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Back to the Future 4 Release Date – Will it Ever Happen?

Back To The Future 4

It has been well over two decades since we last saw Back to the Future. And, here we are with yet another sequel, Back to the Future 4. It is one of those classics that we have been waiting for for so long. Packed with light comedy, top-notch action, and real fun adventures, this science fiction flick has always been on the favorites-list of many.

Among all the ongoing rumors, it is getting difficult for fans to conclude. Some say that the series will surely happen, while others are confirmed that it has been concluded. Well, you can rest this case now and leave this job upon us. As in this article, we will tell you all about Back to the Future 4, if it will ever happen, and its release date. We will also provide you with the recaps of the previous seasons if you have not been following up on the franchise for a while. Follow the article till the end, and all your queries shall come to an end!

Back to the Future- The 1980s trilogy that created a sensation

The first part of the popular franchise was dropped back in 1985. And, it was well-received by the audience. In fact, it became an instant hit as soon as it was premiered in the theatres. Thus, creating a sensation and giving the fans the memorable characters that are stilled cherished by people. The IMDb rating of 8.5/10 of the sci-fi flick speaks for itself. And, if you haven’t watched it yet, you’re missing out on one of those movies that suit every genre perfectly! To know if Back to the Future 4 is happening or not, dive into the next section without delay!

Back to the Future 4 Release Date

Well, let me get it straight that Back to the Future 4 is not happening. As confirmed by the makers in a recent interview, it has been concluded that the trilogy is not going to be renewed for another season. So, there’s no release date for Back to the Future 4 as of now.

If you are willing to know when the other movies of the same franchise were released, follow this section. As we have already mentioned above, the Back to the Future was dropped in 1985 and created a sensation. It was the most amazing among all the three movies of the trilogy. The second part of Back to the Future was dropped after 4 long years, in 1989. It ended up getting not-so-good reviews from the audience. But still, the cinematography and the acting was on point.

Back to the Future stands canceled as confirmed by the co-writer, Bob Gale.

The third and last part of Back to the Future was released just after a year. Since the franchise was getting many buzzes back in that era, the makers decided not to delay. So not making the audience wait for much longer, Back to the Future 3 was released in 1990. It became a massive hit as soon it was dropped on the audience and did amazingly well at the box office.

Why isn’t Back to the Future 4 happening?

This is primarily because the co-writer of the show, Bob Gale, likes the trilogy as they are. He didn’t want to ruin the series of events of the past three seasons just for the sake of money. It is indeed disappointing for some fans. But, there’s a positive side to it, too. Back to the Future is one of those franchises that doesn’t demand a sequel. If the fourth installment, that is, Back to the Future 4 ruins the trilogy, we don’t want it. Right?

Makers in no mood to go for Back to the Future 4

All three seasons have been amazing so far, and they are perfect in their own ways? So, why take things down? I would say it was the writers’ right decision to call off Back to the Future 4. Moreover, Gale explained that there are some “rights” issues that they have been facing. He believes that Spielberg and Amblin will not go for another season of the franchise without his involvement. So, let’s make peace because Back to the Future 4 will not happen as neither the writers nor the producers are looking forward to it!

Back to the Future: What is the franchise all about?

The movie is set in the timeline of the 1980s. The show’s protagonist, Marty McFly, is shown as an indifferent teenager who is harassed by his seniors at school. His father is not respected in the firm he is working for and is often mocked by his supervisors. Geroge, Marty’s father, is displayed as a coward while Marty is a rebel. Both lead miserable lives, and Marty’s mother is always there to make it even more pathetic. Marty’s mother, Lorraine, is addicted to alcohol and takes no interest in her son’s lives and her husband. She is demonstrated as a pessimistic overweight woman.

Back to the Future- The most amazing trilogy that suits every genre perfectly

However, his life happens to take a turn when he stumbles upon a time machine. A scientist named “Doc” Emmet Brown demonstrates the machine to him, and Marty takes a deep interest in all its systems. But, as he accidentally turns the time machine on, he ends up traveling through time and goes back to the era of 1955. Marty decides to make the most of the situation and give rise to something worthwhile out of the mishap. So, he decides to reunite his parents. Marty watches the teen version of his parents and makes sure that they fall for each other. He also finds a way to convince the scientist that he is from the future. And, as he accomplishes all his missions, he travels to the future to return to his own time.

