Monochrome Mobius Gameplay Trailer Reveals Release Date for PlayStation 4 & 5

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Utawarerumono Spinoff Game Monochrome Mobius' Gameplay Trailer Reveals September Release for PS4/PS5
Utawarerumono Spinoff Game Monochrome Mobius (Credits: Gematsu)

Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten was initially released in Japan on November 17, 2022, via Steam. Now, international PlayStation fans can experience the game with its release scheduled for PlayStation 4 and 5 on September 5 for North America and September 8 for Europe and Oceania. 

NIS America dropped a gameplay trailer teasing the fans with the Japanese role-playing game along with a limited edition version. It will feature the original soundtrack, acrylic displays, art cards, a hardcover visual book, a tapestry of the game, and a collector’s box. The game was developed by AQUAPLUS and Design Act. Suga Munemitsu is responsible for the game’s original dialogues and concepts. 

AQUAPLUS released the original Utawarerumono game in 2002, which led to anime adaptations in 2006 and 2009. The second game, Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception, came out in 2015, along with an anime adaptation. Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth, the final game, launched in 2017 and was adapted into an anime in the following year. Crunchyroll streamed both anime series as well as an English Dub. 

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Monochrome Mobius International PS4 & 5 Release 

Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten takes the spotlight as an addition to the Utawarerumono series, enhancing its storyline independence and rich backstory. Its native Japanese culture feature in the game can be confusing for newcomers but nostalgic for the veterans. 

Aquaplus wanted to refresh the game from the previous Utawarerumono setting, so they chose Mi as the character designer to achieve this. While maintaining consistency with the original designs, Amaduyu and Mitsumi assisted Mi’s artwork for existing characters, avoiding drastic changes that could upset long-time players. 

The game’s genre shifted from the typical grid-based combat to something new. and the Utawarerumono title was removed from the name to give it a fresh and improved look. 

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The Plot and Gameplay of Monochrome Mobius

Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten is somewhat a prequel to Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception. Set in Ennakamuy, a province nestled on the border of the mighty Yamato Empire. The story revolves around Oshtor, a young man living with his mother and sister. His life takes a turn when he embarks on a quest assigned by his local master. 

He encounters a mysterious girl called Shunya, who tells him that his father is alive. Oshtor sees his father in Shunya and now wants to find his father. Determined to solve the mysteries, the duo makes a journey to Arva Shulan, a place you cannot see on a map, where they have to face perilous obstacles to achieve success. 

Gameplay from Monochrome Mobius
Gameplay from Monochrome Mobius (Credits: Steam)

Players have the freedom to explore environments and terrains along with free camera movement and mechanics. Contrary to the traditional approach seen in previous Utawarerumono games, Rights and Wrongs Forgotten introduces a new combat system.

Players can now command characters to attack, use tools and employ combat strategies using the “Action Ring” in the corner of the screen. Units on the inner side of the ring wait longer for their turn. Players can use this as an advantage by staggering opponents or activating an overcharged state with the “Ascend” combat skill. 

Character In The Game

Kentaro Tone voices Oshtor, a hard-working young village boy. Shunya is voiced by  Yuko Minaguchi, and she is the source of information on Oshtor’s father. Munechika is voiced by Saori Hayami, and she accompanies Oshtor on his journey as an ally. Mikazuchi, voiced by Yuya Uchida, is Oshtor’s friendly rival and close friend. 

Oshtor from Monochrome Mobius
Oshtor from Monochrome Mobius (Credits: GameBlast)

PC Requirements to Run The Game

Let’s see what your computer needs to smoothly run the game. The minimum specs are:

  • 8 GB RAM
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti graphics card
  • Intel Core i5-2300 processor 
  • 35 GB storage space
  • Windows 10 64-bit operating system
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Worth a Download?

Reviewers praised the story and characterization in the game, but its drawback was the combat depth. Fans of the previous games in the series would appreciate its system, but newcomers would lack the feeling. The story was considered great but slowed down in the second half. Some reviewers found flaws in the overall narrative strength, pacing, and combat techniques. 

Overall, the game isn’t a 5-star play if it’s played alone. To enjoy its full potential, fans will have to experience the previous series’ installments and then take their turn with Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten. 

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