edge Of Seventeen’s Haley Lu Richardson, is the type of movie that makes you happy and sad at the same time. It fills your heart with warmth and an ache that stays for a while. It’s the kind of movie that hopeless romantics watch. 

Five Feet Apart is a heart-wrenching film about two young people finding the right kind of love at the wrong time. The film depicts the story of Stella and Will, two young people with different personalities but the same genetic disorder, which results in them spending a lot of time at the hospital. Stella spends her time following a routine and posting videos on YouTube, while Will, on the other hand, is impulsive and spends his time watching Stella’s videos. When they cross paths, it feels like destiny.

At first, Will and Stella couldn’t stand each other, but then their walls started to crumble, and they couldn’t get enough of each other. Because of their disorder, they had to maintain a five-foot distance from each other at all times to avoid any infections, but when you are in love, you do reckless things. If you are someone who has already watched Five Feet Apart and probably cried a bucket’s worth of tears while watching it but is looking for similar recommendations, then you have come to the right place. Grab your tissues and get ready for a sob fest.

1. The Fault In Our Stars (2014)

Based on the New York Times’s bestselling book of the same name by John Green, The Fault In Our Stars is an epic love story of two teenagers suffering from cancer. It is the kind of film that lets you know what love is and what it feels like. The film follows Hazel Grace Lancaster as she joins a support group for cancer patients and meets Augustus Waters, a charming guy who used to have bone cancer. The two get acquainted and start spending time together.

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
The Fault In Our Stars (2014)

The rest of the film enumerates Hazel and Augustus as they bond over a book and fall deeply in love with each other. The Fault In Our Stars is a must-watch for every sappy romantic who loves movies about those couples who stick together through the toughest of times and make you cry happy tears. The film stars Shailene Woodley as Hazel Grace Lancaster and Ansel Elgort as Augustus Waters.

Where to watch: Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video  

2. A Walk To Remember (2002)

Based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel of the same name, A Walk to Remember starring Mandy Moore and Shane West is a heartfelt film about a delinquent guy Landon Carter who gets in trouble for drinking on school grounds and hurting a junior. As a result, he is punished with community service and asked to participate in the school play. Unable to practice for the school play alone, he seeks help from Jamie Sullivan, a quiet and kind girl with whom he had never interacted before.

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
A Walk To Remember (2002)

As Landon and Jamie rehearsed for the play, they bonded and eventually fell in love. But their love was tested when Jamie revealed that she had terminal cancer. The rest of the film follows Landon as he spends as much time with Jamie as he can and asks her to marry him. A Walk to Remember will warm your hearts and make you crave love like Jamie and Landon’s. 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix

3. Everything, Everything (2017)

Everything, Everything is an American romance film based on Nicola Yoon’s novel of the same name. It enumerates the story of Maddy Whittier, a teenage girl with an immunodeficiency disorder, which restricts her from going outside her house. One day, her new neighbor Olly catches her eye, and the two interact through cellphones and windows.

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
Everything Everything (2017)

Maddy’s nurse Carla surprises her by letting Olly come into the house, and the two interact face-to-face for the first time but from a safe distance. As the two slowly fall in love with each other, Maddy does something reckless and steps outside her house. What do you think happened next? Will she burst into spontaneous combustion or realize that she has been lied to by her mother all this time?

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, Vudu 

4. The Sun Is Also a Star (2019)

The Sun Is Also a Star tells the story of a hopeless romantic guy (like us), Charles Jae Ho Bae, who believes in destiny and love at first sight, and a serious woman Natasha Kingsley, who doesn’t believe in love. Natasha is a Jamaican woman who had been living illegally in New York along with her family, and now they are to be deported back to Jamaica. Meanwhile, Daniel is preparing for an interview for Dartmouth, and as he gets off the metro, he notices Natasha, who has been staring at the station’s ceiling.

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
The Sun Is Also A Star (2019)

Intrigued by Natasha, Daniel follows her and saves her from an accident. A little shaken by the accident that ‘almost’ happened, they both sit down and talk. Natasha tells Daniel that she doesn’t believe in love, and that’s when he proposes that he can make her fall in love with him in just a day. What follows next is a series of sightseeing, karaoke, and more which eventually leads to them falling in love. 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix

5. Clouds (2020)

Clouds is a true story about a guy named Zach Sobiech who had been diagnosed with cancer and had been receiving treatment for it. But one day, after having a coughing fit and being rushed into the ER, he realizes that he might not have much time left to live. So, he decides to form a band with his best friend, Sammy Brown, and ask out a girl he had liked for a while. Zach and Sammy’s songs become famous, and they are called to New York City to sign a music contract.

