Who Is Keke Palmer’s Baby Daddy? Scream Queens Actress Is Pregnant With Her First Child

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Who Is Keke Palmer's Baby Daddy
Keke Palmer

Want to know who Keke Palmer’s baby daddy is? Yes, the Scream Queens actress is currently making headlines with the news of her pregnancy. With that, fans have been questioning who Keke Palmer is dating or who is the father of the child. 

Starting with the basics, Lauren Keyana Palmer is not just an actress but also a singer and voice artist. Born on 26 August 1993, Keke is now 29 years old. She hails from Robbins, Illinois, United States. 

Some of Keke Palmer’s acting credits are- Imperial Dreams, The Longshots, Madea’s Family Reunion, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, True Jackson, VP, 90210 Season 5, Berlin Station, Star, etc. Haven’t you watched her in the science fiction horror film, Nope? In that, she played the role of Emerald “Em” Haywood. 

Keke Palmer has also worked on some amazing songs. Some are listed as I Don’t Belong To You, Dance Alone, Virgo Tendencies, Wind Up, Snack, etc. 

One of Keke Palmer’s recent voice works is Human Resources where she played for Rochelle Hillhurst. 

Coming back to Keke Palmer’s personal life, she announced the news of her pregnancy while hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live. To be more precise, it was on 3 December 2022. Who is Keke romantically related to? If you are looking for Keke Palmer’s baby daddy, here are your answers. 

Who Is Keke Palmer's Baby Daddy
Keke Palmer

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Who Is Keke Palmer’s Baby Daddy? 

Keke Palmer is now getting a lot of attention, love, and support from fans. Why? That’s mainly because she expects her first child. 

Well, Keke Palmer’s baby daddy is Darius Jackson. The TV star is secretive and never over-shared anything about her love life. Yes, that’s just like her beau. So, Darius Jackson has stayed away from the limelight. 

Many of you misunderstand Darius Jackson as s sportsperson. But, the truth is, he loves playing sports but is not professional. Because of how he always stayed dedicated to the same, Keke’s boyfriend, Darius also won a football scholarship at Fresno State University.

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Then what does he do? People are wondering what’s the identity of Keke Palmer’s baby’s father. Well, Darius is professionally a fitness instructor. His workplace is at Inspire Fitness Studio. Despite keeping the details of his private life secret, Darius had a Youtube channel earlier. He used to flaunt himself working out and encouraged people to be fit and in shape. 

Who Is Keke Palmer's Baby Daddy
Keke Palmer with her baby’s father, Darius Jackson

It’s not like Keke Palmer hide or used to do that when asked about her boyfriend. In the later days, Keke shared that the father of her baby is a kind-hearted person. She wishes her baby to be like that, following daddy. 

Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson have always been genuine, truthful, and simple couples. There is no feeling of inferiority or any complexity between them. 

Darius is not much into acting. But, Keke Palmer’s baby has an uncle who is an actor. Who? That’s Darius’ brother, Sarunas Jackson. He is famous for Insecure, a comedy play. We wonder, whose footsteps will the baby follow in the future. 

Being too happy and excited, Keke Palmer thanked her love interest, Darius. She said, “Thanks for giving me the things that only true unity can bring. Love is all we have isn’t it, you do nothing in this world alone, and trust me, I am not alone! Very grateful.” 

Well, it’s not like Darius and Keke know eeachother, for quite a long time. They met in the mid of last year. And they are serious enough to have started their new family. That’s evident, right? 

Wishing Keke Palmer all the very best. Congratulations! We are sure that Keke and Darius are going to be great parents. You may follow Keke Palmer, on her Instagram account, for more updates. 

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