Silo Episode 1 & 2: Release Date, Preview & Where To Watch

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Tim Robbins will play Bernard (Credit: Apple TV+)

Apple TV+’s upcoming sci-fi dystopic series “Silo” is dropping on the popular streaming service this weekend. As it expands its streaming offers, Apple is making a name for itself in futuristic and science-fiction productions. With captivating hooks and intriguing plots, shows like “Silo”, “For All Mankind”, “Foundation”, and “Severance” lure viewers deeper into the streaming world.

Director Morten Tyldum and writer Graham Yost were tasked to adapt the Hugh Howney 2011 book series into the debut season of this show, which will tell us how the last people remaining on earth after an apocalyptic series of events wound up living underground in a silo while having to experience and endure the authoritarian rule of those in charge. We’ll tell you what you need to know and do ahead of the premiere while also sharing some extra production details that will make you want to tune in to watch it.

There’ll be riots from the people living in the Silo, but why? (Credit: Apple TV+)

What To Expect From Silo?

Silo takes us to a toxic dystopic world where people are living stacked up together in a ginormous silo hidden deep under the earth. We’ll learn what made this community take refuge underground and how they live inside that huge tank as we get familiar with the draconian set of laws put in place to allegedly keep order within that reclusive space. As it turns out, those sets of rules might not be so convenient for the greater good as much as for those enforcing them, so some tension will ensue. 

Silo promises to be another interesting science-fiction series making its way to Apple TV+ for viewers of this genre to enjoy, developed by Graham Yost, —who’s credited with developing films like Broken Arrow, Speed and Hard Rain— and Morten Tyldum, who directed “Headhunters”.

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Silo Cast

In the lead role of Allison, we have Rashida Jones (Parks & Recreation, Boston Public). Golden Globe Award-nominee David Oyelowo plays Holston. Academy Award-winner Tim Robbins plays Bernard; rapper Common plays Sims. Iain Glen (Game of Thrones) plays Pete, Avi Nash (The Walking Dead) plays Lukas, Will Merrick (Skins) plays Danny and Rebecca Ferguson (Drowning Ghost) plays Juliette.

Rebecca Ferguson in the role of Juliette in Silo (Credit: Apple TV+)

Silo Was Supposed To Be A Ridley Scott Movie

Yost and Tyldum wound up doing this show after the initial concept (a movie titled “Wool”) was discarded during preproduction after 20th Century Fox tried to get Steve Zaillian and Ridley Scott in the project back in 2012. As years went by, it turned out that the project ended up on AMC’s desk only to wind up in Apple TV+’s backyard, who happily picked up for further development and greenlighted it after putting Yost in charge of the script and Tyldum behind the camera lenses, filmed in Hertfordshire between August 2021 and the late second quarter of 2022, the project will make its way to Apple TV+ subscribers this weekend. 

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Silo Episode 1 & 2 Release Date

Silo’s first two episodes will release on Apple TV+ on Friday 5 May 2023 at 00:00 hrs Pacific Time, United States. Episode one’s title is “Freedom Day” and the second episode’s title is titled “Holston’s Pick”. After that, a weekly episode will land on the platform until the series’s final episode, titled “Outside”, scheduled for June 30, 2023. In this list you’ll find the release times for other regions:

  • Mountain Time: May 5, 2023, at 01:00 hrs
  • Central Time: May 5, 2023, at 02:00 hrs
  • Eastern Time: May 5, 2023, at 03:00 hrs
  • United Kingdom Time: May 5, 2023, at 08:00 hrs
  • Philippines Standard Time: May 5, 2023, at 15:00 hrs
  • Japan Standard Time: May 5, 2023, at 16:00 hrs
  • Korea Standard Time: May 5, 2023, at 16:00 hrs
  • Singapore Standard Time: May 5, 2023, at 15:00 hrs
  • India Standard Time: May 5, 2023, at 12:30 hrs
  • New Zealand Standard Time: May 5, 2023, at 20:00 hrs
  • European Central Time: May 5, 2023, at 09:00 hrs
  • Australian Eastern Standard Time: May 5, 2023, at 19:00 hrs
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Silo Trailer

Silo Episode Guide

  • Episode 1: “Freedom Day” 5 May 2023
  • Episode 2: “Holston’s Pick” 5 May 2023
  • Episode 3: “Machines” 12 May 2023
  • Episode 4: “Truth” 19 May 2023
  • Episode 5: “The Janitor’s Boy” 26 May 2023
  • Episode 6: “The Relic” 2 June 2023
  • Episode 7: “The Flamekeepers” 9 June 2023
  • Episode 8: “Hanna” 16 June 2023
  • Episode 9: “The Getaway” 23 June 2023
  • Episode 10: “Outside” 30 June 2023

Where To Watch Silo?

Silo is an Apple TV+ original production and will stream exclusively on that platform. Apple TV+ is available worldwide and its basic $6,99 monthly subscription to the platform will grant you access to this and many other series like Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, and many others from any device. 

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