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
Clouds (2020)

While on their way back home, Zack is struck with a song called ‘clouds’ which goes viral. Clouds is a movie that makes you realize that there is no time like the present, and if you don’t take a step toward your dreams now, then they might never come true.

Where to watch: Disney plus

6. The Best Of Me (2014)

The Best of Me is a tragic love story of two high school sweethearts, Dawson and Amanda. The film alternates between two timelines, one when the duo was in high school together and the second when they led separate lives. After surviving an explosion at his workplace, Dawson comes to know that his surrogate father, Tuck, has died, so he goes back to his home after two decades for Tuck’s Funeral.

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
The Best Of Me (2014)

Upon reaching there, he comes face to face with his ex-girlfriend Amanda from high school, whom he had left after going to prison for accidentally killing his cousin. Now reunited, Dawson and Amanda realize that they still love each other and spend the night together. The next day, Amanda is torn between love and responsibility for her family. Will she stay with Dawson or return to having a strained marriage life?

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

7. 2 Hearts (2020)

Two Hearts is a romantic drama film about two couples who get intertwined due to a mysterious connection between them. It shifts alternately between two couples, with Chris as the film’s narrator. It starts with Jorge falling unconscious as a kid and undergoing surgery while the doctors tell his parents that he might not live beyond the age of 20 due to a heart condition. Then we are taken to Chris, a university student. He bumps into Samantha and later sees him filling out a DMV, which makes him a donor. 

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
2 Hearts (2020)

Jorge, now 30 years old, meets a woman named Leslie on a flight, and they instantly hit it off and decide to get married. Chris and Samantha had also hit it off and started dating when one day, Chris suddenly fell unconscious, which led to a series of unfortunate events in both Jorge and Chris’s life. Will Chris wake up and live a happy life with Samantha while Jorge and Leslie struggle to have a baby? Guess you will have to find out.

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

8. Every Day (2018)

Every Day is a romantic fantasy film about ‘A’, who is a spirit that travels from the body of one teenager to another every day. When he wakes up one day in Justin’s body and spends the day with his girlfriend Rhiannon, A ends up falling in love with her. In the following days, A tries to find Rhiannon in different bodies and eventually explains his condition to her. 

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
Every Day (2018)

At first, Rhiannon couldn’t believe the things A was saying, but when she asks Nathan, who was one of the bodies A had taken over, about what he remembered from that day, Nathan replies that he couldn’t remember anything and that the devil had taken over his body. Rhiannon believes A and decides to meet him every day as they both fall in love with each other. Will A and Rhiannon’s love story work out, or will their hearts get broken?  

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

9. Me Before You (2016)

Me Before You is a 2016 romance film that will make your heart feel heavy, along with a desire to re-watch the film. It starts will Will Traynor, who used to be a successful banker and an active sportsman but due to an accident, he was left paralyzed from the neck down. His mother hired a caregiver for him named Louisa Clark, who had a bright personality and lived a simple life.

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
Me Before You (2016)

Since Louisa, or ‘Lou,’ was always strapped for money, she decided to be Will’s caretaker and soon realized that Will was not what she had expected. One day, she overheard Will’s parents saying that he had made up his mind about going to Switzerland for assisted suicide since he had lost the will to live as a disabled person. The rest of the film follows Lou taking Will to games and events in order to make him change his decision as she falls in love with him. 

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Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

10. The Choice (2016)

The Choice is a romantic drama film about Travis Shaw falling in love with his next-door neighbor Gabby Holland. Gabby is a medical student and is in a relationship with a doctor named Ryan McCarthy, but when she meets Travis, she feels a connection with him. The two start hanging out after Ryan goes on a business trip and develop feelings for each other. 

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
The Choice ( 2016)

After Ryan returns, he proposes to Gabby, and after pondering over it, she reluctantly says yes. Travis’s on-again-off-again girlfriend breaks up with him after she realizes that he is in love with Gabby and advises him to fight for her. Travis goes to the hospital and professes his love to Gabby, and she does the same, after which they get married and have two children. One day, while going home, Gabby is met with an accident that causes her to go into a coma which might be permanent. Will their love story end like this, or will they get a miracle?

