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MasterChef Canada Season 7: Everything To Know

There’s only one show that can induce hunger, laughter, and drama all at once, MasterChef. The Canadian one is hitting their seventh season and is going to be reaching us very soon. This time the culinary show is going to be a little different, and from the looks of it, it’s going to be the toughest and most interesting season yet.

The seventh season is also going to be called Masterchef Canada: Back To Win. Just from this title, you can guess what the change is, the participants are all going to be former Masterchef competitors. This is going to be their second chance at the coveted title, a redemption tale of sorts.

Masterchef Canada 1

The three-star judges will be back again for this season.

Before we jump right into details of the seventh season, let’s learn more about his show.

MasterChef Canada

This is a competitive cooking reality show where home cooks from all over the country take part to win some very life-changing awards. Masterchef to this day stands at the top of best cooking shows. The franchise has been going on all around the world for a long time.

The first season aired back in January of 2014. We have three-star chefs as the judges, Claudio Aprile, Micheal Bonacini, and Alvin Leung.

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The main format of the franchise is very much similar to all of its different versions. For a place in this huge competition, you have to impress the judges with your signature dish right from the start.

Masterchef Canada 2

They won’t go easy on you just because it is the audition, this is Masterchef, and the stakes are always high here. A ton of home cooks audition and only a select few are given the apron, which signals that they have been selected to participate for the title. The apron is given right then and there at the place of the audition.

Ever since season 4, there was a slight change in a format where first you had to get 2 yeses from the judges to pass, now it’s just a matter of all of them liking the dish or not. In some rare cases, rejected participants are given a second chance.

After the home cooks for the season are selected, we begin with the main part of the show. Each episode would have the cooks completing different challenges, and the ones who fail the worst will be put to a Pressure Test or an Elimination test. Do bad in these, and you are sent straight home.


Let’s run through some of the challenges that we get to see on the show.

Skill Test: On this one, the competitors have to sit through a masterclass from a judge. The class may be on anything related to cooking, but the catch is the cooks have to pay attention and replicate the same thing in the test that follows.

The cooks that put out the best replica of the judges showing is safe from elimination. They can take up a place on the balcony and watch the next set of trials without any sense of danger. The one who does best is also sometimes given some extra benefits.

Elimination Test: The one’s who do the worst in the Skill Test go straight to the Elimination Test. They have to come up with the best dish they have ever made and present it to the judges. They’ll judge it from every angle possible, and the worst one, unfortunately, will be heading back home.

Mystery Box: This is one of the most iconic challenges from the show, it is also the most popular one. We get to see a lot of fun interactions and moments during these challenges. It is in these a star guest judge may pop up.

For the Mystery Box, all cooks will be given the same ingredient. This item has to be the star of the dish, with help from some other items under the table which are the same for everyone, they have to make a chef that is worthy of the title of Masterchef.

This challenge comes with a ton of benefits. The winner gets immunity, here or she can save herself from any future elimination. That’s not all there may be other perks like saving another cook, control over the elimination test, and many more.

The Mystery Box is solely to select the best dish, and only the best three will be selected even to judge. So there’s no issue of getting sent home in the challenge, making it the favorite for fans and cooks.

Team Challenge: Now, this is the more hectic and fun challenge in the show. Here we won’t be seeing any fun moments, we’ll get to witness a lot of stuff going wrong. This is the part of the show where disagreements, drama, fights, and more kick in.

The cooks are divided into two teams, red and blue. They’ll have to cook for a huge event like a wedding, a birthday party, a sendoff, and so on. They may also be given the charge of a very famous restaurant for the day.

In this challenge, the customers or the people who are attending the event will be the judges. They will get to eat the dishes made by both the teams, and from that, they will vote. The team which loses will go back to the Masterchef kitchen to face the dreaded Pressure Test.

Pressure Test: This is the most feared test in the show as it is the hardest. The cooks are put through the toughest cooking challenges in their life. They will be asked to produce a Michelin starred dish, sometimes not one but maybe even three.

Masterchef Canada 3

A guest judge may also be there to judge, and they will be making his or her signature dish. Cooking a Michelin starred dish is hard on its own, but with a time limit and with no prior knowledge of the dish seems impossible. This is the challenge where we see a lot of cooks crack under pressure, aptly named the Pressure Test.

The cooks that produce the best dish are awarded safety on the balcony, and the ones who failed to do so are sent back home.

Season 7

Masterchef Canada Season 7 will be released on February 14th, 2021. We’ll get to see a lot of fan-favorite faces again. All of them being former competitors makes them very experienced and used to the format of the show.

That means the judges will have to increase the stakes of the show. This is why they have already stated that this will be the hardest season for the cooks, which would make it the most interesting one for fans. Tune in on February 14th to see your favorite home cooks back in action.

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