My Only 12% Episode 12: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

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My Only 12% tell the life of a young gay man. It’s a Thai film. The play revolves around literature. The words of drama are not written into the show’s screenplay. Thailand accounts for only 12%. The plot centers primarily around two gay males named Cake and Sew. Cake and Seeiw have quite different personalities, but that doesn’t matter when it comes to being in love. Drama is full of emotions and love that will captivate you. Watch it on IQiyi Play for family drama and romance.

Thai and other regional fans are captivated by their screens as they watch the romantic love story of two gay couples. The best aspect is that they are looking forward to the following episodes. If you are one of those people who enjoys watching romantic comedies that make you feel a little sentimental yet want to watch more, My Only 12% is the perfect fit for you. It is available to audiences and fans on the Amazon platform. What exactly are you waiting for? Purchase an Amazon subscription as a gift to yourself!

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What Is My Only 12% All About?

Santa Pongsapak Oudompoch and Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote, who play the major characters in the romantic drama Cake and View, respectively, fall in love with one another despite having quite different personalities. In this chapter of the novel, Cake deals with several family issues, including his mother’s cancer diagnosis and his strained relationship with his father.

everything you need to know about the series
A Still From The Series

Essentially, he has resentment toward his father and wishes to distance himself from him. As cake struggles with his personal life of family trouble, Seeiw is always there to assist him with his efforts and love. After a while, Cake recognized that Seeiw meant more to him than that, and it was at that point that Cake fell in love with Seeiw. This beautiful gay love story about two lads is so clean and lovely to see that you can’t take your gaze away from their on-screen chemistry.

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What Has Happened Thus Far In The Series?

So far, My 12% tells the story of a gay couple in love who is doing all possible to make their relationship work. Cake had to relocate for education, which made Seeiw emotional because it was difficult for him to let go. He was afraid Cake might forget about him. They embraced goodbye and went about their business for the remainder of the day.

This separation breaks both of our hearts. He is reminded of the day Cake told him to retain the handkerchief from their school days because it would be there for his tea to wipe, but he won’t be there. Unexpectedly, Seeiw eventually needed to use the handkerchief he had been given with the cake to wipe away his tears as he struggled to let go of Cake.

Recap of the previous episodes
A Still From The Series

The plot has now taken a turn. It centers around Cake and Seeiw, who have been friends since they were young. Cake has undergone significant change since returning from finishing his education in his homeland. He is not who he once was. Even though he doesn’t act as he did previously, something has changed him. In this stage of his life, Seeiw cannot handle his new conduct and personality.

Simply put, there is a significant gap here because they both experienced different upbringings. Eventually, it continues to damage both of their feelings since they cannot communicate well, and understanding continues to develop between them. They have been together for 15 years, and throughout that time, they have also grown apart.

My Only 12% Episode 12: Release Date

The eleventh episode was favorably welcomed by viewers, and fans eagerly anticipated the twelfth! No more holding out! The 12th episode of My Only 12% will release on October 28th, 2022. It will undoubtedly be more exciting than ever!

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Where Can I Find The Thai Drama, My Only 12%?

It will be broadcast on Channel 3 Thailand at midnight EDT. My Only 12% can be viewed at Studio Wabi Sabi. On Bilibili, anyone in the world can see my Only 12%. It is the official streaming partner for this and other popular dramas and anime. Other than these streaming sites and platforms, My Only 12% is not currently available for streaming or viewing.

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