Who is Leah Messer’s Baby Daddy? The Controversies

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Leah Messer Baby Daddies
TV personality Leah Messer (Photo Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Leah Messer, a 29-year-old American reality television personality, is best known for her performances on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and its spin-off series Teen Mom 2, two of the most watched television programs in the country. Messer is the mother of three daughters, twins from one marriage and the youngest daughter from another.

Her first husband, Corey Simms, is the father of Messer’s twin daughters, Alannah and Aleeah. Messer’s second baby daddy is Jeremy Calvert, the father of her youngest daughter, Adalynn. Messer and Calvert had their daughter in 2012 after getting married. In addition to her work on reality television, Messer has written a biography titled “Hope, Grace & Faith” that explores her challenges and the quest for personal growth. Messer has also been transparent about her struggles to recover from addiction and enhance her mental health.

Leah Messer’s relationship with her Baby Daddies: A Timeline

The reality star Messer and Simms got married in 2010. At that time, Messer was just seventeen years old and expecting her first child. Their relationship was even featured on the MTV reality show Teen Mom 2.

From the start, the relationship was fraught with difficulties. After only six months of marriage, Messer admitted to cheating on Simms in 2011. This led to the couple parting ways and filing the divorce. Since then, Messer and Simms have been able to co-parent their daughters amicably and share joint custody of the girls despite their contentious background.

Leah Messer Baby Daddies
Leah Messer and Corry Simms (Left) & Leah Messer with Jeremy (Right) (Credit: US Weekly)

In 2012, Leah married Jeremy Calvert, and their relationship bloomed for three years. Messer and Calvert had their daughter in 2012 after getting married. After three years of marriage, the couple divorced in 2015 due to difficulties in their relationship. Messer admitted to cheating on her second husband, Jeremy Calvert. In a 2015 episode of “Teen Mom 2”, she tearfully confessed to the affair and apologized to her family for her actions.

Leah’s infidelity significantly affected the breakdown of her marriage to Jeremy. She has now been transparent about her attempts to mend her relationships and move on, as well as her remorse and shame over her deeds. Messer and Calvert have successfully co-parented Adalynn despite getting divorced and having joint custody of their daughter.

In addition to her two baby daddies, Messer has been romantically connected with other men throughout her “Teen Mom 2” tenure. She dated Robbie Kidd, a friend of Simms’, before her marriage to Simms. Messer also had a brief relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Jason Jordan, in 2018.

Leah Messer And Her Struggle as a “Single Mother” :

Leah’s fans know she considers herself blessed enough with three daughters. Her baby girls mean the world to her. Tragedically, one of Leah Messer’s twin daughters, Aliannah Hope Simms, was discovered to have retinopathy, a rare condition known as congenital fiber type disproportion, a type of muscular dystrophy (CFTD). This hereditary condition affects the muscles and makes them weak and atrophic over time.

Adalynn Faith Calvert, Leah Messer’s youngest daughter, was born with a congenital heart condition. Both an atrial septal defect (ASD) and a ventricular septal defect (VSD), two different kinds of holes in the heart, were identified in her.

Leah has mentioned several times that her baby daddies don’t get along. The ongoing feud between Jeremy and Simms has got several media attention. In one of the episodes of Teen Mom 2, Jeremy accused Simms of not being present for his daughter. He accused Simms of neglectfulness towards Aleeah’s muscular dystrophy

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Leah Messer has also been open about her challenges. She has discussed the difficulties she encounters as a single mother. She has had a difficult time co-parenting her kids with her ex-partners. Notwithstanding her difficulties, Messer has stayed dedicated to her mothering duties and made a concerted effort to give her daughters a secure and loving home.

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