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

11. All The Bright Places (2020)

All The Bright Places is a film about two troubled teenagers, and one is struggling with survivor’s guilt after her sister’s death, while the other is lonely and bullied by his schoolmates. The film starts with Violet Markey standing on the ledge of the bridge where her sister had died in a car crash nine months ago. Just then, a guy named Theodore Finch, who had been running on the same bridge, gets on the ledge beside Violet and talks her out of a possible suicide.  

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
All The Bright Places (2020)

Theodore is intrigued by Violet and searches for her on Facebook, finding out her writings from before her sister’s accident, and ends up chatting with her. They team up for a school project for which they had to explore Indiana. Violet hadn’t sat inside a car since her sister’s accident, so they decided to bike to as many places as they could. While exploring the places, Theodore and Violet form a bond which makes her open up to him and speak about the accident and start writing again. Theodore helps her heal but can’t do the same for himself. 

Where to watch: Netflix

12. Words On Bathroom Walls (2020)

Words On Bathroom Walls is a 2020 film about Adam Petrazelli, who suffers from Schizophrenia, a mental disorder that results in him having hallucinations. Adam’s mother, Beth, takes him to several doctors and makes him take several medicines in order to cure his condition, but nothing seems to work. After getting expelled from his old school due to an incident, Adam is transferred to St. Agatha Catholic school. There, he meets Maya, who is super smart and courageous but strapped for cash which results in her doing other people’s homework as a side job. 

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
Words On Bathroom Walls (2020)

Adam asks Maya to tutor him, and she reluctantly agrees. He realizes that being with Maya makes him feel better and decides to take all his medication on time to stop the hallucinations and concentrate on Maya. The two start dating, and Adam asks Maya to go to prom with him. One day, Adam decides to visit the restaurant where Maya works and cooks for her after she asks him to.

While making the dish, his hands started shaking, and he didn’t realize that the food contained too much salt. These were the side effects of his medication, so he stopped taking them in order to make food without a glitch which caused all his hallucinations and psychotic episodes to come back. 

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

13. Midnight Sun (2018)

Midnight Sun is a romantic film about Katie Price, who has spent most of her life staying inside her house due to a rare genetic condition called xeroderma pigmentosum. Katie spent her days watching her long-time crush Charlie skateboarding through her window and spent her nights by playing guitar at a train station. One day, Charlie notices her playing and goes over to talk to her. Surprised by Charlie’s sudden appearance, Katie stammers and runs away from there, leaving her notebook behind.

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
Midnight Sun (2018)

The following day Charlie waits for Katie at the train station to return her notebook, and when she does appear, he walks her back to her house. He asks her to go to a party with him, and she agrees. Katie had never been to a party before, so it took some time to convince her dad, but he agreed, and thus began Katie and Charlie’s love story.  

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

14. My Sister’s Keeper (2009)

My Sister’s Keeper is a 2009 film about an 11-year-old girl Anna Fitzgerald who had been born through in vitro fertilization as a genetic match for her sick sister Kate. Since her birth, Anna has donated compatible stem cells to Kate, and after her kidney fails, she decides to sue her parents for medical emancipation. It means that Anna could make the decision for herself whether she wanted to donate her kidney to Kate or not.

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
My Sister’s Keeper (2009)

Anna’s mother, Sara, is perplexed by the lawsuit filed by her daughter, which causes a rift between the family. Meanwhile, Kate befriends another cancer patient Taylor and begins dating him. They go on dates and then to a prom party that the hospital had arranged for sick teens. Anna’s case gets accepted by the court, but before they can go for the hearing, Kate asks her parents to visit the beach one last time. My sister’s Keeper is a heartbreaking story of the bond shared by two sisters, which will leave you in a weeping mess. 

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

15. Now Is Good (2012)

Now Is Good is a 2012 teen romance film about a seventeen-year-old girl Tessa who is suffering from cancer. She makes a bucket list after coming to know that the treatments aren’t working for her and she might not have a lot of time left. So, Tessa and her friend Zoey begin completing her bucket list. Tessa meets her new neighbor Adam and befriends him. They go to several places to check the odd things on Tessa’s bucket list and start developing feelings for each other.  

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
Now Is Good (2012)

Soon after Tessa and Adam start dating, her condition worsens, but she continues to complete her wishes. During a date, Tessa’s nose starts bleeding, and she gets admitted to the hospital, where she is told that she might not live long enough to see her friend’s baby being born. The rest of the film follows Adam taking care of Tessa and Tessa bonding with her family. 

