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What To Expect From Plunderer Season 2?

Plunderer Season 2: Release Date And Updates

The apocalyptic world setting for the past decade has thrived more than ever. Also, the pandemic gives us the chills another way. So likewise, the post-apocalyptic genre had its own takes ranging from America’s The Walking Dead to Japan’s Attack On Titan. Another anime adapted from the manga of the same name, titled Plunderer dived into this genre in 2020 with its own unique take to showcase. Written and illustrated by Suu Minazuki, the Plunderer appeared as a manga in Monthly Shōnen Ace magazine. It was later adapted into anime by Geek Toys in 2020.

Plunderer follows the story of an apocalyptic world where a human’s worth is measured by a special count. A number that is inherited in their body. If the number turns down to zero, the person is dragged into an abyss where he dies for eternity. For the central character of Hina, her number is measured on the kilometers she has walked. She is on a journey to find the Legendary Ace from her mother’s last wish before being dragged into the abyss five years prior. The anime has covered a successful first season. Now, the fans have been left wanting for a second consecutive season since the first hasn’t covered the manga yet. So here is everything you need to know about Plunderer Season 2.

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Release Date For Plunderer Season 2

Let’s be clear that the studio Greek Toys haven’t officially renewed the Plunderer for a second consecutive season so far. The first series despite being controversial gained a decent fan following. Probably the fanbase might push the studios to bring a second season in for a screening. If we compare the first season’s release, the second consecutive season of Plunderer should have been released in January 2021. We believe pandemic might be the reason the studios have put a brake on the series.

Plunderer Season 2: Release Date And Updates

The very first season of the anime was released in January of 2020. With a total of 24 episodes intact, the series wrapped up its first half on June 25, 2020. The first season was applauded for its own unique take on a dystopian future. The series was the perfect ride of an emotional rollercoaster, with some action here and there with funny elements added. Despite a successful season one, the studios haven’t announced any official update or release for the second season of Plunderer. As the release date remains under the wraps, we are expecting it to arrive somewhere in mid-2021.

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Plunderer  Season 2 – Expected Plot

Well, as we said above, there is literally no update on anything regarding the second season of Plunderer. Still, we are expecting to see the second season continue where it left off in the finale of the first one. With manga being ahead and season 1 covering half of it, we are not in for much of fillers and may pick up right at the end.

Plunderer Season 2: Release Date And Updates

The finale of the first season of Plunderer saw Licht blaming himself for the death of his classmates also making a lot of revelations about his mates. In the end, we saw Licht and Hina teaming up to find all seven ballots. They are determined that they won’t use them against Alicia but definitely for the benefit of humanity. The second season might take us deep into the new adventures Hina and Licht will be facing off in their journey to find the seven ballots. Also, with Alicia somewhere around, there is a lot at stake.

On the other hand, the rumors and stories suggest that season 2 of Plunderer may dive deep into the central issues of the first season. These include social issues, cast, and unfair reservations. Much like a normal human society, the second season might also reveal characters with their own perspectives with these issues revolving around.

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The Voice Cast

Plunderer Season 2: Release Date And Updates

With the second season which might be continuing the story, once it’s renewed we are expecting to see the voice cast of the main characters returning. These include  Licht Bach being voiced by Yoshiki Nakajima, Hina being voiced by Rina Honnizumi and Lynn May being voiced by Ari Ozawa. Along with Pele Poporo being voiced by Aoi Ichikawa, and Jail Murdoch being voiced by Yūichirō Umehara. The other supporting voice cast includes Shizuka Itō voicing Nana Bassler, Aoi Yūki voicing Mizuka Sonohara, and Hiroki Tōch voicing Alexandrov Grigorovich. Lastly, the cast may also include Toshihiko Seki voicing Schmerman Bach, Kotono Mitsuishi voicing Frienda, and Satoshi Hino voicing Taketaro Doan

We will keep you updating on the Plunderer Season 2 Release Date and Plot details once they are officially out from the studios. The Greek Toys studio is one of the up-and-coming studios with only three anime under their name. Plunderer being the most successful one, they might be taking careful steps with it. So stay tuned to Otakukart for more on entertainment, anime, television, movies, and gaming.

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