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The Three GentleBros Episode 18: Release Date & How To Watch

The Three GentleBros Episode 17 recap
The Three GentleBros Episode 18: Release Date

The Three GentleBros Episode 18 of Thailand’s most popular program is now released. We are eager to share very little information about the upcoming episode of this romantic comedy, but we can’t help ourselves. We’ll give you a little overview of the plot of the much-discussed Thai series before we deliver everything to you, such As the Three GentleBros Episode 18.

The fans of typical Thai dramas particularly enjoy this endearing family drama series. The Three GentleBros depicts the tumultuous relationship between a strict and oppressive mother and her three children. A controlling mother named Pimpattra wants to marry off her three sons.

Three women are introduced to Pimpatra’s children, and they are very dissimilar from the ideal daughter-in-law mother had pictured. However, issues need to be resolved for Pimpattra’s plans to succeed. People are envious of Pimpattra since she is so good at everything but her personal life.

She has been in several relationships. She is the parent of three boys, the different dads. Itchaya, her eldest, is a successful proprietor who looks like a multiracial adolescent. Mom Luang, often known as Thames, is the second child of a prosperous family that owns a well-known retail mall.

The Three GentleBros Episode 17 recap

A scene from the recap of The Three GentleBros.

She is Mom Tewit’s mother. Ashira, her third kid, is a beautiful college freshman. Pimpattra wants to place her sons in ideal marriages as penance for her neglect of them as they grow up. Nevertheless, her kids don’t seem very enthusiastic about her offer. Another barrier to achieving her goals is the lady’s presence in her sons’ lives.

Because of her independence, Kaeklaw fascinates Itchara. The outgoing lady Nuengnaret finally takes on Pimpattra while working with Thames. Ashira enlists the tenacious young woman View Nareya to stop his mother’s plan.

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The Three GentleBros: The Recap

Pim is making an effort to assist Kaklao and her son. She threatens her son to break off all the relations he thinks he has with Pa. Itch, believing that Kayklao and his father’s similarity was merely a coincidence. At last, Kayklao admitted that Pim had been dragging her to the end of the space and threatened to inform her mom that she was her partner’s mistress if she didn’t comply.

The Three GentleBros Episode 17 recap

A scene from the recap of The Three GentleBros.

She regretted her decision to comply with his mother’s requests. The Itch started feeling bad for Kaklao. He was correct; she did need to know the truth. Nichapa can access Itch’s bedroom and add more ingredients while keeping the drink because of the maintenance workers.

Later, Pim sets up a private meal with Karan to chastise Neung, but she decides to flaunt the diamond engagement ring Thames sent her as a sign of their engagement instead. Pim cautions Neung to maintain a safe distance from the Thames once Karan leaves to rinse his hands, but she is determined. By behaving like a responsible dad, he was wounding Pim’s ego.

Thames is pondering his feelings for his mom in the meanwhile. The next day, once Pim leaves, when Thames arrives in the room, other men notice something is amiss. Since their mother is elderly and approaching her party, the brothers caution him not to damage her.

The Three GentleBros Episode 17 recap

A scene from the recap of The Three GentleBros.

Since the Thames should appreciate Neung, they conclude that Pim is comparable to Neung. They take her to their mum’s birthday as a consequence. We observe the pandemonium as Neung arrives at the residence later.

The Three GentleBros Episode 18: Release Date

The Three GentleBros Episode 18 release date is Monday, December 5, 2022. The Three GentleBros Episode 18 will be telecast on the famous Thailand channel, i.e., GMM One, at nearly 9:30 am EDT. While fans from nations other than Thailand will stream The Three GentleBros Episode 18 at the below-mentioned dates and times:

  • Tuesday, December 6, at 8:30 am EST
  • Tuesday, December 6, at 10:00 am NT
  • Tuesday, December 6, at 1:30 pm GMT
  • Tuesday, December 6, at 2:30 pm CET
  • Tuesday, December 6, at 7:00 pm IST
  • Tuesday, December 6, at 10:30 pm KST
  • Wednesday, December 7, at 12:30 am AEDT

The Three GentleBros Episode 18 Online: How To Watch

On the GMM, as mentioned earlier, One channel, The Three GentleBros Episode 18, will be broadcast. For the above viewers from outside Thailand, Three GentleBros Episode 18 is available on Bilibili, YouTube, and Maxstream at the times and dates we specified.

Who stars In Episode 18 Of The Three GentleBros?

Ishikawa Plauden portrays Itchya Pruvsanu, Pimmpatra by Kathalaya, Thevs by Tawann Vihkrtana, Ashira Sodakarn by Athafn Psawat, Nuennaret by Sota Udomsil, Naraya by Raechnun, & Antony by Chanchroen.

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