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

16. Dear John (2010)

Dear John is a 2010 romantic film about two people who overcame every obstacle that came their way and found each other. It starts with Sergeant John Tyree, who is currently on leave from the military and is enjoying surfing in Charleston. One day he sees a girl who drops her purse in the ocean by accident, and he jumps in the water to retrieve it. The girl introduces herself as Savannah and invites him to a bonfire party where John meets Savannah’s neigh Tim and his autistic son Alan. 

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
Dear John (2010)

Savannah and John start dating and fall in love in two weeks before John goes back. They promise to write letters every day and start a life together after John is discharged. The duo wrote letters to each other, but two years turned into five due to a special mission that John had to go to, and Savannah breaks up with John through a letter saying she fell in love with someone else. Will this be the end of their love story?

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

17. Safe Haven (2013)

Safe Haven is a 2013 romantic thriller film about a woman named Erin who runs away from Boston and arrives in Southport, North Carolina. There she meets Alex, whose wife had died because of cancer, and forms a bond with him and his children. One day Alex sees Erin’s ‘wanted’ posters and confronts her about it, causing a rift in their relationship.

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
Safe Haven (2013)

Later, it is revealed that the police officer who posted Erin’s posters was her abusive husband, whom she had killed in self-defense when he had charged her. Now aware of her husband’s whereabouts, Erin plans to leave Southport, but Alex stops her and professes his love for her. She decides to stay and tells him about her troubled past. Erin’s husband, Kevin, arrives at Southport and sees Alex and Erin kissing at a Fourth of July event. What do you think happens next?

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, Hulu

18. I Still Believe (2020)

I Still Believe is a romantic film about a Christian guy named Jeremy Camp as he goes to Murrieta, California, for college and attends a concert on the night of his arrival. There he interacts with the lead singer, Jean-Luc LaJoie, of the band named ‘The Kry’ and befriends him. At the end of the concert, Jeremy meets Melissa, whom Jean loves, but she only sees him as a friend.

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
I Still Believe (2020)

Fireworks fly between Jeremy and Melissa, and they start dating, which causes a rift between Jean, Melissa, and Jeremy. Due to this, Melissa breaks up with Jeremy, and he goes back to his parent’s home in Indiana for Christmas break. One day, Jeremy receives a call from Jean, who tells him that Melissa has cancer and he should come back as soon as possible. Jeremy visits Melissa at the hospital and professes his love while she does the same. Miraculously, Melissa is cured, and the two get married six months later. But god had other plans for them.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

19. The Vow (2012)

The Vow is a romantic film starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. It starts with a couple, Paige and Leo as who get into an accident and are rushed to the hospital. Paige is put in an induced coma, during which we are taken back to when Leo and Paige first met and started dating before eventually getting married. At present, Paige wakes up and has no memory of meeting Leo or leaving law school, or breaking up with her ex-fiance Jeremy. Leo is heartbroken but still convinces Paige to come back to their house, saying it might bring her memories back.

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
The Vow (2012)

Paige, who had grown up in luxury, doesn’t fit the wall in their house and decides to go back to her parent’s house. In her usual cafe, she meets her ex-fiance Jeremy and kisses him while also joining law school and divorcing Leo. One day she meets her old friend Diane who is not aware of Paige’s condition and tells her things that fill some gaps in her mind. Slowly she starts seeing why she had quit law and opted for art and why her relationship with her family had collapsed. 

Where to watch:  Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max

20. The Last Song (2010)

The Last Song is a film about a rebellious 17-year-old girl Veronica, also known as Ronnie, who gets caught shoplifting and is sent to Georgia to spend the summer with her father, Steve. The reason for Ronnie’s rebellious nature was the divorce of her parents, which led to a rift between Steve and Ronnie. After arriving at her father’s house, she goes straight to the beach and runs into Will, who accidentally spills her milkshake all over her.

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Movies Like Five Feet Apart
The Last Song (2010)

While buying a new t-shirt, she meets Blaze, who is an outcast and lives with her boyfriend. They hit it off, but just as fast, their friendship deteriorates when Blaze sees Marcus flirting with Ronnie and thinks it’s the other way around. Sometime later, she discovers an unprotected sea turtle’s nest and decides to protect it along with Will, who works as an aquarium volunteer. At the same time, staying up with Will out by the beach. She realizes that Will is a nice guy and decides to give him a chance.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, Disney plus

21. Before I Fall (2017)

Before I Fall is a 2017 romantic sic-fi film about a girl named Samantha Kingston as she gets stuck in a time loop on February 12, which is valentine’s day. As she wakes up that morning, she is excited to lose her virginity to her boyfriend, Rob, and goes to school with her friends Lindsay, Ally, and Elody. In school, she receives two roses, one from Rob and the other one from her former friend Kent who is in love with her. She goes to Kent’s party along with her friends, where Lindsay confronts the school’s outcast, Juliet causing others to pour their beers on her. 

