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Skinamarink Ending Explained: What Happened To Kevin?

Ending Explained

Skinamarink’s ending needs explanation, and we are here for the same. The horror film originated in Canada. Kyle Edward Ball has directed the tale. The basic premise of the movie follows two children in the lead. As they wake up sometime in the dark at night, they are unable to find their folks in the house. The most bizarre things start happening around them as they see various things and the architecture of their home disappearing slowly.

The film was super successful among the fans and even performed well financially. It was made on a budget of just 15 thousand dollars but bagged more than 890 thousand dollars at the box office. Filming for the movie took place in Ball’s own home, where he grew up at. It is located in Edmonton in, Canada.

The film starts in 1995 when we see Kevin is hurt. Kaylee, his elder sister, claims that he must be sleepwalking and injured himself during that. Later that night, as the two wake up from their sleep out of nowhere, the duo does not find their father. Along with him, the rest of the objects from their house, such as the doors as well as windows, are disappearing, which is quite weird.

Skinamarink Ending Explained: What Happened to Kevin?

A still of Kevin from Skinamarink.

Kaylee and Kevin then rush downstairs and try to watch cartoons. As they drift off in their sleep, they wake up again and find out that the house is still as dark as it could be. Kevin then asks Kaylee if she knows where their father is right now, but she does not. As they turn their heads, we see a chair hanging on the roof upside down. Kevin feels as if their father went with their mother.

Skinamarink Plot

Later, the bathroom disappears downstairs as well. Thus, the kids go upstairs to use the washroom because Kevin needs it. On their way, Kaylee sees a doll on the ceiling. As for Kevin, he is too scared to go now. Thus, they take two buckets for the downstairs washroom. As Kaylee goes back up, she meets with her father, who asks her to look down at the bed.

As she does, there is nothing beneath it, but as she comes back up, her mother is sitting on the other side of the bed. They exchange a heartfelt moment with each other as her mother advises Kaylee to close her eyes before she vanishes. She also tells her that she loves the kids. Later downstairs, Kevin and her push a couch in the hallway to block the way off.

We see a mysterious voice calling Kaylee, and soon, various objects, such as their toys, start getting suspended in the air against the wall. Kaylee has now lost her eyes and mouth, and Kevin is terrified. Soon, the mysterious boy starts talking to Kevin. With that, various toys that were once hanging off the ceiling started to disappear as well.

The voice now commands Kevin to put a knife through his eyes. Instead, he picks up a phone and calls the police. They assist him and try to send help over. Before Kevin can completely forward the information to the officer, he drops the phone, and the phone disappears and turns into a toy.

Skinamarink Ending Explained

The voice starts to threaten him, saying that Kaylee did not act on the commands, and thus it took away her mouth. But if Kevin wants to avoid the same fate, then he must obey the wishes properly.

Thus, he goes upstairs as asked and finds himself stuck to the ceiling. As soon as he walks into the bedroom, it all becomes a void. There is a pile of toys, and 572 Days is written on the same. The figure, which was sitting on the side of the bed, also starts dissolving into nothingness.

Blood starts spilling on the floor, and Kevin shouts out for his mother but to no avail. The ending of the movie was a bit confusing. We saw a figure appear who asked Kevin to go to sleep. When the kid asks for its name and the figure does not answer at all.

Our best explanation for this is that maybe Kevin died in his sleep and was hallucinating about everything around him. Or maybe he was sleepwalking, as Kaylee mentioned he suffers from, he might have died then through an accident, but this is what he saw in his dream as he passed away.

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