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January 26th 2020 - Kobe Bryant has passed away at the age of 41. He was born on August 23rd 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and died on January 26th 2020 in Calabasas, California in a helicopter crash. - File Photo by: zz/KGC-11/STAR MAX/IPx 2018 2/26/18 Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa Laine Bryant with their daughters Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant and Natalia Diamante Bryant at the premiere of "A Wrinkle In Time" in Los Angeles, CA.

Legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa Bryant is a celebrity and notable personality. The tragic and unfortunate death of Kobe, Vanessa, was extremely shattered and disbelief of her husband’s premature death, which happens in a helicopter crash. Kobe left behind four children, and his sudden demise dents the hopes of Vanessa to rebuild the family and look after her children. Well, before the tragic incident happens, both Kobe and Vanessa split separation in 2011 while filed divorce, citing indifference in mind. Later at the time, Vanessa filed the case; Kobe’s personal asset touches $200 million net worth.

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Their parents were against the marriage, citing reasons for the age gap between Kobe and Vanessa. Their wedding and married life did not have a happy ending as both couples decided to end the so-called subdue relationship. But Vanessa waited for six months as in the US; the divorce granted only after ten years of a marriage anniversary. Therefore she waited for hoping their divorce turn into her favor. Hence Vanessa decided to file a case, and two years after, both of them called off their divorce and started rebuilding their relationship again.

Early Life

Vanessa Bryant was born on 5th May 1982 in Los angles. She took her surname like Vanessa Laine after her stepfather name Stephen Laine. Kobe and Vanessa dated each other for quite some time and often spotted in numerous parties or chill out in celebrity get together occasion. Kobe’s parents were not entirely happy to see their son getting engaged to Vanessa as they think Vanessa was elder than Kobe. Hence in spite of the age difference and against parents’ approval, both Kobe and Vanessa get married, and their relationship keeps on growing and often makes celebrity news gossip.

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Both Kobe and Vanessa were closer relationships due to they knew each other courtesy Vanessa debut music video, which brings in both couples together. They were quite ready to continue the relationship. At the time of their wedding, Vanessa was elder than Kobe and was in school. Their marriage happened in 2011. Kobe’s family was not utterly happy for the wedding; still, Kobe and Vanessa went on and married in church. Post-marriage Kobe family did not speak to him, but after the born of the first child, their anger does not last long, and their parents welcome the child, and everything sorted out nicely.

Personal Life

Well, Kobe and Vanessa both reckon to be the wealthiest celebrity at the time of Kobe’s tragic and unexpected death. Kobe signed a contract of $84 million at the time of relationship got in deteriorate stage. Vanessa was keen to marry Kobe, but his parents oppose and did not in favor of their wedding. Hence post-marriage, both couples rejuvenated with the arrival of their first child. Vanessa featured many viral celebrities’ stories and center stage of the limelight with the staggering and whooping bank balance. Her wedding to NBA basketball player Kobe Bryant was an example and proved to be a grand celebrity wedding.

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Vanessa Bryant Net Worth

Since Vanessa was the wife of Kobe, her net worth touches incredible figures estimated at $600 million. Widow of late basketball player Kobe, she was extraordinarily engaged and supported Kobe’s rise and growth as a mature celebrity. She comes from a family that was rich and wealthy status. Kobe’s unfortunate helicopter accidents left a void place for his wife and children. Vanessa’s popularity and fame mostly come from a professional NBA player like Kobe, and their wedding turns out to be a lavish and grand wedding for all attendees.


Vanessa and Kobe’s marriage does have a smooth journey as Kobe’s death dent a big blow to his wife Vanessa, and it will be a daunting and challenging task to console and find a way out to forget Kobe. Celebrity and most iconic basketball players like Kobe demise will make his wife Vanessa a lot to think for and will have to keep the family together for the tough phase of time.

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