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Once Upon a Small Town Episode 6 Release Date: What Happened To Ja Young?

Sunset town
Once Upon A Small Town

The story of a small town and its people. Two people with totally different life experiences cross paths and learn more about a new world that they did not know existed. Once Upon a Small Town talks about a story that takes place in a small town. The romance comedy drama was adapted from the web novel called “Accidental Country Diary” created by Park Ha Min. With the help of the director Kwon Seok Jang and writer Baek Eun Kyeong, Kakao TV developed the K-drama on screen.

Through light-hearted comedy and a bit of romance, the drama series was able to portray the message it vowed to convey. This is the story of Han Ji Yul, a veterinarian from Seoul who is brought into the village and meets the police officer Ahn Ja Young. The two of them meet accidentally, and the story unfolds.

Han Ji Yul, who is not so used to village life, and Ahn Ja Young, who lives in the village, are two essential elements that help the series provide two different perspectives. Premiered on 5th September 2022, the K-drama is still holding up the curiosity. What comes next?

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Once Upon a Small Town Trailer

In the Netflix official trailer, Han Ji Yul is described as the “animal-loving vet,” and Officer Ja Young handles police complaints. The trailer introduces the characters to us in the form of interviews, which adds to the light-heartedness of the series. The other character Sang Hyeon is introduced as a passionate farmer who has dedicated his whole life to farming. He works hard at growing crops, especially peaches. When asked about dating, Ja Young admits that she doesn’t have time to date. “I’m not interested,” she confirmed. But will she change her mind later? Only time will tell.

The story shows playfulness, and the village life is beautifully portrayed. In contrast to the local officer Ja Young, some people don’t consider Ji Yul to be serious. Among the subtle signs that Ja Young might like Ji Yul as well, fans are expected to see if she finally admits it. 

Once Upon A Small Town Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 shows many awkward moments between Sang Hyeon and Ja Young after Sang Hyeon confessed to her. But they both conclude that they would rather keep their friendship than let it die away. At that time, Ji Yul passed by them and misunderstood the situation. 

As time goes by, Ji Yul’s stay in the village is cut shorter. They are all painfully aware that soon he will leave the village while Ji Yul keeps taking care of sick animals in his clinic. One such time Sang Heyon comes and informs him that Ja Young fell and hurt herself. On the other hand, Ji Yul argues with Ja Young that she should take care of herself while she informs him that she will do what she wants to. 

episode 5 recap

Once Upon A Small Town Recap

The last episode was a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Ji Yul hears a car screeching on the phone and expects the worst. Moments later, he finds a toppled car with Ja Young inside and tries to open the door. All of his efforts go in vain, and the scene cuts. Hopefully, the next episode will give us more clarity on what happened to Ja Young.

Once Upon A Small Time Episode 6 Release Date 

Once Upon A Small Time Episode 6 will air on 14th September 2022.

How to Watch Once Upon A Small Time Episode 6?

The K-drama series will air on Kakao TV at 9:00 pm Korean Time (KST). If you are watching the series from outside of Korea, you can access it at 5:30 pm IST, 5:00 am PST, 8:00 am EST, 1:00 pm BST, and 9:30 pm AEST on the same day. Other than Kakao TV, it will be available for streaming on Netflix as well. Netflix offers three subscription packages with which you can easily watch this with high quality.

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