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Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 16 Release Date: Will Yong Mi, In Kyung And Soo Ja Break Their Bond In The End?

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 16
Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 16

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 16 is coming soon! Finally, the drama is near its climax! However, no one knows where the story will head. The previous episodes have shown how Yong Mi, In Kyung, and Soo Ja’s lives turning in the worst way. Yong Mi has to let her daughters stay with her ex-husband so they wouldn’t catch Song Woo Chang’s eyes. But in the end, that is what exactly happened. Song Woo Chang threatens Yong Mi using her daughters, and thus to save her pieces of heart, Yong Mi offers him to use her for his upcoming stock manipulation mission.

Meanwhile, Lee Do Young and In Kyung seem to fall apart after Lee Do Young understands he is losing the girl he fell for. In Kyung also learns how Lee Do Young was working to surprise her with a coffee truck which was her dream. Soo Ja, on other hand, is a whole different story. Her son, who dreams of becoming a prosecutor, questions her way of earning such huge money and finally discovers her engagement in insider trading. Knowing this can become a problem for her son’s future, Soo Ja is on the verge of breaking her friendship with Yong Mi and In Kyung.

Besides all drama, we can’t forget moneylender Oh Dong Joo has discovered Yong Mi, Geum Jand Di, and Yoon Tae Kyung’s secret. Therefore, the story has reached the point of more people means more risk of getting caught. Hence how will Yong Mi, In Kyung, and Soo Ja overcome this last barrier in Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 16?

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What To Expect In The Last Ep?

With Yong Mi, In Kyung, and Soo Ja’s team falling apart, it will be intriguing to witness how Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 16 concludes this story! The highlight will be Song Woo Chang’s stock manipulation mission. Considering getting billions won, Song Woo Chang will not back off so easily. Therefore, Yong Mi and Lee Young Shin will have to a loophole in order to free themselves from the grip of Song.

Cleaning Up kdrama Episode 16

Yong Mi Cr: JTBC

Furthermore, no one knows how the kdrama writer will conclude this final trade. If it falls in Yong Mi’s favor, her, In Kyung, and Soo Ja’s lives will change for the best. However, knowing Soo Ja’s son has already found their insider trading business, the ending of Cleaning Up may not be what we all expect. Besides, Yoon Tae Kyung, Geum Jan Di, and moneylender Oh Dong Joo’s involvement have cleared that more troubles will be on the way!

Apart from insider trading, Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 16 will reveal how Yong Mi, In Kyung, and Soo Ja’s lives change, either for the worst or the best. Yong Mi may win her daughters’ custody and continue with her life while meeting Lee Young Shin. In Kyung and Lee Do Young may patch up as she understands she’s losing her glow amid the artificial glitter of money. Meanwhile, Soo Ja may get divorced, get out of her toxic marriage, and finally travels to Hawaii for her solo honeymoon.

However, everything is an assumption at this point. If the story turns out for the worst, we will see our trio behind the bar for the crimes they’ve committed so far. Therefore, the ending of Cleaning Up kdrama will also reveal the possibility of a sequel or Season 2.

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 16 release date


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Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 16 Release Date

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 16 will be released on 24 July 2022 at 10:30 pm KST on the JTBC network. With Song Woo Chang’s threats, In Kyung and Soo Ja’s fall, Yong Mi finds herself amid the chaos. So with danger following like a shadow, how will Yong Mi, In Kyung, and Soo Ja complete their final mission? So to find out how this dark crime comedy ends, watch the last episode of Cleaning Up kdrama this upcoming Sunday!

Watch Cleaning Up Korean Drama Ep 16 With Eng Sub Online- Streaming Details

The kdrama Cleaning Up is airing on the JTBC channel at 10:30 pm KST for domestic viewers. As for the other nations, Ep 16 will be out on the same day at 9:30 am in the USA, 7 pm in India, 2:30 pm in the UK, and 11:30 pm in Australia. Since Cleaning Up is not on any OTT media services, viewers can watch short clips on JTBC’s official YouTube channel.

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