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Chainsaw Man Chapter 118 Full Summary And Raw Scans: Denji Has Not Fallen For Asa Yet!

Chainsaw Man Chapter 118 Full Summary And Raw Scans and Details

Chainsaw Man Chapter 118 is out with a full summary and the raw scans and it has made fans assure that Denji is still the main character of the show. When the War Devil was ready to turn Denji into a weapon, fandom was sure on the internet that this was it for our weirdo.

However, the recent rumors about Denji being a side character were in fact rumors and the latest chapter makes Denji his usual self. The reason why Asa wasn’t able to turn Denji into a weapon was due to the fact of the latter not falling for the former. Asa surely likes Denji enough to make her heart go crazy but we do not know what Denji feels for Asa. 

Thus, Asa has made new plans which interact with the War Devil in which both of them want to make Denji fall for them. While we have to wait for the new chapter of Chainsaw Man to find out what happens next with their date at Denji’s home and what are the family rules Denji will lay on Asa we have the content of the latest chapter of the series. 

So, follow along with this article as we break down the events from the latest chapter of the series and give you a recap with a few colored images from the chapters by the fans on the internet. With that being, here is the full summary of Chainsaw Man Chapter 118.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 118 Full Summary!

Chainsaw Man Chapter 118 continues with Yoru trying to convert Denji into a sword. Yoru has her hand on Denji’s head repeating the words “Denji Spinal Cord Sword”. Denji seems as confused as Yoru because the former not turning into a weapon. Yoru keeps on repeating the words and looks frustrated but Denji does not turn into a weapon.

Denji mistakenly thinks that this is how Asa likes to say goodbye and thus, he also puts his hand on Asa and repeats what she has been saying. After saying the words, Denji part ways with Asa saying that he will see her again. Asa seems relieved and mad at Yoru thanking that he Denji did not turn into a weapon.

However, Yoru is perplexed as to why she could not turn Denji into a weapon. Asa seems to figure that Denji might not like her that way and that is why he wasn’t able to turn. Asa seems pissed off because of the probability that Denji does not like her but felt relieved as well.

Whereas Yoru says that her next plan would be to win Denji’s heart, and then they will be able to turn him into a weapon. Asa asks Yoru about the Famine Devil who trapped them in the aquarium but Yoru does not say much rather than saying they should stay away from her. Yoru goes to sleep right after that while Asa seems to wonder why does Denji still not like her even after all the things that happened.

Denji And Asa’s New Home Date

The next day, Denji comes up with a plan to spend a night watching a movie marathon about Mummy movies at a local theater for only 2000 yen. However, Asa rejects the idea saying that she does not want to go on pricey dates and says the videotapes would be much cheaper. 

Chainsaw Man Chapter 118 Full Summary and raw scans

Since Asa does not have a VCR, she suggests that they should watch the movies at Denji’s place instead. This makes Denji nervous and asks Asa twice about her coming to his home. Asa says that she would not go on a date unless it is at his home. Frustrated Denji says agrees to Asa’s plan but says that the latter will have to follow the home’s rules and she cannot break in any conditions.

Curious Asa asks why does she has to follow the rules and what happens if you break them. Denji says that the worst-case scenario if one breaks the home rules, is that they will end up dead. Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 will be continued with the current events and we will see what are the rules that Denji is talking about and we might also see the Control Devil who is living at Denji’s house as his sister.

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