The Challenge Season 38 Episode 10: Release Date, Plot & Streaming Guide

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The Challenge Season 38 Episode 10
The Challenge Season 38 Episode 10

We’re all eager to see what The Challenge has in store for us in the recent episode of Season 38, The Challenge Season 38 Episode 10, which will premiere soon. But first, we will become familiar with the show’s format before getting into the release date and streaming information for The Challenge Season 38 Episode 10. This reality TV show is centered on the competition between several people.

MTV has commissioned it for its upcoming autumn schedule. The Challenge is a spinoff of the channel’s successful reality programs, The Real World and Highway Rules. First included in the series were those who had previously won or placed second in these two series, giving them a fresh opportunity to establish themselves with such a new beginning.

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The Challenge Season 38 Episode 10 Release Date

The Challenge Season 38 Episode 10 will premiere on 8 December 2022. At 8 o’clock in the United States, MTV will air The Challenge Season 38 Episode 10. The Challenge Season 38 Episode 10 will be available for streaming at 6:30 am IST, 1 am BST, and 12 pm AEDT for people outside the United States.

The Challenge Season 38 Episode 10 Release Date
The Challenge Season 38 Episode 10 Release Date

“Dancing On My Own” is the episode’s name, and we shall see Friendship and loyalty put to the ultimate test with the Ride or Dies on opposing sides; a high-adrenaline challenge will separate the lions from the scaredy cats.

Format Of The Show

The name alone should have given away the fact that the hosts provide the tasks, and the competitors must compete against one another. These laborious tasks demand a lot of physical and mental stamina from people. To continue competing, they must complete it correctly.

The competitors that make it to the final round and take home the entire prize pool split a large sum of money among themselves. T.J. Lavin hosts the 38th season of the show. The actors who appear in The Challenge are divided into teams. Numerous seasonally changing factors may affect these teams.

Format Of The Show
Format Of The Show

They must cooperate and stick together to take the winnings home in cash. Any factors, such as each player’s hero or villain status, gender, the shoes they came from, previous intimate relationships, and more, could come into play. Since they are so common, the show’s admirers embrace its dirty politics.

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Recap Of The Show

Episode 1: As they compete for a sizable financial reward, Ride or Die couples aim to demonstrate that their relationships can outlive the opposition; Turbo and Laurel get off to a bad start; TJ unveils a cunning surprise disguised as a cordial gesture.

Episode 2: At the Challenge, communication is essential since one mistake may endanger pairings. Turbo continues to be a threat, but he finally meets his equal when an old friend turns into a new foe. Finally, players get a game-changing shock that they weren’t expecting.

Episode 3: A player gets into problems for flirting with multiple women; the Build Me Up Challenge puts athletes’ strength and endurance to the test; Tori and Jordan struggle to make sense of their breakup, and a Double Decker Hall Brawl shocks everyone.

Episode 4: A Ride or Die couple must overcome a daunting obstacle after their public betrayal puts a massive bullseye on their backs. The winning duo helps the at-risk players devise a complex plan to keep them safe.

Recap Of The Show
Recap Of The Show

Episode 5: Betraying one another destroys a developing bond. One of the players worries that she turned the fierce Laurel against her. Everyone is reminded of Veronica’s peril in the game by her actions.

Episode 6: Michele and Jay are on the firing line after making contentious decisions and need to win to survive. One player seeks assistance from another when she learns that the guy she was attracted to has a girlfriend at home.

Episode 7: As one cunning player encounters difficulties due to a network of deceit, the political game becomes more intense. The Peaking Blinders challenge is designed to test both mental and physical stamina. A blindside triggers an unexpected elimination round.

Episode 8: One member of “Ride or Dies” must decide between new love and an old friendship, and playing a clever move after a season of significant maneuvers puts them in the sights of several teams.

Episode 9: At the halfway mark, TJ surprises the challengers with a twist that changes the game; Tori and Jordan’s complicated relationship is upended when one of them develops affection for another competitor, and winning power splits a couple apart.

Where Can You Watch The Challenge Season 38 Episode 10?

For US citizens, The Challenge Season 38 Episode 10 will air on MTV, while viewers from other countries can watch it on Netflix, the CBS app, HULU, and the Roku premium channel. Fans must take note of the release date to watch The Challenge Season 38 Episode 10 when it airs in their home countries.

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