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Tokyo Treat Review: Price, Packaging and Snacks

Who doesn’t like snacks if you are an anime fan like us, I bet you must know everything about the Tokyo Treats. These are a bunch of treats and snacks that are delivered to your doorstep. These are subscription-based product and includes candies and savory snacks from Japan. So, what is so exciting about these Tokyo Treats we can also buy snacks from our local grocery stores, right?

The “thing” that makes Tokyo Treats most special is the fact that they are delivered to your homes monthly and are based on a theme. They represent either a season or a huge holiday event that takes place in Japan. Each box will give you a reason to open, a theme to work upon, and an understanding of Japanese culture; what is better than gaining knowledge along with a bunch of snacks, right?

Well, coming back to the Tokyo Treats review, these are some perfectly wrapped up boxes for yourself, if you feel nostalgic about the place or you’re just someone who fantasizes about living in Japan in general. If you have grown up watching anime shows like me from Japan, these boxes are a perfect little treat for you to remind you of your roots even if you have never been to the country in real.

Also, if you know someone who loves the country as much as we do, Tokyo Treat boxes can be a perfect gift as well. Now, if you want to buy the Tokyo Treats, here is a full analysis of the cost and things you will get inside the box with every treat.

Tokyo Treat Review: Price, Packaging and Snacks

Tokyo Treat Box Halloween Themed

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Tokyo Treat Price

Tokyo Treats are divided into two parts, you can either buy Tokyo Treat Premium or the Tokyo Treats Classic. The prices also vary according to the months of subscription that you buy the boxes for. Here is what you will get with Tokyo Treats Premium Subscription.

Premium Tokyo Treats Subscription (17 full-sized Japanese Treats and One Drink)

1. 12-Month Subscription – 31.50 Dollars per box
2. 6-Month Subscription – 32 Dollars per box
3. 3-Month Subscription- 33.50 Dollars per box

Classic Tokyo Treats Subscription (12 Full Sized Japanese Drinks)
1. 12-Month Subscription- 22.50 Dollars Per Box
2. 6-Month Subscription- 23 Dollars Per Box
3. 3-Month Subscription – 24.50 Dollars Per Box

Tokyo Treat Review: Price, Packaging and Snacks

Fans who want to try the box but think that a subscription plan would be a bit too much can always try one box at a time of these Japanese Treats. An individual classic box of Tokyo Treats costs 25 dollars, whereas a Premium Tokyo Treats Box will cost 35 dollars. Also, you guys should keep in mind that there will be shipping charges included as well with every delivery. They cost 10 dollars each.

Packaging and Snacks

Coming to the packaging of these products, they have literally taken care of everything with their snacks. The cartons are specialized every month in order to match the theme. If you are hoping to sign up now, the next box of Tokyo Treats for October will be based on the Spooky Season and Halloween.

The entire branding has been graphically designed and curated for each box of the month. The package also comes along with a handy booklet. It includes a lot of information about the snacks that you are eating along with a tourist guide to Japan. There is also a memo for making your own snacks in the booklet at home.

Coming right to the snacks that are packed in these Tokyo Treats, buyers can expect some of the very famous KitKat from Japan. There will be unique flavor combinations every time you buy the box. Sometimes you might get wafers, and sometimes it also has cheesecake which can be baked in the oven easily and enjoyed. Other Japanese candies and snack brands such as Pocky, Calbee as well as Lottie, and Hello Panda are also included in the box.

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