Back to the Future 4: Is there a trailer for it?

As we already mentioned above, the makers have decided to put a halt to the franchise. As a result, there is no official trailer for Back to the Future 4. Their decision is final, and they won’t go for yet another season of the franchise. So, don’t expect the makers to drop a trailer for the series, for they have made it official now.

There are numerous videos out there on YouTube titled “Back to the Future 4 Trailer”. But, they are merely concept videos that are created to amuse the fans of the franchise. They are solely designed to give an idea to fans what the next season could be all about. And, such videos are not real at all.

Concept videos of Back to the Future 4 available on YouTube

However, if you would like to know what a Back to the Future 4 will look like if it ever happens, you can watch those videos and get an idea about the same. There are a variety of channels that have displayed numerous trailers, all with different concepts. So, you can certainly look for the one that best suits your taste on YouTube. Fans have shown their interests and reviews about the same, and you can indeed take a glimpse of it!

Back to the Future Franchise: All parts explained

Follow this section to get a gist of each movie of the trilogy. Please fasten your seat belts as we dash down memory lane!

Back to the Future 1 Explained

The first part of Back to the Future makes the adrenaline rush in the bodies. If you’re into science and have always been willing to learn about time travels, this flick is the one for you. In this season, we saw how Marty encounters the scientist, Doc, after receiving a message from him. Both of them decide to make a time machine out of a sports car. But, accidentally, Marty activates the machine and ends up traveling through time. And makes his way to the era of 1955.

Back to the Future 1- The blockbuster and the highest-grossing film of 1985

As he knows his parents are falling apart, he makes sure they develop the hots for each other in the past. As he goes 30 years back, he meets the young version of Doc. Now, here comes the main problem. Both of them don’t know much about the time machine; it gets difficult for Marty to return to 1985 again. However, with his friend’s help, he somehow manages to escape the time zone and make things normal.

Back to the Future 2 Explained

The sequel to the first movie, Back to the Future 2, was nothing short of a masterpiece. In this version, Marty travels to the future. With the help of his scientist friend Doc, he reaches travels all the way to 2015. Marty doesn’t travel to the future to see how it looks like or what toll technology would have taken on the world. In fact, he attempts to time travel this time to save the future of his family. As Marty knows that his son will make a terrible mistake that would land all of the family members in trouble, he time travels.

Back to the Future 2- The lackluster sequel to the original, A travel back in time

But, life has never been so good to anyone. Their lives take a turn when they come across their enemy named Biff. He steals the time machine for his personal benefits. He wishes to travel to history to make the present work in his favor. Thus, Marty and Doc take it upon themselves to stop Biff from doing that. And, they decide to go to 1955 again so that they can restore the timeline.

The makers did the right thing by picking up the series from where it was left. The 1 hour 48 minutes long movie got off at some point in time, as revealed by the critics. But they loved the execution and twists that it had to amuse the audience till the end! Although it wasn’t as good as its previous season, it wasn’t bad at all. The characters did full justice to their roles and succeeded in making the audience laugh at times.

Back to the Future 3 Explained

The last installment was left at Marty being stuck in 1955. And, the makers decided to pick the series from this cliff hanger. Marty receives a letter from Doc that reveals Doc was stuck up in 1855. This happens because of the lightning that causes serious damage to the time machine. Thus, to return to his timeline, Doc seeks the help of Marty. He tries to reach out to the 1955 Marty so that he could help him with the situation. As Marty comes to know about his friend, he travels through time to find the time machine so that he could carry Doc along with him. As they get ready to return to their timeline, they happen to see a tombstone scribbled with Doc’s name. In a series of events, they come to know that Doc was killed in 1885.

Back to the Future 3- The most enjoyable chapter of the trilogy that takes you to the Old West

Thus, to save Doc, they travel through time again with their time machine. However, as Marty reaches 1885, his time machine gets damaged, and stars leaking. Ignoring this, he begins his quest of searching for Doc. He finds him in a town but gets on bad terms with Tannen. Doc saves Marty from Tannen, which bothers Tannen, making it a mission to kill Doc. But, Marty saves him again, and he somehow convinces him to come along with him for time traveling. As they are about to leave, Doc starts having second thoughts about the same. This is because Doc doesn’t want to leave the love of his life, Clara Clayton. He resists to go along with Marty, and that’s them. Tannen decided to hit Doc. Marty rescues him again but gets into a fight with Tannen.

