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Who Is Maria Taylor Married To? The Mystery Man is Yet To Be Revealed

Maria Taylor

“Who Is Maria Taylor Married To?” is a question that her fans ask often. Maria Taylor is famous for her sports and analytics. She is well favored by her fans, and people are curious as to what her love life is now. She began her career as a sports journalist at ESPN in 2009, from where she gained fans and well-wishers. Her smile is one of her best charms, but her intellect and humor are what make people love her. And it came as no surprise when the journalist announced her marriage to a man named Rodney Blackstock.

Though, ever since their marriage, we didn’t have much update on how their relationship and what the couple is up to. Which has made many curious if their relationship has gone off the rails. The two married in 2019 and celebrated with the world, so to speak. We will cover it here.

Is Maria Taylor Married For The second time?

That has been a question among the fans for some time, her marriage was well received by her fans, and they were all happy for her. She married Rodney Blackstock in 2019, and there was all the rave in the ESPN community. What’s more, the couple shared the moments of their marriage with everyone, making it a bigger wedding than anything. Given how big of a scope the wedding had gotten, the two were likely to live happily ever after. After their marriage, what the fans looked forward to was the usual commentary from the ESPN journalist and her witty remarks. But they were also expecting her to go on a break in-between, though that never came to be. Instead, the couple called it off after some time.

Maria Taylor

Maria Taylor

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What was the reason behind the two called off their marriage? That’s the thing, we might never know. As to who Maria Taylor is Married to right now is a question among fans. Taylor likes to keep her private life private. Moreover, she only shares the moment that will only make others happy and, in the process, shares the happiness. So all we can do is throw in the dark and wait for what went down.

Maria Taylor

Maria Taylor

Who Is Maria Taylor Married To now?

Maria Taylor is married to a new man and but as to who he is, she hasn’t revealed it. We only know that her former marriage with Rodney Blackstock ended some time ago. So the question of who is Maria Taylor married to remains and we still don’t know who the mystery man is. But we can few guesses as to how she met him. The most likely meetup is likely to be through her friends, another possibility is they met at a bar and hit off from there. But these are just speculation, and we can not confirm until the ESPN journalist comes out and reveal her story to the world. However, the moment she does, we will notify you on our website. For the latest news regarding sports and entertainment, turn on the notifications from our website.

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