In Which Country Was The 2017 Movie Call Me By Your Name Filmed? Explained

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Call Me By Your Name
Call Me By Your Name Filming Locations [Credits- RT Features]

Call Me By Your Name was a subtle treat for the fans of Armie Hammer. Directed by Luca Guadagnino focused on Elio Perlman and Oliver, who met during the summer while Elio was spending time at his family’s Vila and Armie works for Elio’s father. The film follows the discovery of love and attraction between two guys and the stigma surrounding it. Call Me By Your Name did well at the box office, with an initial budget being $3.5M and an earning of $43.1 M.

Produced by Peter Spears and James Ivory under Fernesy Film Company and RT Features, the film was worth a standing ovation. The film Call Me By Your Name showcased to the viewers the perfect portrayal of first love and the pain it causes. Viewers stated that Call Me By Your Name was an extremely sensual and honest adaptation of Chalamet’s performance written by Aciman’s novel.

Chamalate’s performance in the film was praised by the viewers as he portrayed the character of Elio with an ease that led to the audience connecting to him on a personal level. The film was also criticized by the viewers for the depiction of a sexual relationship between two people with a massive age gap, as Elio was 17 years old while Oliver was 24 years old in Call Me By Your Name.

Call Me By Your Name
Oliver And Elio In An Archeological Sites [Credits- RT Features]
The audience felt Call Me By Your Name was glorifying the concept of sexual assault as during the scenes, it felt like a grown adult was having sex with a child. Viewers felt the film promoted sexual predation as Oliver looked a lot older than Elio, who had the appearance of a young boy.

Released on November 24, 2017, the film stars Armie Hammer playing the role of Oliver, 24-year old interning with Elio’s father and Elio’s lover, Timothe Chalamet plays the role of Elio, Oliver’s lover, and a teen, Michael Stuhlbarg plays the role of Mr. Perlman, Elio’s father, Amira Casar plays the role of Annella Perlman, Esther Garrel plays the role Marzia, Elena Bucci plays the role of Bambi and Beppe Grillo plays the role of Isaac in the lead cast.

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Call Me By Your Name – Premise

Call Me By Your Name begins with Elio, a teenager living with his parents in the rural region of Northern Italy. Mr. Perlman invites Oliver to intern under him and work on academic paperwork. As Elio and Oliver start to spend time together, they start to feel attraction towards each other.

Elio begins to feel jealous after Oliver begins to pursue Chiara, Elio’s friend. During a volleyball match, Oliver brushes his hands against Elio’s back, which Elio ignores and continues playing the game of volleyball. Elio begins to fall for Oliver as they spend time together, and he eventually confesses his feelings to Oliver, who rejects him and refuses to further discuss their relationship.

Elio begins sneaking into Oliver’s room to smell his clothes, and Elio also begins to help Oliver during his internship by accompanying Oliver and his father on archaeological trips. During one of the trips, Oliver and Elio make out for the first time in a scheduled place but later begin to ignore each other as Oliver doesn’t want to take things further. To figure out his feelings, Elio goes out with Marzia, and they have sex with each other.

Once back at his house, Elio writes a note to Oliver asking him to meet him at midnight. As Oliver comes to visit Elio, they make love to each other for the first time and decide to call each other by their name, thus the title of the movie. Elio is frustrated by his feelings for Oliver, and to relieve himself from his sexual frustrations, Elio masturbates to a peach, and once Oliver finds him out, Elio breaks down in his arms and repeats how little time they have been left to spend together.

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At the same time, Marzia asks Elio about his feelings after he has ignored her for three days, and he coldly rejects her. As Oliver’s visits come to an end, Elio’s parents send them to Bergamo to spend time with each other as they are aware of the feelings they have for each other. The duo spends three romantic days in Bergamo before Oliver leaves for the U.S. leaving a heartbroken Elio behind.

Call Me By Your Name
A Still From Call Me By Your Name [Credits- RT Features]
Marzia and Elio decide to remain friends, as Marzia is sympathetic towards him. Elio’s father comforts him and reveals to him about him knowing about his relationship with Oliver, alongside telling him to grieve the loss of his love rather than quickly move on. Call Me By Your Name ends on a sad note, with Oliver writing a letter to Elios’ family informing them about his marriage with a woman while Elio stares into the flames of the burning fire in the fireplace.

Where Is Call Me By Your Name Filmed?

The beautiful country is also considered to be a cultural superpower, and the country has the world’s largest number of Heritage sites. The country of love was used by the production crew of Call Me By Your Name to film the whole movie. Some of the locations in Italy used by the crew consist of Crema, Lombardy, Sirmione, and Bresica, used to film the scenes with Elio, Oliver, and Elio’s father at the archaeological site situated by Lake Garda, Moscazzano.

Call Me By Your Name
Filming Location- Italy -[Credits- RT Features]
Cremona was used by the production to film the scenes with the Villa that belongs to Mr. Perlman, and the first few scenes was filmed here; Parco Regionals, Valbondione, and Arch of Torrazzo at Crema were used by the crew to film the scene with Eli and Oliver having a drink together at the terrace, Lodi, and Piazza Vittorio was used by the crew to film the World War 1 Statue.

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