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La Reina del Sur Season 3 Episode 29: Release Date, Preview & How to Watch

La Reina del Sur

Kate del Castillo reprises her role as Teresa Mendoza in Season 3 of La Reina del Sur, which is based on Arturo Perez’s best-selling novel Reverte. The sitcom created quite a sensation when it was originally broadcast on Telemundo in 2011. The network took eight years to create the sequel, which will air in April 2019, and three years to create the third installment.

To pique the interest of devoted viewers, the network also created a new video, which the show’s star shared with her nine million Instagram followers, garnering over 100,000 likes.

In season three of La Reina del Sur, which begins four years after the second season, Teresa is imprisoned in the United States for the killings of three DEA officers. Sofia, her daughter, has had yet another split. She is released in a dramatic jailbreak, resuming her life as a fugitive, and goes on another action-packed adventure to put a stop to her fugitive life and reunite with her daughter.

La Reina del Sur

This season’s third episode has nothing to do with narco-trafficking. It has nothing to do with drug trafficking… So I’m overjoyed because I’ve always believed that Teresa Mendoza is Teresa Mendoza regardless of what she does for a job. Knowing she is a survivor and that, while being a victim, she does not victimize herself, she lives in this man’s world and makes the best of it… She has given birth to a child. “She’s a much more mature woman in this third one,” del Castillo said earlier this month during a virtual press tour.

In 2011, the sitcom’s first season shattered viewing records, with the finale outperforming all television networks, regardless of language. The second installment was the number one show at 10 p.m., regardless of language, and received an International Emmy Award for Best Non-English Language U.S. Primetime Program. From 9 to 11 p.m., Telemundo trails Univision.

La Reina Del Sur Previous Season Precap

Season 1 (2011)

The show is based on Arturo Pérez-literary Reverte’s book of the same name. It shows a Mexican woman’s rise to fame in the worldwide drug trade. Teresa Mendoza starts her journey as a regular young woman in love with a Mexican cartel pilot. 

Teresa flees as her lover is executed, terrified of being executed herself. Her escape leads her to southern Spain, where she attempts to restart her life. However, she is drawn back into the world of narcotics trafficking, and for the second time, she witnesses the death of a loved one.

Teresa decides to take control of her life and start her own business after a string of disappointments. Teresa was able to do so with the assistance of a woman she met in prison who decided to share her fortune with her.

Teresa “La Mexicana” gains control of an intercontinental drug distribution company through deft networking and sound business judgment. Teresa’s great accomplishment, on the other hand, comes at a terrible personal cost, putting her happiness and heart to the test.

La Reina del Sur

Season 2 (2019)

The second season of La Reina del Sur chronicles Teresa Mendoza’s life eight years after the events of the first season. Teresa lives isolated in Tuscany until her daughter is taken, compelling her to return to the underworld and re-enter the drug trade. In order to save her daughter, Teresa must confront old foes as well as a past she has tried to forget.

La Reina Del Sur spoilers: Sneaky Abuela

Cayetana Segovia requires immediate assistance. She petitioned officials for Sofia Dantes’ custody after submitting a mostly fabricated deposition yesterday.

She has another component of her plan to put into action today. If Roco or Paloma Aljarafe phone, she requests that Charo find them. Paloma finally places a distress call on Charo’s shoulder (for reasons that will be disclosed later), so Charo offers to ship her some books to keep her occupied.

La Reina del Sur

Paloma, who has clearly chosen to play the useless and annoying “kid” role because Sofia is too cool for it, discloses their location. Cayetana now has all she needs to initiate a custody case against Teresa.

 La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Episode 29 Release Date

La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Episode 29 will air for the first time on November 30, 2022, at 9:00 PM. Currently, La Reina Del Sur, which airs episodes one after the other, is one of the most popular shows with a romantic theme.

La Reina del Sur

The series’ engaging plot may be regarded as one of the primary reasons for its success, prompting fans to seek out the previously mentioned La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Episode 29.

La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Episode 29 Watch Guide

Season 3 of La Reina del Sur is now available on Netflix! Netflix has a large library of titles available for varying membership fees depending on the plan you select: $9.99 per month for the basic plan, $15.49 per month for the standard plan, and $19.99 per month for the premium plan.

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