Try Guys’ Ned Fulmer Cheating Scandal Explained

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Ned Fulmer from The Try Guys involved in cheating scandal

It all started when pictures of Ned Fulmer making out with a woman who was allegedly not his wife were leaked on Reddit. The images ultimately made their way to Twitter, where the public pointed out the irony of the “Wife Guy” being caught cheating while fans refused to believe Ned’s and Ariel’s “perfect marriage” was over. Ned’s infidelity was the trending topic on social media platforms all day, and soon enough, The Try Guys were involved in one of the biggest cheating scandals ever. So what exactly happened?

The Popular Comedy Troupe consisting of Eugene Lee Yang, Zach Kornfeld, Keith Habersberger, and Ned Fulmer created “The Try Guys” back in 2014 when they were working as Buzzfeed video producers. They eventually quit the company together and went on to establish an independent channel under their own production company in 2019. As of today, their channel has amassed a total of 7.85 million subscribers, with videos like “The Try Guys Get Their Bones Cracked” accumulating more than 26 million views.

Ned Fulmer

As their name suggests, the group would try anything and everything under the sun to entertain their audience. Their partners are also a big part of the “The Try Guys” brand with their frequent appearances in videos and podcasts. The popularity of each try guy’s counterpart led to a series of videos where “The Try Wives” or “The Try Partners” try new things. They also host a podcast together called “You Can Sit With Us”.

How Was The Affair Revealed?

Fans were initially suspicious about something being off behind the scenes when Ned failed to appear in some of the recent Try Guy videos and podcasts. He was also edited out of the usual intro to their videos featuring the four try guys. The Try Guys’ sudden announcement of switching to posting only one video per week through the end of October also raised eyebrows among the fandom since they’re known for their consistent content rollout.

The mystery behind Ned’s disappearance from the channel finally solved itself when Reddit user hamilton390 posted screenshotted videos of Ned making out with another woman in a bar. The woman in the video was soon identified to be Alex from “The Food Babies”.

While Ned’s appearance in the video was still being confirmed, fans noticed further weird behavior from people involved with The Try Guys. Will Thayer, who is Alex’s fiancé of over 10 years, unfollowed her on Instagram and deleted all his photos with her. YB, who works as an editor under The Try Guys, unfollowed both Ned and Alex.

Alex Herring with fiancé, Will Thayer

The rumors and speculations were finally confirmed on September 27, 2022, when The Try Guys officially announced Ned’s departure from the group.

Who Is Alex Herring?

Alexandria Herring appears on a subsidiary show on The Try Guys channel called Food Babies alongside YB. Alex initially worked with Buzzfeed in their branded video department, where she met The Try Guys. She subsequently followed the quartet to their new company and ended up in front of the camera rather than behind it. She initially started out on The Try Guys as an associate producer but was soon promoted to Food Babies in July 2019. Food Babies show Alex and YB taking on food challenges, often alongside The Try Guy members.

How Did The Try Guys Respond?

The Try Guys quickly announced Ned’s departure from the group after the scandal that was initially kept under the wraps made rounds on the internet. In their official statement posted to their social media platforms, the group informed fans that Ned wouldn’t be working with them anymore as the result of a “thorough internal review”. The other Try Guys have also unfollowed Ned on their social media platforms. The Group’s official Twitter and Instagram pages have done the same.

The Try Guys

Why Did Ned Have To Leave The Group?

Many have raised questions as to why Ned had to leave the group due to his personal life. Ned’s removal from The Try Guys could be largely attributed to the fact that he got involved with an employee of his company which goes against the company policy. This scandal also negatively affects The Try Guys’ brand of being the “Nice Guys” of the internet. Ned’s marital status affects not only his online persona but also the group’s business as Ned and Ariel co-host a podcast called Baby Steps and jointly published “The Date Night Cookbook”. Ned’s departure from the group was necessary to maintain The Try Guys’ online persona and brand.

How Did Ned Respond?

Ned released an official statement confirming the cheating allegations and apologizing to all the parties involved. He described his extramarital affair with Alex as a “consensual workplace relationship”. He further went on to state family is his main priority at the moment and that’s where he’s going to be focusing for the time being.

How Did Ariel Respond?

Ariel Fulmer also released a statement on the same day expressing gratitude to everyone who reached out to her. She also emphasized the importance of family and requested everything to respect their privacy for the sake of their kids.

Ned and Ariel Fulmer

What Happens To The Try Guys And Ned Fulmer Now?

The Try Guys have announced their plans to take a short hiatus from posting new content to their TryPod podcast. Many have expressed concern for the group’s future as a trio, as their image has been severely affected amidst all of this. It’s also hard to imagine how they will take the company forward as Ned owns a part of it.

Ned and Ariel were spotted together after the confirmation of cheating, wearing their wedding rings which suggest that they’re still together. But things still haven’t died down on the internet yet as users are exposing Ned for allegedly cheating with more women. For now, it looks like Ned’s image as a committed husband and loving father is officially over.

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