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Comic Relief 2023 Episodes 2,3 & 4: Red Nose Day Recap, Release Date & Streaming Guide

Comic Relief Red Nose Day Release Date
Lenny Henry with Celebrity Stars Supporting Comic Relief (Credit: Radio Times)

UK’s high-profile telethon is back for its newest season of 2023. Comic Relief 2023 has already been released, and fans are so excited for Red Nose Day, which is going to be broadcast on BBC super soon. With huge excitement and joy, many of the prominent stars and comedians are going to make 2023’s Comic Relief occasion a huge success.

So, if you are looking for all the information on Red Nose Day, we have got you covered! But before we begin, let us get to know what Comic Relief is all about. Since 1985, Comic Relief has been one of the greatest charity events in the UK, initiated by prominent names in the UK’s comedy industry, Richard Curtis and Lenny Henry.

Every year, Comic Relief gets held in the month of March, which summons various stars from the UK to perform numerous acts and sketches to make people laugh while raising funds for needy people all around the world. The concept of Comic Relief was inspired by the devastating catastrophe in Ethiopia, which happened from 1983 to 1985. The famine killed 1.2 million people and affected around 7.75 million people.

Scriptwriter Richard Curtis and the comedian Lenny Henry took a big step for the survivors of such a crisis to raise funds through entertainment and help them fight the difficult situation that they encountered.

With the TV presenter and comedian Joel Dommett, Comedy Relief 2023 has already made its enthralling entry on 14th March 2023, and soon the upcoming episodes will be released. Read till the end to know all about Red Nose Day and how you can enjoy it on TV as well as online.

Comic Relief 2023 Episode 1: Recap

The first episode of Comic Relief 2023 was released on 14th March 2023, titled Emma, Oti, and Rylan’s Big Red Nose Day Challenge. The episode followed the thrilling story of 46-year-old TV presenter Emma Willis, Strictly Come Dancing Star Oti Mabuse, and Celebrity Big Brother star Rylan Clark who documented their trekking journey towards the peak of Cairngorm Mountains located in Scotland.

The whole documentary depicts the challenge that these TV stars have taken to raise money for Comic Relief 2023. From the slippery roads to the windy climate, Emma, Oti, and Rylan take a challenging path to reach the summit and conquer every hurdle that comes their way. The whole episode runs about 2 hours, in which 3 grueling days of their adventure are presented to the viewers.

Red Nose Day 2023 Challenge

Oti, Emma, and Rylan completing Red Nose Day Challenge (Credit-Comic Relief: Red Nose Day)

Emma, Rylan, and Oti started climbing in the month of February, and before going on their journey, all of their fans wished them luck and success. All of them mentioned how excited they were before climbing.

Rylan said that he felt powerful because he had two strong women with him who would drag him through all the difficulties that he would face while climbing. Even Emma expressed her mixed feelings about her first-ever 3 days long adventure.

She said that she felt scared and anxious at the same time. However, she felt proud that she was doing something for a good cause, and that is why she wished that weather god would help them to make it up to the summit. Even Oti said that she was already exhausted during their training, but she was happily looking forward to beginning the greatest Red Nose Day challenge.

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Comic Relief Episode 2, 3 & 4: Release Date

Are you excited to know when Red Nose Day is going to release? Find all the information here. Just like every year, hilarious sketches, amazing live performances, and inspiring stories are all set to make their stunning entry with numerous TV stars even this year. So when and how exactly can you enjoy your favorite charity event?

The second, third, and fourth episodes of Comic Relief 2023 are going to release on Friday, 17th March 2023, on BBC. Follow the watching guide which is given below to know when you can watch all three episodes in your region.

Comic Relief Episode 2: Red Nose Day

  • British Time: 17th March 2023, Friday, 07.00 PM (UK)
  • Pacific Time: 17th March 2023, Friday, 12.00 PM (USA)
  • Eastern Time: 17th March 2023, Friday, 2:00 PM (USA)
  • Indian Standard Time: 18th March 2023, Saturday, 12:30 AM (India)
  • Australian Eastern Daylight Time: 18th March 2023, Saturday, 6:00 AM (Australia)

Comic Relief Episode 3: When Comic Relief Did Big Brother

  • British Time: 17th March 2023, Friday, 10.00 PM (UK)
  • Pacific Time: 17th March 2023, Friday, 03.00 PM (USA)
  • Eastern Time: 17th March 2023, Friday, 06:00 PM (USA)
  • Indian Standard Time: 18th March 2023, Saturday, 03:30 AM (India)
  • Australian Eastern Daylight Time: 18th March 2023, Saturday, 9:00 AM (Australia)

Comic Relief Episode 4: The Best of the Best Bits

  • British Time: 17th March 2023, Friday, 10.40 PM (UK)
  • Pacific Time: 17th March 2023, Friday, 03.40 PM (USA)
  • Eastern Time: 17th March 2023, Friday, 06:40 PM (USA)
  • Indian Standard Time: 18th March 2023, Saturday, 04:10 AM (India)
  • Australian Eastern Daylight Time: 18th March 2023, Saturday, 9:40 AM (Australia)

Red Nose Day 2023: Preview

On 17th March 2023, Red Nose Day, 3 consecutive episodes are going to be broadcast on BBC. The first episode will be titled Red Nose Day, in which many of the prominent stars such as David Tennant, Joel Dommett, Zoe Ball, Sam Ryder, Lulu, Graham Norton, Flo, and Joan will present amusing sketches and comedy performances which will be followed by the music performances and speeches.

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day: Comic Relief 2023 (Credit-Comic Relief: Red Nose Day)

The second episode will take viewers to the lives of 6 celebrity stars who participated in Big Brother in support of Comic Relief in the year 2001. The participating Celebrities were Jack Dee, Vanessa Feltz, Anthea Turner, Claire Sweeney, Keith Duffy, and Chris Eubank.

The whole documentary will feature these stars who will share the experiences that they had 22 years ago. Subsequently, the third episode, titled, The Best of the Best Bits, will present some iconic moments of Comic Relief since 1985 and inspire viewers to be a part of the greatest charity event to help those in need.

Comic Relief Episode 2, 3 & 4: Streaming Guide

The Red Nose Day event is going to be broadcasted on BBC at 7 PM and will run for 3 hours. Subsequently, the third will run approximately for 40 minutes and the fourth for 1 hour. The whole Red Nose Day will come to an end at 12 AM on 18th March 2023.

You can enjoy the show live on the BBC One channel and BBC iPlayer’s website as well. Additionally, if you want to watch previous seasons and episodes of Comic Relief, then you can enjoy it on YouTubeAmazon Prime.

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