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Preview And Recap: Street Outlaws Season 17 Episode 6

Preview And Recap : Street Outlaws Season 17, Episode 6

Let’s get in with our racing gear on for another episode of Street Outlaws. Last week’s episode was titled “New King Crowned”. We saw Monza opening up a challenge. He decided to go head to head with Ryan Martin for the number 1 spot in the top 10 list of Street Outlaws. Well, the stakes were definitely higher as Ryan was having troubles. But he decided not to go down without putting up a real good fight. At the end of the day, we saw a new king being crowned. We also saw an altercation between Big Chief and Murder Nova. And then watching Daddy Dave call out at No.3 only to back out from the race. Now, that’s a lot to look out for. So anyway, in case you may have missed out on last week’s episode, here we are covering what exactly went down between our top class racers. Who became the new king? What was the altercation about? Everything.

Street Outlaws, the American reality show coming from Discovery, features the Okalohama city’s top-class street racers who compete for the city’s infamous top 10 racers. The list has provided some of the fastest racers in history. The show is currently on its seventeenth consecutive season, covering up to five episodes so far. As the sixth episode of Season 17 is on its way, let’s take a look at everything that happened last week and what we can expect for the next episode.

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Previously On Street Outlaws

So, in the last week’s episode, we saw Daddy Dave decided to rekindle some friendship with his last year’s competition Ryan. He is currently the number 1 racer in the show. They both had a heated battle last year, leading to Ryan’s win. Now, that the race was over, Daddy Dave decided to keep everything in the past and called him over to have a second opinion on his car. Last Race, Dave lost to Monza in the race, dropping his rank to No. 3. So, Dave and Ryan decided to figure what is wrong with Dave’s car. They both settle in to bring in some brackets for the front of the car that would lower the bar.

Preview And Recap : Street Outlaws Season 17, Episode 6

On the other hand, last week’s winner, Monza, as of now on rank 2, has challenged Ryan for the number one spot and is preparing his car to get into the race. They try to fix the car’s problem with smoking a lot whenever they start it. They figure out the cost that oil would need and adding in some turbos to fix it before the big race comes in.

Big Chief decides to give a pep talk to his friend Murder Nova who as of now is bottom of the list of the top racers. Big Chief tries to help his friend and figure out what is wrong with his friend’s car. Next, we come to Farmtruck and AZN’s garage, where they read some letters showered on their cars directed to them. Some with love for them and one with a new challenge.

So the duo of Farmtruck and AZN decided to answer this challenge and meet this guy with BMW. The guys out some money and bet on for a race challenge. The race begins with whole new excitement. At the end of the day, Farmtrcuk and AZN leave with a victory in their hands. Back to another side, we see Murder Nova with the help of Lutz, solve the chassis issue with his whole car.

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The Race Night

Back on the road. Monza has been rising up for the ranks for the past few weeks. For the very first time, he will be challenging for the number 1 spot in the last five seasons. The driver’s meeting begins with all the call-outs ranking in. So, the first one in for race is Chuck going up against the Dominator. Both Dominator and Chuck decide if either of them wins, they will call-out Dave, with which Dave doesn’t seem to be comfortable.

The race begins bumpy for Dominator, and Chuck takes advantage out of it to fire it away and win the whole thing. Although Dave is still not agreeing to bring his car to race, Chuck still goes ahead and officially calls him out for the number 2 spot. The next race is between Murder Nova and Boosted. Murder Nova is back with a lot of work on his car but will it pay off needs to be seen. The race began with Murder Nova hitting up some hard spots to lose up the race again. Next, we see a neck to neck competition between Doc and Jeff Lutz, with Doc winning by 2 seconds.

On the other hand, Dave is still trying to convince Chuck why he can’t race him tonight. He promises that once his car is fixed, he will bring the race he needs, and both decide to keep it on hold. Next, we see Big Chief vs. Dominator. Big Chief comes out singing his way into the win inside the top 5 spots now. Next, Lutz vs. Boosted, with Lutz taking a squeaky clean win.

Now the main even, no.1 racer right now Ryan going head-on with the rising challenger Monzo. Although Ryan has got a mess with his car, he is not giving up easily. For Monza, it’s one of a big shot for the first time in a while that will give him the top spot since the last five seasons. Although Ryan puts up a good fight, he accidentally goes inside Monzo’s lane. So, even though he touched the finish line first, Monza, by default picks up the win to become the new king.

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What To Expect From Street Laws – Season 17, Episode 6

Next week, Street Laws- Season 17, Episode 6, which will now be releasing on 16 February, has teased a lot of things. They are at a new location with a new course that freaks Ryan out. Some new racers joining the match. A fatal accident has been teased, which is something to look out for. So, kids don’t do this at home, as the series title suggests. Also, looking back at episode 5, we can clearly see what is coming. Of course, Murder Nova has a lot to do with his car. After all the work he put in, the car still managed to put him on the bottom of the top 10 list. It’s been a long time since he has risen up in ranks, and it’s due time he should.

Preview And Recap : Street Outlaws Season 17, Episode 6

On the other hand, Daddy Dave is nowhere ready to give up his no.3 spot. Even if he didn’t bring his broken car to race. But let’s be honest, even Chuck or Chief are holding back. Either one of them will be seen challenging Daddy Dave for the no. 3 spot in the upcoming sixth episode. Who puts up the challenge first, is something to see.

Lastly, the main event where the new king was crowned in the last episode. Monza went on to win the crown in a very unlikely way. Only because Ryan accidentally crossed into Monza’s lane, Ryan didn’t retain despite touching the finish line first. So, Ryan would be coming back head on to face Monza again and take his crown back in the upcoming sixth episode of Street Laws Season 17. Until then, stay tuned to Otakukart for further updates on everything related to Entertainment, Television, Anime, Movies, and Gaming.

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