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Net Worth

Andy Serkis’ Net Worth

Andy Serkis’ net worth
What is Andy Serkis’ net worth?

Popular actor, director, and producer Andy Serkis rose to huge fame and success after playing the role of Gollum in the epic The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. Not only that, but he let bagged the role of Supreme Leader Snoke in the Star Wars movie trilogy. Fans saw the actor later playing the role of Kino Loy in the Star Wars Disney Plus series, Andor.

The actor was recently seen in the role of the trustworthy butler, Alfred, in Robert Pattinson’s starrer movie, The Batman. While fans are eagerly waiting for his return in the upcoming sequel, Serkis recently expressed his love for the character Snoke and admitted that he loves that character and wouldn’t mind if he comes back. He also admitted that when Snoke gets sliced in half, he is gutted. Let us find out Andy Serkis’ net worth.

What Is Andy Serkis’ Net Worth?

Andy Serkis’ net worth is estimated to be something like £28 million. Now that The Batman has been commissioned for a sequel Movie, fans have been curious to know whether Andy Serkis will be back as Alfred. When asked, the actor explained how the director is writing and that he has not had many discussions with Reeves about it.

Andy Serkis’ net worth

Andy Serkis

Serkis, however, admitted that he loved working with Matt on it while also praising the road star Robert Pattinson and how it was simply amazing. The actor did reveal that all he knows is that the sequel movie is being written but is unaware of how his character plays into that, but it will be exciting to find that out.

While the actor is no stranger to antagonistic roles, he plays the role of a psychopathic serial killer named David Robey in the newest released Luther: The Fallen Sun. Serkis describes his character as someone who is a lonely person who has ended up creating a world for himself where he feels connected with other people who feel the same way.

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Who Is Andy Serkis’ Wife?

Andy Serkis’ wife is Lorraine Ashbourne. The Batman actor recently opened up about his plans to travel with his wife. The actor recently revealed that now that their kids are older, he and his wife Lorraine wish to travel more. The actor stated that they wish to go to South America and they also want to do more climbing.

The Batman actor stated that the key to his long marriage to his wife is to be present in the moment as he believes that they are both creative people and are constantly thinking about the next thing they are working on or when working on location.

When asked about the secret to their happy marriage, Serkis explained how they got better about being present at the moment and how they miss each other when they are away, and when together, they are really happy. The pair likes to walk across Hampstead Heath or spend time cycling down to Rotherhithe to get a cup of coffee on the river!

Will Andy Serkis Star in the New Lord Of The Rings Movies?

Fans are elated as Warner Bros. Pictures recently announced that New Line Entertainment and Middle-earth Enterprises have collaborated, and several feature films will be taking place in The Lord of the Rings universe. These upcoming film projects will be loosely based on The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Andy Serkis’ net worth

Andy Serkis

Given how fans are expecting to see all the familiar faces make a comeback when asked about it, Serkis explained how Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, and Philippa Boyens are like a second family that he had become part of and have gone on to make so many films with.

While calling them incredible, the actor assured fans that he would jump at the very chance to have that relationship rekindled, and he believes that Middle-Earth has never left him!

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