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
Before I Fall (2017)

While driving back from the party, Sam and her friend hit something and crashed, which killed everybody. But Sam wakes up on the same day thinking that the crash and everything that happened the day before was just a nightmare. Her thinking changes when the events from the day before start happening again, and she dies again, only to wake up on the same day again. She keeps waking up on the same day again and again till she finds out the solution to end it.

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu

22. The Notebook (2004)

Based on Nicholas Spark’s novel of the same name, The Notebook stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. The film starts with an elderly man Duke who is reading a book to an elderly lady suffering from dementia. The story which he tells is set in 1940 about Noah Calhoun, a 17-year-old boy who works in a mill. He meets Allison Hamilton, who is an heiress, and they start a summer romance. Allie meets Noah’s father, who immediately likes her, but when Noah meets Allie’s parents, they come off as unimpressed and make Noah feel like he doesn’t fit in with them. 

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
The Notebook (2004)

That same day, Noah takes Allie to an abandoned house that he intends to buy and live in with her. The two spend the night together but later are informed by Noah’s friend Fin that Allie’s parents have set out police to look for her. As the duo arrives at her house, Allie’s parents belittle Noah, which makes him storm out of there. Allie follows Noah, and they have a fight before she breaks up with him but regrets it immediately. Her parents decide to move to Charleston, and Allie goes to Noah’s workplace to look for him but doesn’t succeed. She leaves a message with him Noah telling him that she loves him. It is later revealed that the Duke and the elderly ladies are Allie and Noah from the story. 

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

23. Then Came You (2018)

Then Came You is about an unlikely friendship between Skye, a cancer-stricken girl, and Calvin, who is afraid of meeting new people because he thinks he is sick and might die any day. The film starts with Calvin, who has a hypochondriac, going to a support group for cancer patients so that he can gain a perspective about those who are actually suffering from cancer. There he meets Skye, who is suffering from terminal cancer and has made a list of things that she wants to do before dying.

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
Then Came You (2018)

The two form a friendship and complete Skye’s list together, which helps in removing Calvin’s fears. Calvin finally asks out Izzy, who was a flight attendant whom he had a crush on for a long time. Skye plans their date but tells Izzy that Calvin has cancer which results in a fight between them. Calvin doesn’t reveal that he doesn’t have cancer Izzy thing she might break up with him if she finds out and continues dating her. Skye’s condition worsens, and she gets hospitalized, causing Calvin to visit her. The two rekindle their friendship as Calvin helps Skye to finish the rest of the things on her to-do list.  

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

24. Dying Young (1991)

Dying Young, starring Julia Roberts and Campbell Scott, is a romantic film about two people falling in love while overcoming all the hardships that came between their love. The film starts with Hilary O’Neil, a beautiful and outgoing woman who has no luck in work or love. On the other hand, Victor Geddes is a rich, well-educated, shy guy suffering from cancer and looking for a caretaker. He hires Hilary and asks her to accompany him when he goes for chemotherapy. 

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
Dying Young (1991)

After his chemotherapy which wasn’t fully finished, but Victor pretends that it is, he suggests that Hilary go for a vacation and rent a house on the coast. Hilary and Victor fall in love while living together, but his condition worsens, and Hilary asks his father to take Victor back to the hospital. Victor reveals that he feared having the hope of being able to fight cancer which is why he left the hospital in the first place. Hilary reveals that she loves Victor, and with a new reason to live for, victor returns to the hospital as they both fight for his health together.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

25. All My Life (2020)

All My Life is a heartbreaking romantic film starring Jessica Rothe and Harry Shum Jr. The film begins with Jenn, an outgoing girl who goes to a bar along with her friends and meets Sol, who likes cooking and hates the job where he currently works. Jenn and Sol seemed to click and started dating each other. Soon after that, they fell in love and moved in together. Sol decided to quit his job and started working as a chef in Jenn’s cousin’s restaurant. 

