The Lobster Ending Explained: Did David Blind Himself?

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The Lobster Ending Explained
The Lobster Ending Explained: Did David Blind Himself?

What happened at The Lobster’s ending? This question has been on fans’ and viewers’ minds soon after they bing watched the Lobster, and we are here with all the detaisl and information required to analyze and understand the ending of th film. The film is about Anyone who must work at the resort in the nearish term and has 45 days to locate a life partner.

They then change into the chosen animal of your preference. David discovers that his spouse left him for yet another guy following 11 years of marriage, leaving him alone.  He is brought to the resort, where he is taught about his regulations. He attends balls, party evenings, and theater productions, highlighting the advantages of being in a partnership.

He also searches the forest for Loners, clandestine rebel warriors. Every Loner a Sedative Dart Pistol captures provides the hunter an extra day to locate a companion with a unique trait so they can begin dating. David quickly develops a friendship with Robert & John. Still, when he gets into trouble after tricking people into thinking he is suitable for a patient, he turns to alcohol to escape his predicament. The Outcasts, who have regulations that are as rigorous and dissimilar from that of the Inn, take him in.

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What is The Premise of the Lobster?

The Lobster is a critique of today’s life, which subtly suggests that having a family is the only way to spend a full and meaningful life. People who are currently single frequently hear encouraging words like “don’t fret, hang inside there; you will undoubtedly meet your perfect companion one day.”

The Lobster Ending Explained
A still from the film

Meeting your spouse is a huge accomplishment everyone has to make. This includes purchasing a home, a car, a kid, and other items in many Asian nations. Due to this social conditioning, many people end up in relationships they are not satisfied with. The universe of Lobster is one in which finding a mate is an accomplishment that is taken very seriously.

Who stars In The Lobster?


David is portrayed by Irish actor and the late 2009 Golden Globe finalist Colin Farrell. He was also recognized for his top-notch work in The Lobster with a Golden Globe for Actor Award in Motion Picture.

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The Lobster Ending Explained

The Shortsighted lady

Short-Sighted lady, with who David initiates a romance, is played by Rachel Weisz. Weisz, who won the late 2006 BAFTA award for British Performer of the Year, is well recognized for her parts in the films The Mummy, Agora, and The Lovely Bones.

The Lobster Ending Explained
Blind lady

Loner Commander

The French actor Léa Seydoux, most well-known for her role as Dr. Madeleine Swan in Spectre, portrays Loner Commander in The Lobster.

The Limping Gentleman

The Limping Gentleman is portrayed by Ben Whishaw or the famous Q from current Bond films. He is well-known for his work in The Lobster and his parts in Fragrance: Story of a Murderer & Cloud Atlas.

Hotel director

English actor Olivia Coleman portrays the hotel director. She has won one Golden Globe, three British Independent Movie Awards, four BAFTAs, and three BIFs.

Lisping Man

Lisping Guy is portrayed by John C. Riley, an American comedian, actor, playwright, director, and vocalist. He is an Academy Award candidate, and his most well-known films are  The Hours, Step Brothers, and Chicago.

Nosebleed Woman

British actress Jesica Barden plays the role of Nosebleed Woman. Her performances in Hannah and Away from the Madding Herd have also earned her recognition.

The Lobster Ending Explained
A still from the movie

The maid/ Servant

Greek-born French actor Ariane Labed is well-known for appearing in films like Alps and Then before Midnight. She portrays the servant in The Lobster.

The Lobster Ending Explained
the servant

Biscuit woman

Scottish actor Ashley Jensen portrays Biscuit Woman. She received a well-deserved Emmy nomination for her performance in the tv show Extras, for which she was most well-known.

The Heartless lady

Another cast member of the movie Lobster is Angeliki Papoulia. This Greek performer portrays Hearthless lady and is a founding partner of the theater company Blitz.

The Lobster Ending Explained
A still from the film

Loner swimmer

The Northern Irish actor who portrays Loner Swimmer is named Michael Smiley. He also appeared in Kill List, The World’s Ending, and Fragrance: Story of a Murderer.

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The physician

A performer who has worked in both theater and film, Roger Ashton-Griffiths is currently well-known for his role as one of the cast members of Game of Thrones. He is particularly well-known for his performances in the plays Sweeny Todd and King Lear. He performs as a physician.

