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Who Is Tzuyu Dating? Who Is TWICE Maknae’s Boyfriend?

Who Is TWICE's Tzuyu Dating

Due to her stunning visuals, many fans want to know more about the dating life of TWICE’s Tzuyu or her boyfriend! How can they not when Tzuyu has captured millions of hearts because of her beautiful vocals? However, staying rumors-free in the kpop industry is nearly impossible. Sometimes due to media hype and great chemistry, or other times fans’ wishes, somehow many idols become the center of different rumors. And Tzuyu is no different. After all, the journey from the rookie group to one of the most famous girl groups was not exactly flowery for her.

TWICE’s maknae Chou Tzuyu debuted with other members in 2015. Since their debut, she has been actively working, singing, and dancing. Thus, because of years of training and steady progress, Tzuyu now gets to sing more lines. Although she has not got an opportunity to explore, there is no doubt that Tzuyu’s vocals can break or mend one’s soul. Besides, it is not even a topic of discussion since fans hope Tzuyu’s dating life will be full of happiness. Hopefully, her boyfriend will be someone who actually cares about her and loves her wholeheartedly!

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Tzuyu’s Dating Rumors With BTS’s V

Social media is indeed a scary place. One time you connect dots and find the whole picture, while the other time, it will lead you to a mess of confusion and beliefs. Something similar had happened when the dating rumors started spreading, connecting TWICE’s Tzuyu and BTS’s Taehyung! Fans began coming up with different speculations after Tzuyu posted DAY6’s concert photos with Dahyun, Jeongyeon, and DAY6’s members. Shortly after Tzuyu’s post, BTS’s V was online on Weverse and uploaded a picture within a few minutes after TWICE’s post.

Tzuyu Dating with V

Cr: TWICE Instagram and V Weverse

That was just the beginning. In 2020, fans made more assumptions after seeing V and Tzuyu not so far from each other at an annual music award ceremony. Of course, both idols were together with their respective groups. Nevertheless, fans couldn’t stop shipping them. Later, Tzuyu’s other post mentioned Borahae (I purple You created by Taehyung), which captured fans’ attention. On various occasions, both were caught wearing similar clothes or accessories such as hoddies with ‘Kim thereon,’ a hat, croc sandals, etc. However, everything is mere speculations since neither JYP Entertainment nor HYBE Labels confirmed those dating rumors.

Were Tzuyu And Jungkook Dating?

Before Kim Taehyung, TWICE’s Tzuyu was once rumored to be dating BTS’s maknae Jeon Jungkook. Since both idols were maknae of their respective groups, fans couldn’t help but admit that they would make a fantasy Kpop couple. Being the youngest and possessing stunning visuals brought Tzuyu and Jungkook under the spotlight of dating rumors.

Tzuyu Dating with Jungkook

Tzuyu and Jungkook

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Furthermore, some fans pressed that Tzuyu and Jungkook were caught looking at each other during the 2016 MAMA in Hong Kong. But not once did HYBE Labels or JYP Entertainment react to those dating rumors. So rumors remained rumors till the date!

Who Is TWICE Tzuyu’s Boyfriend In 2022?

As of 2022, TWICE’s Tzuyu is not dating anyone nor has a boyfriend. From her debut till now, she has been single. Although she has been connected to various dating rumors, never were they true. They were all false assumptions, overanalysis, and fans’ wishful thinking. Despite not having a boyfriend, Tzuyu does have a bunch of fanboys. They admire her from the bottom of their hearts! It’s no wonder that boys fall for her. After all, Tzuyu is the epitome of ethereal beauty, has a caring personality, and even possesses powerful vocals.

tzuyu boyfriend


Among Tzuyu’s fanboys, one name that stands out is the famous singer Dean. Dean had previously shared that he likes TWICE and is a crazy fan of Tzuyu. Besides fanboys, Tzuyu is a crush of various female idols and celebrities such as Gugudan’s Mina, Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA, Apink’s Naeun, Park Ji Min, and many more! However, when it comes to her ideal type, Tzuyu wants someone who respects her parents, eats well, and loves animals. Such a simple but precious idol type, isn’t it? Therefore, we can only hope that she meets the one who is made for her! 

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