The Good Son Filming Locations: Where Was The Drama Movie Filmed?

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The Good Son
The Good Son (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

Have you just finished watching The Good Son and are now curious about the The Good Son Filming Locations? Twelve-year-old Mark, still grieving over the loss of his mother, is left in the Maine care of his aunt Susan while his father travels to Japan for business. Despite their extended separation, Henry Connie and Mark rapidly become close.

Mark Evans is struggling with the recent death of his mother, Janice. Mark’s father leaves for a business trip to Japan and leaves Mark in Susan’s care, an aunt he hasn’t seen in more than ten years. Despite their years of estrangement, Mark quickly develops a close relationship with his cousins Henry and Connie. The plot develops when Mark encounters a circumstance in which he speaks the truth but finds it difficult to persuade others of its veracity—a condition many of us can relate to.

This reflects the difficulties Mark faces in “The Good Son,” where he struggles with being neglected and not believed, much like circumstances some of us may have experienced.

Henry and Mark initially seem to have a close relationship. Mark honestly thinks Henry is a good-mannered young man. But the truth is completely different. Henry has a terrible fixation with death severely unnerves him, which Mark is unaware of.

Mark tries to explain this disturbing revelation to Aunt Susan and his grief counselor to gain sympathy and support. Unfortunately, instead of taking his worries seriously, they disregard them and assume that Mark is the one who is experiencing psychiatric difficulties.

Henry has a history of doing a lot of damage, and now he’s planning something even more evil: he wants to hurt Connie, his sister. Nobody listens to Mark despite his urgent and earnest warnings.

One night, out of concern for Connie’s safety, Mark decides to take matters into his own hands and spend the night next to her to protect her from any potential harm. However, when he awakens, he discovers that Henry has taken Connie away for an ice skating adventure.

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The Good Son Filming Locations

Principal filming for “The Good Son” began on November 19, 1992, and was completed on March 25, 1993. Several states, including Minnesota, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Maine, and Nevada, were used for the filming sites.

A notable scene involves a suspenseful chase between Henry and Mark and a frightening dog at Bridgewater St. Annisquam. On Massachusetts’s Bridgewater Street, above the cove known as Lobster Cove, is the St. Annisquam bridge.

Henry’s very troubled personality is on display in this scenario. He cruelly pushes a dummy off a roadway because he wants to feel what killing someone is like. This careless action triggers a terrible series of crashes and pileups. Sadly, Henry had a history of wreaking serious havoc, so this incident wasn’t unique.

The Good Son
The Good Son (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

This particular experience was a turning point for Mark. It helped to clarify how great Henry’s potential for harm truly was. Mark decided to tell Aunt Susan the whole truth about Henry. He appears to be the “good son” out of a desire to protect his family. The tense highway scenario was photographed at the Arboretum Dr. flyover on McIntyre Road.

Mark quickly assumes a protective role when he finds out about Henry’s evil plans for Connie. On one particular night, he takes tremendous measures to protect Connie, even spending the night in her room to keep watch.

When he finally wakes up, he learns Henry has already abducted Connie and taken her ice skating. The sad collision and subsequent events and the ice skating scenes were filmed on the camera along the lovely Mirror Lake Road.

An iconic locale, Lake Superior, served as the backdrop for The Good Son’s climactic scene. For those who don’t know, Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world and is located in North America.

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