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Parallel Paradise Chapter 214: Release Date, Spoilers & How to Read

Parallel Paradise Chapter 214

Lynn Okamoto is the author and illustrator of the continuing seinen manga series Parallel Paradise, also known as Parareru Paradaisu. It was published in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine on March 18, 2017. On August 14, 2019, Seven Seas Entertainment made a license announcement for the manga’s North American publication. On March 31, 2020, the debut book was published.

The manga fan of Parallel Paradise wants to know what will happen to Lumi and Youta. The previous chapter left everyone on a cliffhanger. Will the women be able to live or not? Fans are left with so many questions. Here is everything we know so far regarding the Parallel Paradise Chapter 214 release date, plot synopsis, and the reading guide.

Parallel Paradise Chapter 214

Lumi from Parallel Paradise manga

What Is Parallel Paradise About?

Youta notices a weird person entering the school one day when she is there. He is suddenly confronted by this monster, which causes him to drop from the third story. But he comes to a stop in a weird place where dragon-like creatures are real!

Could this be paradise if Youta met a young knight and learned that he was the only man living on that planet and that the people there were incredibly “vulnerable” to his existence? A puzzled student from Earth has just been called by a land of warriors and magic where ladies rule! A terrible beast lures Youta Tada, a teenage martial artist who appears to be normal, into another dimension, upending his existence.

He is astonished to discover that he has arrived in a world with dragons, castles, and colorful moons in the sky, where the only people he encounters are females. Youta has been the first male in this world for generations, and his touch can arouse strong desires in the women around him. Youta is ready to begin his biggest fantasy journey after being led into this weird new region by a stunning warrior!

Parallel Paradise Chapter 214

Youta from Parallel Paradise manga

Parallel Paradise Chapter 214 Release Date And Reading Guide

The previous chapter, “Deep Current Pleasure,” was released on January 10, 2023. The title of chapter 214 is not yet known. Parallel Paradise Chapter 214 is said to be on 17th January 2022. You can read the chapter of the manga on Novelcool, Readm, and Mangakakalot.

Parallel Paradise Chapter 213 Quick Recap

After being trapped by Yaruya, Lumi and Youta try to escape the limestone cave. They both were stripped naked, and later Yaruya appeared. Sonya told them about her psychic powers to read someone’s mind. She tells Youta even after being trapped here, all Lumi can think about is getting intimate with him.

Lumi tells Yaruya to shut up and that what she is saying is not true. Youta asks her if this is only her psychic ability. To this Yaruya tells him that you don’t know the nightmare a pet faces when they lose their sense of reasoning. On hearing that, Youta realizes how much hard time he has given to Lumi.

He realized that he had mated with many women while Lumi was standing in front of him. Even she was thrown out in the hallway while he was mating with one of the women. Still, she didn’t hate him as he was the only man in the world.

Parallel Paradise Chapter 214

A preview from the manga Parallel Paradise

He realizes Lumi’s true feelings, and this might affect they are together. There is no way he can escape his fate and the cave he is being entrapped. Lumi confesses her love for Youta and expresses her feelings to mate with him. She tells him to use her recklessly and to her full potential.

Just then, a human sacrifice came in for Yaruya, and she told Lumi that if she climaxed that she would kill that woman. The life of the woman depends on the balance of the pleasure of Lumi. Youta asks Lumi to regain her senses if they want that woman to be saved.

Parallel Paradise Chapter 214 Plot Synopsis

We all know that Lumi and Youta were fighting against Yaruya. But somehow, they were unable to escape Yaruya’s trap, and they had to give in to her powers. As of now, there is not much information available regarding the plot or spoilers of the manga Parallel Paradise Chapter 214.

But do not worry. The moment we get some information, we will be the first to update you guys. 

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