Back to the Future Cast and Roles

Now that we know Back to the Future 4 isn’t happening, why not take a trip down memory lane. And relish the experience and nostalgia that our favorite characters delivered to us. Follow the section to know it all about the star-studded cast of the series, their roles, and other stuff!

Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly

Meet the Marty that we have been talking about for so long! He’s the key characters of the franchise Back to the Future. And did full justice to his role in all the parts of the trilogy. One thing that makes these characters memorable is his “never give up” attitude. His childhood had been tough, but it gave him the strength to fight for things that belong to him. He takes a deep interest in playing the guitar and prefers loud music or slow and soft melodies. The kids of his age don’t share the same interest and often take digs at him.

Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly

He wishes to fix his parents’ mess in the past so that he could meet his siblings that never happened. Overall, Michael’s portrayal of this character was completely justified, and he is still lauded for his work in the Franchise, Back to the Future.

Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Emmet Brown (Doc)

Now that we know who played the part of Marty let me introduce you to his friend. Meet Doc, the scientist that we have been discussing. He is the mastermind behind transforming a DeLorean sports car into an amazing time machine. However, he seeks the help of Marty for some operations. He invites him to the mission via a letter that Marty couldn’t say No to. His interests include performing scientific experiments and doing researches. Despite having all these qualifications, he is displayed dumb in some of Back to the Future scenes.

Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Emmet Brown (Doc)

He, along with Marty, travels through time now and then. Sometimes to save the world and sometimes to save themselves, it gets necessary for them to use the time machine. And fix all the things to make the future what they want it to be! Clara Clayton is the love interest of this character. And, Doc is head over heels for her. He is so into this lady that he puts his life at stake to keep staring at her.

Lea Thompson as Lorraine Baines

She is the always unhappy and depressed mother of Marty. She married George Baines in 1955, but their relationship quite didn’t work out. Gradually, she gets addicted to alcohol to come out of her miseries. But, instead, it makes her life even more difficult to live. In her teenage years, she was beautiful, and boys drew to her like magnets. She had the guts to take a stand for herself and was displayed as an amazing tennis player.

Lea Thompson as Lorraine Baines

Her past was shown in Back to the Future 1 when Marty travels through the past to fix George’s relationship. Like other girls of her age, she is a gossipmonger who likes to hang out in the cafe. Although George wasn’t the first boyfriend of Lorraine, he has always been attracted to her. She was the queen bee of her time. In the present, she is shown reminiscing all those memories she had with George.

Crispin Glover as George McFly

The career of Crispin Glover took off with this movie. He is the father of Marty and the husband of Lorraine Baines. George has three children with her- Dave, Marty, and Linda. He fell in love with her life when he was in his teenage years. Also, he wasn’t as attractive as Lorraine, but he was completely head over heels for her. He was not only bullied by his classmates but also his co-workers in the firm. At the job place, his supervisor, Biff, threatens him, and George doesn’t rebel. He is shown as a coward due to all the past events he had experienced in his life. Thus, the character is shaped this way.

Crispin Glover as George McFly

However, his son Marty is a rebel and knows how to stand up for himself. He had no aspirations and didn’t expect much from his life. The story of how he proposed to a queen bee Lorraine and summoned the guts to propose to her is truly worth watching. Thus, you must go for Back to the Future and get a kick out of this science fiction series.

Thomas F. Wilson as Biff Tannen

Biff Tannen is the central antagonist of the franchise. He had a major role in the first two parts of Back to the Future. However, in the third part, Biff’s grandfather, played by some other character, fills up a villain. He is an aggressive, rude, and extremely impolite person. Biff takes pleasure in demeaning people and belittling them in front of the crowd. The character is often shown bullying people around him, especially Marty’s father, George.

Thomas F. Wilson as Biff Tannen

In his school days, he was shown bullying George to make him do his homework. He had no interest in studies and often spent time goofing around the school with other bullies. Biff, too had a crush on Lorraine, but she chose to marry George. Maybe that’s the reason he has all that hatred for George. There was no mention of his wife in any of the parts of Back to the Future. Thus, we have no idea if he even had children. Overall, he is an intimidating person who can stoop to any level to get what he wants.

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