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Anime Review – That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 5

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 5
Myulan Activates Anti Magic

The impending war has finally started in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 5 with the Tempest Kingdom under attack. The anime has picked up pace this week, and we already saw the beginning of an attack when Myulan finally revealed her true intentions. It looked like Tempest’s Kingdom is under a full-scale invasion from Falmuth while Rimru is still away. Falmuth prevented anyone inside from contacting the outside world and erected double barriers over Tempest skies.

This means that the Kindom is now under siege, and the spies that have already made their way inside can quickly attack Tempest forces. This episode might be coming to show how powerful the Kingdom of Tempest is and that it is not just flourishing out of the blue. But Rimuru knew that this might happen, which explains why he collected a lot of strong followers at first. Then he founded the Tempest Kingdom to ensure that everyone inside will be protected even if he is away.

Other Kingdoms underestimate the Jura Tempest fighters, and now they have trapped them inside Jura Tempest. They probably intend to kill most of them and take over the Kingdom, but what they do not know is how strong the people they have trapped inside are. The Kijins might be in trouble as Shion started showing some weaknesses when the anti-magic barrier was erected. But knowing her, she will still be fine without any magic. Luckily the tempest kingdom doesn’t heavily rely on magical attacks and has also trained its goblins who do not rely on magic at all.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as Slime Episode 6 will continue with this next week, and you will be able to wat the new episodes online on Crunchyroll.

The Tempest Kingdom Under Attack

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 5

Tempest Kingdom

With the anti-magic barriers, those inside Tempest won’t be able to contact Rimuru. And the forces from the Eurazania kingdom have already hinted to them on the upcoming war. They say the war is against demon lord Milim, but for now, the attacking forces are from the Kingdom of Falmouth. With Rimuru away and unreachable at the moment, he is not aware of the war that has just started. This means that the invading forces will be able to fight for a while without Rimuru’s intervention.

This is another way they could show just how strong they are. All the fighters inside Tempest are strong, and if they can thwart this attack without Rimuru’s intervention, it will send a strong message out there. Things are likely to turn out this way in the end, and the outcome is likely that the invading forces will be annihilated.

It’s just a matter of time before Rimuru hears about the ongoing war and since Eurazania claims that the action is against Milim. It is likely a misunderstanding since Milim is a good friend of Rimuru. It could probably be that Milim might not be on good terms with Eurazania and might be joining the war to help instead. But for now, Fulmuth is facilitating the attack in Tempest and it is just a matter of time till we see the Tempest forces retaliating.

Gobta is already involved in a fight, and it is here that we will get to see the improvements he has made from his training. Some of the invading forces seem to hold animosity towards Fulmuth leaders and they obey them because they are afraid of them.

A Good Opportunity for Tempest

This means that this invasion is a good opportunity for Tempest to get more followers. After the fight, the Tempest kingdom will understand that most of these people were forced and they fear the higher-ups, and then Rimuru will liberate and recruit them. Myulan has already erected an anti-magic barrier and thinks that she is doing it to save Youm. She thinks that if she doesn’t comply, Clayman will kill everyone in Tempest, including Youm.

But Myulan doesn’t know that Youm and the rest of Tempest forces are strong. So now Youm will have to save her and then she will join Tempest kingdom in the end. The anime has entered an interesting part, and the war will reach full scale next as all preparations are complete. We haven’t seen Rimuru in a while, and he is likely to make an appearance at the very last moment. Now what we cant wait to see is how Tempest will reply. The anime is still in its early development, so this fight might not span for many episodes.

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