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Return Of The Mount Hua Sect Chapter 74 Release Date: A New Phase Begins!

Return Of The Mount Hua Sect
CC: Studio LICO

After almost a year of Hiatus, Return of the Mount Hua Sect (or Return of the Blossoming Blade) has received a new chapter which seems like a teaser from the Studio LICO team itself. This chapter contained the whole creation process and the thoughts of the artists who worked on this manhwa for so long, and also a message for the people waiting for the release of new chapters. 

If you are also a fan of this amazing manhwa, then you must be eagerly waiting for the new chapters, and with the release of Chapter 73, the team at studio LICO has made it clear that they are aware of it. After giving their regards to all the fans around the world, the team has announced that they don’t want to rush things and release the manhwa only when it’s truly ready, which might be a letdown for some, but still, something is better than nothing! 

The last chapter was detailed and had a lot of information that could be difficult to read if you just want the story, and so we have broken down this chapter for you as a Recap. We have also provided the expected release date and reading options for the previous and new chapters of Return Of The Mount Hua Sect, which you can check. 

Return Of The Mount Hua Sect

Mount Hua CC: Studio LICO

Return Of The Mount Hua Sect Chapter 73 “Message From Studio LICO Team”: Recap

Return of The Mount Hua Sect Team at Studio LICO has made an appearance. They announced that they have finally ended the first leg of this manhwa which began in March 2021 as the spring blossoms started to bloom.

They then paint the whole panel red, which can be considered as their way of showing gratitude to the readers. The team continues by thanking all of its readers as they give them the strength to continue this awesome manhwa. They even added a group of Cheongmyeong to show this, and it was wholesome. 

The team then thanked the readers for all the supportive comments they received during the entire season 1 and called their readers adorable. They mention that such a response was unexpected for them, but it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless, as these comments also motivated them to a great extent.

The team then mentions that the purpose of this chapter is just to thank their readers for everything and give them a glimpse of their work behind the scenes for the curious ones out there, and so they begin. First off, the character designs! The team added a panel with every character design, including the incomplete ones, to show their complete creation process. 

Return Of The Mount Hua Sect

Cheongmyeong’s facial expressions CC: Studio LICO

The team explained that they wanted to make a character fitting Cheongmyeong’s personality in the original novel, and so they tried various styles and physiques to find the perfect one. They went through many different drafts and even rejected many in order to achieve the Cheongmyeong the novel fans are familiar with, but they still somehow ended up with the weirdest draft as the finalized design. 

The team explains that this weird design of Cheongmyeong actually became his highlight as the fans came to know him through his expressions alone. The remaining characters were also made this way by adding a bit of everything (weirdness included) like an experiment. They made it so each character has distinct features, which would make it easier for the fans to identify them. 

The process turned out great as each character ended up exactly how they wanted, and fans could tell them apart by looking at even just their eyes. The team then introduced to us what the new Mount Hua would look like and the drafts they had prepared for it. 

Attention to detail is always a priority for the team, as everything from the utensils to the tiles is drawn to perfection. Special attention was also given to the emotions of the characters and how they reflected in their overall body and structure. The emotions were portrayed by changes in facial features, while the physical growth was displayed by changes in the body of the characters. 

Return Of The Mount Hua Sect

Cheongmyeong CC: Studio LICO

Regarding the actual story, the team paid a lot of attention to reading the original novel and maintained a close connection with the author to make sure they were doing everything correctly. They also added a few bits of their own, but it turned out great overall. After that, we were shown the creation of fighting scenes and how the team managed to add dialogue without messing up the actual battles, and it was great. 

After everything was done, all that was left was editing. Editing plays a huge role in the story as everything comes to life through it. The team paid a lot of attention to this to make sure they didn’t miss anything, and only after all this hard work was each chapter released. The team thanked the readers again as they felt like giving up many times, but the love and support kept them going. 

This was the whole creation process of Return of the Mount Hua sect, and with that being said, phase 1 is over, but the tale of Mount Hua hasn’t. The team does not want to rush things, and so there’s no clear release date but needless to say, the manhwa will return someday like the plum blossoms in spring. 

Return Of The Mount Hua Sect Chapter 74: Release Date and Time

Return Of The Mount Hua Sect Chapter 74 still does not have a confirmed release date, as the author has made it clear that he wants to make sure that he has a strong foundation for it. The manhwa will continue its break for a while and can be estimated to release in spring, which is around May 2023. The timings of the release are also not yet announced. 

Return Of The Mount Hua Sect Chapter 74: Where to Read

You can read Return Of The Mount Hua Sect Chapter 74 on Naver and Webtoon in Japanese and English, respectively. The manhwa does not have any hard copy buying options so far.

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