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
All My Life (2020)

One night, Sol woke up screaming in pain, and Jenn took him to the hospital, where it was revealed that he had cancer. Sol assures Jenn that he is going to be fine, and they continue to plan for their wedding. After a while, Sol’s cancer spread, and he was put on a clinical trial as a side effect; he had to stop cooking. Sol suggests to Jenn that she should move on with her life and forget about him, but she tells him that she is going to be there for him no matter what. 

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

26. 50/50 (2011)

50/50 is a romantic comedy film about a 27-year-old radio journalist Adam Lerner and his fight against spinal cancer. The film begins with Adam as he goes to the hospital after experiencing pain in his back and finds out that he has a tumor near his spinal cord and must undergo chemotherapy. Upon hearing this, Adam’s mom is concerned and wants to move in with him to take care of him, but Adam declines to say that his girlfriend, Rachael, has offered to do that.

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
50/50 (2011)

During his first chemotherapy session, he befriends two older men, Mitch and Alan, who are also suffering from cancer, and bonds with them over weed-laced macaroons. Adam’s friend Kyle who has a crass personality and disapproves of Rachael, helps Adam through some tough times while Adam shaves his head. Kyle sees Rachael kissing another man and asks her to reveal this to Adam. Meanwhile, Adam forms a friendship with his inexperienced therapist Katherine McKay and eventually falls in love with her. 

Where to watch: Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video

27. Me & Earl And The Dying Girl (2015)

Me & Earl and The Dying Girl is a comedy-drama film starring Thomas Mann, Olivia Cooke, and RJ Cyler. It starts with Greg, who is a socially awkward teen who is asked by his mother to befriend his classmate and former childhood friend Rachel who is now suffering from cancer. After a rather awkward first meeting, Greg does a good job at raising Rachel’s spirits and introduces her to his co-worker Earl. 

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
Me & Earl And The Dying Girl (2015)

Earl reveals to Rachel that they make short films and show them to her, which makes her laugh. Rachel’s condition kept getting worse as she realized that the chemotherapy was doing more harm than good to her and decided to stop getting treatment. This causes a rift between Greg and Rachel, and he storms out before fighting with Earl. Due to neglecting his school to take care of Rachel, Greg loses his college offer, which leaves him devastated. Later that year, Greg is told by his mother that Rachel is hospitalized and might not make it, so he goes to the hospital and shows Rachel the film that he made and also rekindles his friendship with Earl.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, Disney plus

28. The Bucket List (2007)

The Bucket List follows the story of two elderly men, Carter Chambers, an automotive mechanic, and Edward Cole, a healthcare tycoon, as they find out that they have cancer. They meet at the hospital and become friends. Carter makes a bucket list full of things he wants to do and places he wants to visit but discards it after he finds out that he has less than a year to live. Edward finds the list and, after adding some of his own things, urges Carter to accompany him in doing everything on the bucket list.

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
The Bucket List (2007)

The two men are seen visiting several countries and riding several vehicles while also bonding over unfulfilled dreams and broken relationships. At one point, Carted tells Edward that it is time to stop the bucket list and go home. During their return journey, Carter tries to mend Edward’s relationship with his daughter, which angers Edward, and he goes away after fighting with Carter. As Carter returns to his house, he collapses and is rushed to the hospital, where his family is told that the disease has spread to his brain while Edward starts getting better. Edward visits Carter, and the two men rekindle their friendship.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix

29. Love & Other Drugs (2010)

Love and Other Drugs starts with Jamie Randall, a womanizer who is fired from his previous job because he slept with his manager’s girlfriend. With his brother’s recommendation, he attends a training program for Zoloft and starts working as a pharmaceutical sales representative. He tries selling the product using cheap tricks but is beaten up by his competitor’s rep. While trying to sell Zoloft, he meets Maggie, who is suffering from early-stage Parkinson’s disease. He asks her out on a date, which Maggie accepts, and the two come to the conclusion that they both aren’t looking for something serious.

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Movies Like Five Feet Apart
Love And Other Drugs(2010)

After a while, Jamie’s career takes off, and he starts getting busier. He tells Maggie that he wants to be in a serious relationship with her, but she declines and breaks up with him. After this, Jamie refuses to leave and stays at a bus stop while waiting for Maggie. In the morning, Maggie is touched after seeing him still waiting for her and professes her love to him.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, Disney plus

30. Funny People (2009)

Funny People is a 2009 comedy-drama film about George Simmons, a middle-aged comedian turned star who is unhappy and depressed with his life because of his recent works, which haven’t been a success. He soon finds out that he has cancer and is put on a drug trial with a success rate of 8 percent. Thinking that he is about to die soon, he hires an assistant, Ira Wright, who is an aspiring standup comedian. The two bond and Ira starts writing jokes for George and does opening acts at big comedy club events. 

