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What Is ‘Kirsten Titus’ Age? All about ‘Pepperonimuffin’

Kirsten Titus
Kirsten Titus

Kirsten Titus, a popular TikTok user, known as “pepperonimuffin” on the app, recently shared a photo to her Instagram story that she had to remove right away. She and several buddies were attending Coachella this year. On April 23, she posed for the picture while riding in a golf cart, showing off her trim figure. Kirsten Titus shared the tale without giving it a second thought and was unaware that she had accidentally flashed herself. Her 519k Instagram followers contacted her about the same thing right away, and it didn’t take them long. I guess I ought to delete my Instagram, she wrote in the title of a video she then shared. Before releasing the picture she had uploaded on her Instagram account, Kirsten Titus was seen in the video revealing her face. She made a funny film out of the wardrobe mishap for her own amusement. Following the event, the influencer also posted a slew of encouraging text messages from followers.

There is widespread awareness of the social media phenomenon. Kirsten Titus became well-known because to her TikTok account, which has more than eight million subscribers. Her brief films frequently receive more than a million views. Kirsten Titus frequently posts snippets of her activities and daily life. Titus was born on September 29, 1997, in Hawaii. From Bringham Young University, she received her degree. About April 9, 2017, Buzzfeed carried a piece on the social media influencer’s Spotify account, which led to her becoming a household name. She had playlists named by Titus with the letters “I Am,” “Kinda Lovin,” “Someone Else,” “But,” and “We Can Still Be Friends” in them. James Arthur, Trey Songz, LANY K. Cero, and Anthony Watson all had songs on the playlist.

Kirsten Titus

Kirsten Titus

What is Kirsten Titus age?

Kirsten Titus is a 24 years old TikTok celebrity. On March 13, 2021, Kirsten launched her own YouTube account. Currently, she has 210k subscribers. On her channel, she mostly posts vlog-style material and cosmetic tips. Her most recent film, “MY FIRST TIME AT COACHELLA,” recounted her festival experiences. The video with the most views on her channel, “ORDERING WHAT THE PERSON IN FRONT OF US ORDERS,” was her most popular one on the site. Kirsten Titus’ videos often receive between 100 and 350k views. She might not have the largest following on the site, but she has a devoted following among teenagers and a thriving social media business.

More about Kirsten Titus

The most recent artist to collaborate with a Beverly Hills talent agency UTA is a vibrant TikTok celebrity that is devoted to her native islands. Kirsten Titus, a native of Hawaii who has amassed 6.6 million fans through her short-form videos, has signed with UTA for worldwide representation. The content on Titus’ TikTok account is spread throughout a wide range of topics, including food, fashion, and Hawaiian culture. She uses a lively, quick tempo to narrate her films, regardless of the subject matter. She has become known for both her honesty and her delivery. She includes such failings in her movies alongside her triumphs, even if the food she consumes spoils or the clothing she buys don’t quite fit. Maybe her honesty is what has allowed her to garner more than 600 million likes on her TikTok videos.

Kirsten Titus

Kirsten Titus

Kirsten Titus has established a successful career with her short-form films because of her endearing nature. She has collaborated with companies including Sony, Neutrogena, Casetify, Amazon, and Casetify, in addition to appearing in Hawaiian media. At this year’s VidCon, where she will be a featured creator, she will increase her public exposure even further. Titus will collaborate with UTA as she grows her presence. She will seek new chances in fashion, endorsements, commercial ventures, branding, and other areas as part of her contract with the talent agency. “I can’t wait to start working with UTA!” Informed Tubefilter, Titus. It’s a dream come true, and I’m excited for what the future has in store for all of us. Kirsten began her first Instagram post on January 7, 2014. She began working as a broadcast production at KITV4 Island news in May 2016 as her first job. Additionally, she spent ten months working part-time as a live graphics operator at BYU.

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