Talent Swallowing Magician Chapter 51 Release Date: Elric Perfect Mirage Eyes

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Talent Swallowing Magician Chapter 51
Talent Swallowing Magician Chapter 51

Talent Swallowing Magician has returned since the manga was on hiatus. In the previous chapter, Elric fought within the army of Demon Wolves and awakened new powers that helped him defeat them. Thus begin the new journey of Elric, who heads to the Magic Tower. Talent Swallowing Magician Chapter 51 reveals the mystery behind Elric and Satan at the Magic Tower.

Satan and Elric have allied since Satan liked what Elric would bring to the table. However, Elric walks with his sister Tesha and old geezer Mephi. The trio had fun teasing each other, but Elric realizes something is wrong after the place becomes quiet. Elric looks back and learns that Mephi and Tesha are missing.

Later Elric arrives in a strange world where he hears the voice of a strange character that might be a Demon King or King of the Dark Realm. On the other side of the magical world, Mephi and Tesha encounter Guy Nerester, the Lord of the Nerester Family. Guy reveals the mystery behind the magical world, and they realize that they must look for Elric and return to the human world since they have a mission to complete.

Elric is also trying to find ways to reach the trio. Elric has now spent three months without his friends. He summoned the eagle and learned something through meditation. Elric heard the voice of a strange guy saying that Elric was a quick learner. The strange guy reveals that he never expected Elric to perfect Mirage Eyes faster than most warriors.


Elric realizes that the strange guy who has become his teacher is too powerful and has overwhelming power. Thus begins Elric’s training, and he fights with the strange guy while being blindfolded. The strange guy is surprised since Elric has improved and has all the tools to defeat anyone, even though he is blindfolded. 

Previously on Talent Swallowing Magician Chapter 50

The strange guy vs. Elric moved from the top of the mountains and went into mid-air. The two are fighting like two lightning bolts that are colliding. The strange guy comments that Elric has fully mastered Preta’s sense well. He adds that Elric has done everything in their strange world, so there is no need to keep Elric. The strange guy also talked about the enlightenment that Elric will gain through real battle.

Elric vs. the strange guy ends in a draw, and Elric is glad that the battle is over. Elric sits on top of the mountain and removes the white veil covering his eyes. Elric realizes that he is fighting two long brown bearded masters. They reminded him when he asked them to train him and that it felt like a moment ago since Elric had mastered everything they had taught him quickly.

They realize that Elric can master things quickly for the sake of his friend. The geezers are also glad that Elric is a disciplined student who always learns and obeys his master. Elric reminds the two geezers that they have tormented him in the name of training, but he is glad he has improved. Elric thanks the old geezer master, and they ask him if he is trying to charm them since he says thank you like a lady. They realize that Elric will leave soon and talks with him about the other side.

Talent Swallowing Magician Chapter 51
Old Geezers Masters

Later Elric is set on a journey at high speed since he has no time to waste. After a few days, Elric saved Mephi and Tesha, but it was not revealed since Elric was seen sitting with Tesha talking about something at the castle in the human world. The mystery behind the magical world will be revealed soon.

Talent Swallowing Magician Chapter 51 Release Date

Talent Swallowing Magician Chapter 51 will be released in season 2 of this manga, and the date is TBA. Thus concludes season 1 of Talent Swallowing Magician. Tesha reveals the carriage she has prepared since Elric has to head North to deal with something. She tells him not to worry since she will handle everything at the Academy after Elric has left. Check out Talent Swallowing Magician Chapter 51.

Read Talent Swallowing Magician Chapter 51 Online – Raw Details

You can read Talent Swallowing Magician Chapter 51 online on the official websites. The warriors in the forest meet with Isabell and wonder why Paul hasn’t been appointed as the Blue Lion. Later Elric has a meeting with Satan and receives a magical silver egg. Let’s meet when season 2 of Talent Swallowing Magician begins.

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