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Jeyran Episode 44: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Jeyran episode 44 trailer
Will There Be Jeyran Episode 44?

Jeyran Episode 44’s release date is here. The most recently aired episode, 43, entertained the fans to the maximum but left them with a few new questions, such as what will happen in episode 44 of Jeyran, Jeyran Episode 44’s Release Date, and the streaming guide.

The answers to these questions will be unveiled soon, but a quick refresher on what the show is about is a must, so here it goes. Hassan Fathi, Esmaeil Afifeh, and Ehsan Javanmard wrote the script for Esmaeil Afifeh’s 2022 Iranian medieval romance television series dubbed Jeyran.

The television show made its premiere on Filimo. The show called Jeyran features Parinaz Izadyar & Bahram Radan and details Naser al-Din Shah Qajar’s romantic life. Series Jeyran, one of Hassan Fathi’s best plays from the year 1399, includes Bahram Radan, Merila Zare’i, Rana Azadivar, Parinaz Izadyar, and Amir Jafari.

The piece’s central character is “Jeyran,” one of Nasser al-Din Shah’s maids of honor, with whom the monarch develops a complicated romantic relationship. To find out Jeyran’s episode schedule, continue reading.

Jeyran season 1: A Brief Recap

Jeyran’s passion for Siavash led Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, the designated Persia’s king at the time, to be infatuated with her in late 1852. Because the young Naser Al-din Shah executed his favorite party leader Amirkabir, a lot changed, affecting the nation as a whole, the courts, his spouses, the administration, and the government.

Jeyran episode 44 trailer


The child of Muhammad Ali Najjar, Khadijeh, is simultaneously madly in love with a young man in Kuhsar, Tajrish, by the nickname of Siyavash. Mahd ‘Olia worries about the emperor’s unhappiness and searches for a remedy to lift his spirits.

Due to Siavash’s lengthy journey to Panj Sang, the king sends some men to Mohammad Ali Najar’s residence in Kuhsar. The king sends envoys to Kuhsar, who provide gifts. The king’s intention to wed Mohammad Ali Najar’s daughter was made known to the community.

The neighborhood is overjoyed and brings drums to Mohammad Ali’s order to applaud him. However, Jeyran is alarmed. While journeying from Panj Sang, we see that Siyavash stays at a hotel. In the interval, the wagon that was taking Georgian Sara toward Tehran arrives.

Jeyran episode 44 trailer

Jeyran with Nasser.

A gang of thieves enters the inn late at night. Jeyran is anxious. She wants to stay away from the court but can’t say no to the king’s offer. When Jeyran is taken to visit the king, the monarch sends her away until she dons a red scarf in Safe-Salam again for the king’s pleasure since he does not want a dejected Jeyran.

When Siyavash arrives over, Jeyran has already left. The royal palace is where. Salman is after Siyavash now that he knows about him. After Salman extends an invitation for him to rejoin the sentinels, Siyavash storms back to Kouhsar; incensed at how he has been handled, he is advised to return to the fortress in Kouhsar by Nane Ashoub.

To strengthen his status, the prime minister is thinking about wedding his son to the princess. Siyavash returns to the sentries. He will accompany the king on a hunting expedition. Jeyran becomes suspicious when he hears about this and wonders whether he’s plotting anything.

Jeyran episode 44 trailer

Nasser and Jeyran.

After having her way, Jeyran joins the king’s shooting expedition even though she has no intention of going hunting. Abbas Mirza dreams of ruling the nation one day. Also included are Khajeh Rowshan’s name and mission.

Mirza Agha and Mahd Olya talk about the royal nuptials. The princess rejects her mom’s invitation since she is still mourning for Amir Kabir. We see that  Taji proposes that the princess approach Jeyran to convince the king to turn down the proposal from Mirza Agha Khan.

Nevertheless, thwarting Mahd Olya’s plans is never simple. The princess finds it challenging to consent to attend the proposals party. She incorporates Jeyran in her fury, and Mahd Olya doesn’t challenge her disobedience.

Jeyran episode 44 trailer


Even as the monarch strives to address the issue of women in the Harem, Naneh Ashoub divulges certain secrets to Siyavash. Taji must carry out the prime minister’s plan to convince the princess. But what will Taji want to come back?

The big day finally comes. On this day, the governor will reveal his selection process for the heir to the throne. Unwanted visitors At the princess’ marriage, Khadijeh Chahrighi, and her child Abbas Mirza caused a stir. The king is upset by this presumption.

Jeyran welcomes Khadijeh even though he is unfamiliar with the intricate details of the court’s schemes. Mahd Olia notices that the king is angry with Jeyran and takes the chance to send Georgian Sarah on a hunting trip with the monarch. Now that Sara has asked Roshan for the Eunuch, Jeyran must decide.

Jeyran episode 44 trailer

Jeyran’s main cast.

Jeyran departs from Siavash and continues his hunting expedition. During the evening, Sarah from Georgia is sent to the emperor’s camp. Roshan, the widower, has the perfect opportunity to carry out his plan.

Jeyran Episode 44 Release Date

Jeyran Episode 44’s release date is January 27, 2023. The episode will air around 12.30 am EST. Jeyran Episode 44 will air on Filimo. Audiences outside of Iran should wait until the program is as soon as possible made available on a streaming service.

Jeyran Episode 44: Where to Watch

Jeyran episode 44 will premiere on Friday at about 12:30 a.m. EST. The said episode would come out via Filimo. So be sure to tune in to the new episode when it comes out on the streaming service at the time, location, and date specified above.

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