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TV Show Review: Amazon Prime Video Miniseries: Soulmates

We are 15 years into the future. A simple combination of science and computer has come up with a test that is able to identify a soulmate particle in your body. It will help you determine the partner you were meant to love truly, with 100% accuracy, assuming, they’ve taken up the test too. If your significant other hasn’t tried the test, it will simply say, “your soulmate hasn’t taken the test yet.” Yes, we’re talking about Amazon Prime’s upcoming miniseries titled Soulmates.

With all these advancements in technology that help you find the right partner in a more organized way, is it really the right manner of finding people you actually love? I mean love is not supposed to be planned or predicted right? When you love someone, you give yourself time to analyze if the person right in front of you, is the one you wanna spend the rest of your life with. I mean it’s okay if you’re single and you take the test because you’re keen on finding your soulmate. And honestly, it won’t harm anyone. But what if you’re in a relationship? What if you’re married? What if you have spent years with your partner and both of you have kids? There are innumerable what-ifs, which genuinely have no accurate answers. Subjective questions and topics like this have countless possibilities and answers.

A still from the series

The trailer of the miniseries was dropped on YouTube a couple of days ago, and it premiered on the online streaming platform, Amazon Prime, on 8 February 2021. It ignites a sense of excitement within you. The anthology comprises 6 episodes that will cater six different stories to the audiences, revolving around the same soulmate scientific test and how different people, in different situations and circumstances deal with it. So will the recipe of love and science prove to be an unexpected boon for the world or an unprecedented curse for the entire humanity where people are deprived of the capability of loving someone and rely solely on machines to love someone? Well, we never know. We surely need to binge-watch this amazing series to understand different perspectives of different societies and people, which the makers want us to be aware of.

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Episode 1: Franklin and Nikki

Now, getting in a little depth of the stories, let’s make you aware of the protagonists of the show, episode wise. In episode one, we meet Nikki and Franklin, a happily married couple, whose happiness begins fading after the scientific test comes into action. Nikki soon begins questioning whether her husband is her soulmate or not, and discusses her wish of taking the test with her friend Jennifer. Jennifer on hearing this gets anxious because she feels, it might destroy their marriage. Nikki is on the verge of taking a test but her daughter’s birth and her relationship with her husband, whom she chose, makes her step back. She goes to Franklin and confesses to him that initially, she was willing to take the test, but the fact that her heart chose Franklin, she knows that he is the one.

But, her heart shatters when Franklin tells her that he has already taken the test and wants to move out of the marriage and get settled with his soulmate. This brings her a sense of betrayal that leaves her stunned. We are then taken through a leap where Nikki has moved on with a man and Franklin has settled down with his soulmate, but something keeps nudging the two. Break off a relationship just for the sake of someone else is betrayal, right? How can this be a boon? Well, opinion clashes you know!

Franklin and Nikki

Episode 2: David and Alison

Eventually, in the second episode, we meet David, whose life is turned upside down, and the sole reason for this is himself. A middle-aged man who works as a professor in a university. David is married to the dean’s daughter, and the marriage was nothing but a deal of profit he accepted. One day he comes across a woman named Alison who proves to him that she is her soulmate. David initially doesn’t take it well, because he’s married and wouldn’t want to cheat on his wife. But when he gets to know that Alison too is married, his sense of guilt just fades away. The bond that started as coffee dates and conversation session by the lake, soon begin to escalate, ruled on by romance and passion. David, at the back of his mind, is made to believe that things between the two will work out because it is based upon the scientific test, and how could it go wrong right? But it isn’t what it looks like.

Weird photos and messages soon spread out in the entire campus and we’re made aware of Alison’s reality. She is the bearer of a budding love story. Her only motive is revenge against David. David, years ago has sexually harassed Alison’s sister, who was a student at his previous university. He managed to label her as a crazy woman and got her expelled. This made her sister commit suicide and Alison could not let go of her death in vain. She came here for justice, and that was granted to her when she saw David’s life burning.

David and Alison

Episode 3: Adam and Libby

In the third episode, the story takes a different turn. It isn’t about a conventional marriage or a relationship. It’s about polygamy. An open relationship between Libby and Adam, who are quite different from the other. As we said, the six stories tell completely different stories, so why not. Open relationships aren’t accepted in our society, but that doesn’t diminish their existence. Having jealously and a sense of betrayal when your partner walks out away from you and begins reflecting love or attraction for someone else is quite common, but what if it doesn’t bother you? What if you both have agreed to it? That’s the story of the third episode.

The couple has opted for an open marriage upon Libby’s persuasion. However, Adam isn’t too keen and interested in this practice that whatever he does is purely out of love for his wife. Libby takes up the scientific test, and her soulmate turns out to be a woman named Miranda. The two click instantly and their closeness begins making Adam restless. He warns Libby and asks her to not take their bond into anything further. But their spark fails to keep her promise. She does one thing which she wasn’t supposed to do, and this breaks Adam. He asks her to choose between the two and owing to what she has with Miranda, she chooses her. But she knows, Miranda can’t be Adam. She neither prepares coffee and breakfast as Adam did nor does she gives her a warm hug when she’s ill.

