Vanna White Talks About Leaving Wheel of Fortune: What Happened?

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Vanna White Talks About Leaving Wheel of Fortune
Vanna White opens up about her exit from Wheel of Fortune (CC: USA Today)

Do you know why Vanna White is currently making headlines with the reported news of leaving the Wheel of Fortune? Probably not! It will make you teary, for sure. In case you don’t know, she has been serving as one of the hosts of this game show since 1982. Before getting into what happened, let’s briefly discuss Vanna White’s prominence in the industry. 

Starting from the basics, Vanna Marie White is a versatile television personality and host. However, she started her career as a model, participating in the pageant Miss Georgia USA. Being her fan, you must read her 1987 autobiography, Vanna Speaks.

Some of Vanna White’s other notable works include- The Price Is Right, Looker, Graduation Day, Goddess of Love, etc. Yes, you are right! Vanna has gotten some great acting skills as well. She even ended up making a guest appearance in RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars. 

Coming back to Vanna White’s involvement with Wheel of Fortune, she has been working as one of the three hosts, along with Vicki McCarthy and Summer Bartholomew. She stars permanently since 13 December 1982. Now, when she finally opened up about her idea of leaving the show, fans were worried that something had gone wrong. What do you think? If you are looking for why Vanna White talked about exiting Wheel of Fortune, here is what we know. 

Vanna White Talks About Leaving Wheel of Fortune
Vanna White (CC: People)

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Vanna White Opened Up About The Thought Of Leaving Wheel of Fortune Will Make You Cry 

It’s been over four decades since Vanna White has been on Wheel of Fortune. While thinking about her eventual ending with the show, she said, “We’ve been in everybody’s homes for 40 years, so it would be weird having somebody else turn my letters.” 

No. Vanna White isn’t leaving Wheel of Fortune. Here comes the good news. She has renewed her contract with the show for the 2023-2024 season. That’s great! In other words, Vanna is nowhere ready to say goodbye to the long-running game show, Wheel of Fortune. Now, Pat Sajak and Vanna White have become a team, being dependent on each other. On this note, she said that they share a brother-sister type of relationship. 

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Did you know even Pat Sajak, being 76 now, has shared that he is close enough to part ways from the show? However, keeping in mind their deep connection with Wheel of Fortune, Vanna shared that she can’t even think of leaving it as of now.

She said, “I don’t even want to think about that. I mean, we’re a team.” Vanna White addressed the thought to be very much “depressing.” She shared that it would be hard to imagine a world where neither she nor Sajak is hosting the show. Vanna is reported to be unable to think anything beyond that. 

Vanna White Talks About Leaving Wheel of Fortune
Vanna White and Pat Sajak: The Hosts of Wheel of Fortune (CC: The List)

Vanna White has also cracked a joke. What? She once said that she and Pat are more like Barbie and Ken. No one can think of the Wheel of fortune without them. Well, that’s true! Knowing that, she feels like having no idea how the series would go without them. 

Being her fan, you need to stay relaxed for now! Vanna White isn’t leaving Wheel of Fortune anytime soon. After serving for over 40 years, she shared that she is highly grateful and feels fortunate enough to be a part of the show. Yes! She genuinely loves her job and her involvement with Wheel of Fortune. She said, “It’s incredible. I cannot believe it’s been 40 years. Honestly, I’ve loved every minute of it.” 

Things are all good! Best Wishes to Vanna White for the upcoming days of her life. Make sure you follow Vanna, on her Instagram account, for more updates. We would love to see Vanna on Wheel of Fortune for more years.

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