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David’s wife

Rosanna Hoult portrays David’s wife. She is a well-known actor in the cast of The Lobster and has a limited number of films to her credit. Kill Your Neighbors and Superheroes: The First Avenger are two among the titles, though.

Trainer Waiter

Trainer Waiter is portrayed by Keith Bridge from Of the Office, Ewen MacIntos. He is respected as an English comic, writer, & actor.

The Lobster’s World and its Rules

  • By a specific age, everyone should have found their life companion.
  • The newlyweds inhabit the city, representing the vibrant society, and live “regular” lives.
  • Characteristics shared by both partners are required. The similarity may be as absurd as nosebleeds. This demonstrates how friendships can be flimsy to blend in with society.
  • Everyone is isolated in a hotel for 45 days to locate a companion
  • The newlyweds must spend two weeks sharing a room and the next two weeks having the yacht to themselves as evidence of their love.
  • A child is also given to a couple who frequently fights to stop the fights.
  • If singles cannot find a companion, they are transformed into the chosen animal and released.
  • The movie also reveals that most creatures in the world used to be people.
  • Masturbation is prohibited in the hotel, but regular lap dancing with the housekeeper is required because this combination will hasten the mating process.
  • By killing a lone, hotel customers can purchase more days.
  • The rebels are the loners. They represent freedom and independence while being the complete opposite.
  • Loners think it’s inappropriate for people to date or forms a relationship. The only way is to be single.

The Lobster Ending Explained

David succumbs to the ego construction of physical likeness after he and the Short cited lady arrive in the metropolis. David uses a meat cleaver to go to the bathroom. He considers whether or not to blind himself while standing in front of the mirror.

The Lobster Ending Explained
the ending of the lobster

The true victory wouldn’t come until David understood that physical resemblance is meaningless. He is not, however, in that notion. David is too preoccupied with starting another pointless relationship to give true romance much thought. The paradox is that he does love her. But she must be blind in real life or appear blind to blend into society.

Does David Make himself go blind?

David understands that fabricating mere facial similarities means nothing, just like he “tried to tell” on John. I think he pulls his act straight and tells the Shortsighted lady that his affection for her is genuine.

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To allow them to coexist in the metropolis, he will also appear to be blind. At least in this manner, one of them would lend the other a helping hand. While some have perceived the ending differently, he may have become blind. For that reason, the screen went blank just before the credits appeared.

The Lobster Ending Explained
A still from the movie

And we heard the sea’s noise before the music began to play?  It may indicate that David and his companion finally took their European holiday. The alternative explanation is that he was unable to. Self-blindness is an extremely heinous act.

Cutting out your eyeballs is slightly more excessive than bashing your nose against something. Such ideas began to take root in David’s mind, and he ultimately decided against doing it. He sped off.

The third and most likely explanation is that he pretended to be blind. Though he made the decision not to, he still desired her company. He, therefore, chose to go back and remind her that he had done it, even if he hadn’t.

The Lobster Ending Explained
the lobster’s still

If David truly loves her, he won’t need to use such petty arguments to persuade himself of their suitability. Perhaps they’ll discover something in common later in life, but falsehood will suffice for now.

What Does Heartless lady transform into?

The conventional wisdom holds that he transforms the lady into a little rabbit. Remember that the Woman has no feelings and has excelled at hunting Loners. Her greatest fear might come true if they transformed her into a cute little rabbit. Another perspective is that David needs to get rid of the Heartless lady by killing her. She may have been beaten till he gradually and painfully passed away.

The Lobster Ending Explained
The Lobster’s still

What Happened to the Shortsighted lady?

As soon as the Loners’ leader learns of David’s scheme, he immediately blinds the Shortsighted lady to break the bond between them. The Maid is a haven, while the Loner Leader appears dead. Shortsighted Woman informs David that she is now blind, and the two scramble to find something else in connection.

David is portrayed as acting morally by leaving the camp after responding to love rather than a concept of resemblance. By eliminating the likeness, the Loner Addresses the challenges she has put an end to the romance. David strikes her once she lets her defenses away and makes her for the dogs to consume.

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