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
Funny People (2009)

George meets with his ex-fiancee Laura who is now married to Clarke, and tries to rekindle their relationship with her. Will George be able to win Laura back, or will he die before that happens? 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, Hulu 

31. Irreplaceable You (2018)

Irreplaceable You is a romantic comedy film about two childhood friends, Abbie and Sam, who just got engaged. One day they both visit a doctor thinking that Abbie is pregnant, but it turns out to be cancer. Both are left heartbroken and try to cope with the news by being with each other. Abbie attends a support group for cancer patients, which helps is while also getting chemotherapy.

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
Irreplaceable You (2018)

Later, Abbie decides that she needs to find someone for Sam to love after she passes away, so she begins her research for a perfect partner for Sam. The film stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Michiel Huisman. 

Where to watch: Netflix

32. The Age Of Adaline (2015)

The Age of Adaline is a 2015 romantic fantasy film starring Blake Lively, Michiel Huisman, Harrison Ford, Kathy Baker, and others. It starts with Adaline Bowman, who physically looks like a 29-year-old but had stopped aging a long time ago due to being struck by lightning while in a car accident. Adaline has spent most of her life running and changing her name so that nobody finds out about her condition.

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
Age Of Adaline (2015)

During a New Year party, she meets Ellis Jones, and the two spend the evening talking when Ellis asks her to meet him again; she declines because she knows that she can never fall in love. The next day, she runs into Ellis again and decides to give him a chance, and the two start dating. Ellis takes her to his parent’s house, where his father, William, recognizes her, but she declines and says that he must have seen her mother. Unconvinced, William confronts Adaline, who reveals her condition to him and leaves before Ellis can find out. 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, Hulu 

33. Sweet November (2001)

Sweet November follows the story of a troubled guy Nelson Moss as he meets Sara Deever, who is different from any woman he has ever met. Sara asks Nelson to spend a month with him, and she will change her life for the better. Nelson, after getting dumped and fired on the same day, reluctantly agrees and spends the month with her.

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
Sweet November (2001)

During their time together, they go on several dates and live together, which leads to them falling in love after November ends, Sara asks Nelson to leave, but he refuses, saying he is in love with her. Sara then reveals to him that she has terminal cancer, and she doesn’t want to hurt Nelson but only wants him to remember her by their happy memories. Heartbroken by the news, he leaves her alone.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV

34. The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things (2021)

The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things begins with Mark, a teenage boy who is stuck in a time loop. Having lived the same day over and over again, Mark develops a routine and helps people while also developing a crush on a girl to whom he gives directions. One day, while saving the same girl from getting hit by a beach ball, he notices a girl as she is interrupting his routine work of saving the girl from a beach ball. He gets intrigued and follows her to find out that she is also stuck in the same time loop as him.

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things (2021)

Mark befriends the girl, and Margaret and the two become close as they share their dreams with each other. Mark suggests that they should look for tiny perfect things in order to break the loop, and even though Margret doesn’t want to escape the time loop, they start looking for those small moments together. When that didn’t work, Mark suggested other ways to break the time loop, but none of them worked. It made him realize that he wasn’t the cause of the time loop, but Margaret was.  

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

35. If I Stay (2014)

If I Stay is a romantic teen film starring Chloe Grace Moretz, Joshua Leonard, Stacy Keach, and others. The film starts with Mia, a talented cello player, and her family, her father, Denny, who is a teacher; her mother, Kat, who is a travel agent; and her brother Teddy as they get into an accident while going to visit her grandparent’s house. The film shows flashbacks of when Mia was young, and her father was part of a band. Mia’s parents take her to a music class, where she realizes that she likes playing the cello. Denny decides to quit his band, which Mia thought was because of her brother Teddy who was in Kat’s belly.  

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
If I Stay (2014)

The movie comes to the present as Mia has an out-of-body experience and sees his family being taken to the hospital along with hers by paramedics who can’t hear or see her. As Mia is trying to find out her family’s whereabouts, the film shows another flashback where Mia is playing cello and is noticed by Adam, who is part of a band. Adam asks Mia out and the two start dating, but their relationship starts drifting when Adam’s band starts getting popular and his schedule becomes busy. The rest of the film shifts between flashback and present as Mia decides whether she should stay or not.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV

36. Life In a Year (2020)

Life In a Year is a romantic film starring Jaden Smith and Cara Delevingne. It starts with Daryn, who is being pressured by his father to attend Harvard as he meets Isabelle and becomes infatuated with her. He asks her out, and the two fall in love before Isabelle reveals that she has cancer, due to which she only has one year left to live. Daryn decides to help Isabelle in making it the best year of her life while she helps him record his first demo CD. Later, he takes Isabelle to meet his parents, where his father disapproves of his relationship and insults Isabelle, which causes them to break up.

