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What Happens In Secret Wars? What is the Marvel Storyline?

What Happens In Secret Wars?
What Happens In Secret Wars?

With Marvel unveiling what is ahead in Comic Con 2022, many people unfamiliar with the comics are wondering what Secret Wars is. So, we made this post to explain what happens in Secret Wars. With the new Avengers sequels ahead, formerly called “Kang Dynasty” and “Secret Wars” the Marvel Cinematic Universe gets another expansion and thus another level of complexity.

Since Endgame concluded the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the last output has been disconnected from the rest. And fans have felt that the movies and productions have nothing to do with each other. They lack the same continuity as the Marvel Phases one to three. But that will change with these next two movies. So, let’s explore what goes down in Secret Wars.

What Happens In Secret Wars?

There are two comic book series that the plot of the recently announced Avengers: Secret Wars film could be based on. The first, published in 1984, was followed more than 30 years later by a new, even larger iteration. To avoid confusion, this article will refer to the original comics as Secret Wars, while the 2015 version will be referred to as Secret Wars (1984). The new Secret Wars takes place in a universe where Earth-616 and the Ultimate Universe Earth are headed in opposite directions. This “The Incursion” event, in which one of the two Earths must be destroyed to preserve both universes, is causing these two Earths, which contain superheroes and villains from alternate universes, to collide.

What Happens In Secret Wars?

Here’s what Secret Wars is all about!

The problem that first appears in the Secret Wars comics is that too much time has passed since the two Earths first appeared next to one another, and now, because of their proximity, destroying one of the Earths would destroy the other as well. Knowing that destruction is inevitable, Mister Fantastic (real name Reed Richards) builds what would eventually be the next generation of humanity a kind of life raft. Reed Richards, unfortunately, loses every other member of The Fantastic Four due to an accident.

Paradigm Shift

The narrative abruptly shifts its focus to what is now known as Battleworld. In contrast to the 1984 comics, it is revealed that Doctor Doom created Battleworld, assisted by Doctor Strange and Molecule Man (though he is not made publically known). With the aid of the Thor Corps, Doctor Doom is the ruler of this world and all of its inhabitants, including many Marvel characters he had saved while in charge of Battleworld. Alternate universe Thors from the Thor Corps upholds law and order on Battleworld. Another significant point is that Doctor Doom has changed Reed Richards’ family’s memories, so they now believe he has always been their father and husband.

Beyond “The Shield Wall,” which divides Doctor Doom’s land of order from the rest of the planet, three primary enemy factions can be found, making Battleworld very hostile. These groups are the Marvel Zombie Universe zombies. The self-replicating Ultron robot army comes in third, followed by the Annihilation Wave led by Annihilus. So, even though Doctor Doom has created a place for everything left to live, he also has a lot of threats on the planet.

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Same Avengers?

Finding the raft capsule and opening it reveals Peter Parker, Carol Danvers, Jane Foster’s Thor, Star-Lord, Cyclops with the Phoenix Force, Black Panther, and Reed Richards. It turns out that Doctor Strange, who lives in Battleworld as the sheriff, is the same Doctor Strange from Earth-616. Miles Morales from the Ultimate Universe, who stowed away on that universe’s raft, also joins the heroes. Reed Richards, who acted primarily as a villain in the Ultimate Universe, Thanos, and his Cabal were present in the raft (which is composed of Black Swan, Corvus Glaive, Maximus, Proxima Midnight, Namor, and Terrax).

Doctor Strange explains to the heroes that Battleworld was created eight years ago by Doctor Doom, who used multiverse remnants to create the world and altered everyone’s memories to make them think that Battleworld had always existed and that he was God. Additionally, Doctor Strange explains how Battleworld came to be by explaining how Doctor Doom, Molecule Man, and themselves defeated the Beyonders and acquired their powers.

Doctor Doom!

As soon as the Thors sent to open their raft are killed by the Ultimate Universe raft villains, mayhem ensues, and more Thors arrive to seek retribution for the bloodshed. As the fighting intensifies, Doctor Strange is soon called in to resolve the situation. When Reed Richards notices that Doctor Doom is present, he brings the heroes along with him. Cyclops attempts to harm Doctor Doom but is quickly eliminated. When Doctor Strange notices this, he sends the rest of the group to various locations on Battleworld because he knows that Doctor Doom would have killed them otherwise for refusing to submit to him. Doctor Doom responds by killing Doctor Strange for his disobedience.

Molecule Man

Following that, it is revealed that Molecule Man is still alive and that the Beyonders created a copy of him in each reality they created as a self-destruct switch to wipe out all universes when the time came. The trio that eventually defeated the Beyonders used Molecule Man as a conduit for all the power and the other iterations of Molecule Man to destroy the Beyonders.

Jane Foster Rises Again

Unfortunately for Doctor Doom, the existence of the characters aboard the two rafts has begun to sew chaos in every part of the world they were placed in. Soon, all of Doctor Doom’s forces begin to turn on him. Jane Foster quickly convinces the Thor Corps to turn on Doom, and Carol Danvers convinces Mister Sinister to do the same. On top of that, Maximus is leading a rebellion to depose Doom under the guise of “The Prophet.” The fight that breaks out allows both versions of Reed Richards, Black Panther, Namor, and Star-Lord to infiltrate Castle Doom. It’s also important to note that Namor and Black Panther have taken two artifacts from Doctor Strange’s base: the Infinity Gauntlet with all the gems and the Siege Courageous. This device allows anyone to travel anywhere. These two items were left by Doctor Strange intentionally as an opportunity for someone to overthrow Doctor Doom should Strange himself be killed. With the plan in motion, the scene is set for the finale of the Secret Wars comics.

What Happens In Secret Wars?

The Avengers!

The Final Episodes

The final few episodes of Secret Wars feature many events, such as The Thing’s demise, Groot’s resurrection thanks to the World Tree, and Thanos’s execution by Doctor Doom. Black Panther brings the zombie horde with him, controlling them with the Infinity Gauntlet and challenging Doom with Namor. Doom and Black Panther go on to fight while the two Reed Richards find Molecule Man.

Once the two Reeds find Molecule Man, the Ultimate Universe version betrays the Earth-616 Reed. However, Molecule Man soon destroys the Ultimate Universe Reed and transforms him into food to sustain himself. After freeing the remaining Reed, he warns that Doctor Doom will soon be there, as he realizes that Black Panther was just a distraction. Doctor Doom and Reed Richards face off, but now Reed has also been granted power from Molecule Man. Following their fight, the two conclude that Reed would have done a better job reshaping the universe than Doctor Doom. Upon hearing their agreement, Molecule Man concludes that he should prove it, and he sets himself off, unleashing all of his energy and essentially wiping the slate clean of everything.

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