After all, you can’t expect a person to be someone replica. After the passion and spark, Libby has got nothing else from her. She wants to keep a balance with both her partner, but that’s not how it works. You can’t use people to fit into your needs right? Adam soon finds his soulmate who’s flying down to meet him. And it feels like, Libby has lost her caring partner, forever!

Adam and Libby

Episode 4: Jonah and Mateo

By the time you reach episode 4, your find a different story altogether. In the course of three episodes, we’ve witnessed contradicting stories, and this one would be no different. We come across Mateo and Jonah, who meet at a bar in Mexico and spend the night together. Mateo wakes up the next morning, only to find out that his passport and money are missing. He goes back to the bar where he finds Jonah flirting with another man and confronts him. Jonah tells him that he has given his passport to a lady and assures him to get it back. They meet the lady and she demands to charge $3000 for the same. He asks her how would it look like if he takes her stuff. Mateo smashes her crystal ball and takes up some of her fireworks. She pulls off the fire alarm, alerting the nearby police, and both of them flee.

Jonah comes up with a plan to steal things and cover-up for the money they’ve got to pay. Their stealing, partying, and winning brings them closer. As the episode progresses, we see Mateo, saving Jonah from the clutches of the woman and the police. They end up spending time at the hotel and Mateo bids goodbye to Jonah, as he heads to meet his soulmate, the one that the test made him aware of. But, he leaves Jonah, only to get back to him. He knows for a fact that his choice will determine the person he will love, instead of a test, who’ll assign him a person. It happens for the first time in the show, where someone goes against the test and leaves his soulmate for the sake of love, his heart chose for him.

Jonah and Mateo

Episode 5: Kurt and Martha

The fifth episode appears to be more of a supernatural or more precisely, spiritual kind of a thing. We meet Kurt, a young man, who comes to know that his soulmate Heather has died in a car accident. She was the one who took the test first, and her results told her that her soulmate hasn’t taken up the test yet. But by the time Kurt takes this test, it’s already too late. It affects Kurt greatly, and after an attempted suicide, he has to go through therapy. He soon meets Martha, who too is going through the same circumstances. She has witnessed three failed marriages and by the time she took the test, her soulmate had already been take away from her. They soon grow close, but the thought of betraying Heather keeps Kurt away from Martha. He soon sees a way of seeing Heather, by means of Righteous Transition at Church.

For being able to meet their soulmates, they’ve got to break all ties with the world. He finds Martha there, and while digging their own graves, to be free from this life, she makes him understand that he’s too young to go. But his will of seeing Heather, keeps him going. When he finds Martha having difficulty in digging the grave, he helps her out. Seeing both of their graves side by side, Martha is happy, for they’ll be death buddies. But soon, she ends up confessing the love she has within her, after all this time she spent with him.

The two reach the church to perform the death rituals, and they’ve handed over their respective vials. They drink it and before the final rites, they manage to flee. But before they could actually be together, they fall down choking, when the drink begins to work and hold each other’s hands as death buddies. Heather soon appears to Kurt and slaps him awake. He carries Martha to the nearby hospital and as she recovers, the two promise each other to be life buddies.

Kurt and Martha

Episode 6: Nathan and Kaitlin

And then, the sixth and the last episode arrived. This episode harbors a kind of deadly match between two people. The soulmate test pairs up Nathan and Caitlin who have a love for murders. They want each other to embrace the killers inside them, they have remained defeated for years. The show till now depicted stories of failed marriages, betrayal, and revenge that were a consequence of the love test. But this story makes us believe that the test can go beyond what we can imagine. It has the ability to create chaos and turmoil. Caitlin goes through a mental breakdown and accepts the fact that she isn’t made for anyone.

However, destiny plays its part in reuniting lovers, when she meets Nathan. But wait, Nathan isn’t her soulmate. Her soulmate is her thirst for spilling blood. Caitlin meets Nathan and he awakens her lust for blood when Nathan murders the woman he was seducing. Caitlin doesn’t report him, for she knows that she too has got this deadly gene inside her and she is willing to kill Doug, her ex. Nathan seems to be attracted towards her, because he feels, that she is her true soulmate. He believes that their lust for blood will bind them together.

So instead of waiting for more for Caitlin, he abducts Doug and chains him in a laboratory. He caller Caitlin and hands her over a knife. She stabs her ex and Nathan is now sure that she is the one. But shockingly, she stabs Nathan too and cries as she watches both men dying. She knows for a fact that she won’t accept playing second fiddle with a man ever again in her life. By the end of the episode we know, Caitlin has met her soulmate-her urge to kill men, because she feels by sacrificing them, she granting justice to women who have been put into inferior positions in a relationship.

Nathan and Caitlin

So as we provide you a brief summary of the miniseries, don’t forget to watch it. “Soulmates” is available for online streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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