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
Life In A Year (2020)

During his Harvard interview, Daryn gets a flashback of his time with Isabelle when he is asked what he is best at, and he ends up saying useless things before leaving the place. Later, he goes to Isabelle and apologizes to her while also running away from the town. The two spend time together when one day, Isabelle falls unconscious and is rushed to the hospital, where it is revealed that her tumor has spread, leading her organs to shut down. 

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

37. P.S. I Love You (2007)

P.S. I Love you is a heart-warming and life-affirming story of a woman finding herself after her husband dies. It starts with Holly and Gerry, who are married and deeply in love. One winter, Gerry dies from a brain tumor, leaving Holly devastated. She realizes that Gerry meant a lot to her, and every argument and fight they had only made their relationship stronger. Holly isolates herself from her friends and family and lives alone with her grief. On Holly’s 30th birthday, his family and friends come knocking at her door with a cake and a letter from Gerry, which he had arranged to be delivered before his death. 

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
P.S. I Love You (2007)

Holly receives more letters from Gerry after that, which makes her reconcile with her friends and family and embark on a journey of self-discovery. The film stars Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler. P.S. I Love You is based on a novel of the same name written by Cecelia Ahern. 

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

38. To The Bone (2017)

To The Bone is an American drama film starring Lily Collins, Keanu Reeves, Carrie Preston, Alex Sharp, and others. The film starts with Ellen, a 20-year-old anorexic girl, as she returns home from an in-patient program for her condition but ends up losing more weight. She lived with her step-mom, sister, and her father, who didn’t pay much attention to her. Ellen’s step-mom, Susan, convinces her to get help from Dr. William Beckham, who asks her to take part in his program, which helps people suffering from anorexia like her. 

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
To The Bone (2017)

Ellen reluctantly agrees and moves into a house with five other people, four young women and Luke. Luke had mostly recovered from anorexia and his knee injury and now helps the girls in keeping their spirits high. After Ellen arrives, Luke takes a liking to her and keeps her entertained while also motivating he not to skip her meals. One day, Luke kisses Ellen and tells her that he loves her, but Ellen gets nervous and rejects him. Later she quits the program and goes to her birth mother’s house, where the two reconcile. 

Where to watch: Netflix

39. Forever My Girl (2018)

Forever My Girl follows the story of Liam, who is a famous singer, as he gets the news that his former childhood friend Mason has died in a car accident and decides to return to his home in Saint Augustine, Louisiana. After attending Mason’s funeral, he runs into his high school sweetheart Josie, whom he had left at the altar to pursue a career in singing, who punches him in the stomach for leaving him. Mason later finds out that she has a seven-year-old daughter Billy and he is her father. 

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
Forever My Girl (2018)

Liam lives with his father, Pastor Brian, and convinces Josie to let him spend time with Billy. She reluctantly agrees but on her condition. Billy and Liam bond as they spend time together, and one day, Billy asks Liam why he left her mother, to which Liam replies that he is confused and regrets leaving her deeply.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

40. 50 First dates (2004)

50 First Dates is a romantic film starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. The film is a heartwarming story of a girl who has amnesia and forgets about anything that happened the day before and only lives in the present day and a guy who falls in love with her despite her condition.

It starts with Henry Roth, a vet whose boat breaks down, so he goes to the diner while waiting for the Coast Guard. There he sees Lucy, who is building a fort with her waffles, but he decides not to interact with her. The next day, Henry goes to the diner again and decides to have breakfast with Lucy, who tells him to meet her again the next day after having a good time with him.

Movies Like Five Feet Apart
50 First Dates (2004)

The next day, Henry sits down to eat breakfast with Lucy, but she doesn’t remember him. Confused, Henry tries to make her remember, but she gets up and leaves the diner. Having watched their interaction, the restaurant owner, Sue, explains to Henry that Lucy suffers from amnesia, which was caused by accident a few years ago, and now relives the same day again and again. The rest of the film shows Henry preparing several ‘chance’ encounters with Lucy to win her heart. 

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video 

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