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Goldeneye Filming Locations: Where is The Classic Film Made?

Goldeneye destinations
Locations Of Goldeneye. Cr: Google

In 1995, the spy movie Goldeneye from the James Bond series came out. Peirce Brosnan played the title character in this Martin Campbell-directed film. The film follows the daring travels of the infamous MI6 agent James Bond. A new terrorist group called Hanus is determined to create a nuclear war, posing a new threat to Bond. Bond’s ex-partner, Alec Trevelyan, a former MI6 agent and Bond’s ex-partner, is in charge of this new organization.

Alec feels that Britain deceived his parents and prevented them from receiving protection; therefore, he wants to get revenge on the nation. Alec intends to attack Britain using the nuclear space weapon known as Goldeneye, which was developed in the Soviet Union. The plot follows how Bond ends Alec’s life and stops it from happening. Continue reading to learn where Goldeneye was filmed. Now let’s take a look at the stunning locations where this movie was filmed.


The Verzasca Dam in Switzerland, also known as Contra Dam or Locarno Dam, is where the renowned bungee jump from the pre-title scene was filmed. At a depth of 220 meters, it was the highest bungee jump at the time. The neighborhood bungee business now provides jumps there. Tällistock mountain (for the motorcycle trip) and the Eiger North Face were used to film the later plane escape (for the free fall).

Destinations of Goldeneye

Goldeneye Filming Locations: The Site Where Golden Eye’s Bungee Jump Was Filmed


Both fictitious and actual locales can be found in Russia in Goldeneye. Bond may jump off the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland in the pre-title scene, but his actual mission is to infiltrate a fictitious chemical weapons facility in Arkhangelsk, which is further north. Additionally, there is the satellite station Sewernaja that carries the GoldenEye show. The movie shows a station in the Krasnojarsk region next to a river with the same name, but the real Sewernaja is a Russian island in the Kara Strait. The activity that occurs in St. Petersburg is real, though. Bond is later imprisoned at Saint Michael’s Castle after the Russian Defense Ministry meeting takes place inside the Winter Palace or Eremitage.

sites of goldeneye

Goldeneye Filming Locations: The Moyka River’s Banks Served As The Location For Filming The Tank Action Scenario.

The Birzhevoy Bridge, which links Petrograd with the city center, may be found near the start of the St. Petersburg sequence. Filming for the tank action scenario took place near the banks of the Moyka River, in front of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, close to the Constitutional Court, and near the Main Post Office on Pochtamtskaya Street. Here, we have gathered all the sites. The horse statue is located in Preobrazhenskaya Square in front of the Transfiguration Cathedral, a little outside of the historic city center. But there isn’t a statue there; it was just a prop.

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Monaca & France

The car chase between Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 and Xenia Onatopp’s Ferrari F355 was filmed above Greolieres, France, along the Route de Gentelly. Both later crossed paths in Monaco. Both the Casino Monte-Carlo and the viewing area near the Vista Palace Hotel have seen scenes on camera. At the yacht harbor of Port Hercule, the stealth helicopter is captured.

Car Chase Scene

Goldeneye Filming Locations: Above Greolieres, France, Along The Route De Gentelly, A Car Chase Scene Was Filmed.

United Kingdom

The futuristic structure near the Thames River became the symbol of all Brosnan and Craig Bond films when MI6 moved its headquarters there in 1994. The following London locations are also available in Russia: The “stiff-ass brit” Bond meets Muffy’s ex-husband and current CIA agent Jack Wade in the Somerset House, which was remodeled to resemble a square in St. Petersburg. The fictional “Grand Hotel Europe” in St. Petersburg is represented by the Langham Hotel, while Draper’s Hall serves as the KGB office. Additionally, the action scenes involving Janus’ stealth train were filmed on the Nene Valley Railway. The train departed from the now-demolished Old Sugar Factory in Peterborough and moved along the rails in a westerly direction.

Goldeneye destinations

Goldeneye Filming Locations: Janus’ Stealth Train In Nene Valley, Close To Peterborough

Peurto Rico

Bond and Natalya set out from Guantanamo Bay in search of the Janus stronghold, which is reported to be in the Cuban wilderness. The sequences involving the BMW roadster and the US Marines were actually shot at Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. The beach shots were filmed at Playa Ojo de Agua, a local beach. Puerto Rico has also been used to film the actual conclusion with the disguised satellite telescope. Due to two cables breaking in 2020, the renowned Arecibo Telescope will regrettably be destroyed.

Vega baja scenes

Goldeneye Filming Locations: In Reality, Scenes Involving The BMW Roadster And US Marines were Filmed In Vega Baja, Puerto Rico.

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