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Midnight Scenes From The Woods Review: A Short Horror Game

Midnight Scenes

Midnight Scenes is a series of short horror games. The first game was released in 2017 and was re-released in 2020. The third game released, which is Midnight Scenes: The Nanny, had an amazing story, and Midnight Scenes: From The Woods is an extension of its predecessor. Midnight Scenes: The Nanny is the first game developed by Octavia Navarro, which has color in it.

The first two games developed by him were black and white. These games give a very retro vibe while having some modern aspects in them. The entire series of Midnight Scenes is single-handedly developed by Octavia Navarro. The Midnight Scenes series might not have the best graphics, but the stories are legit chef’s kiss. 

Credits: Octavia Navarro

Credits: Octavia Navarro

  • Release Date: 9th February 2023
  • Available on: PC

You can purchase Midnight Scenes: From The Woods on Steam. Here are the minimum requirements to run Midnight Scenes: From The Woods smoothly:

  • OS: Windows 8,10 (64-bit operator)
  • Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD CPU
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA or AMD ATI video card with 2GB of VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 300MB available space

As we can see that the specs needed to run the game are not that high-end, but the story of these games is honestly amazing. You can watch the trailer of Midnight Scenes: From The Woods here on Youtube. 

Midnight Scenes From The Woods Storyline

Disclaimer: To understand what is happening in Midnight Scenes: From The Woods, you must understand what took place in Midnight Scenes: The Nanny. So, there are going to be spoilers from both games. In this, we can see that there are two siblings, Oliver and Tina, and their babysitter Veronica. We can see their parents leave for the bay, but they are going to work.

After they leave, Veronica asks the kids what they want to do.  Little Oliver, who is just eight years old, suggests that they can watch TV or they could paint, but his sister Tina dismisses both of the suggestions, calling them dumb. So, Veronica asks Tina what she would want to do, to which she replies that they could go to the forest, which is on the other side of the lake. 

Oliver agrees that it will be fun, and he can even search for his toy truck which he had lost in the forest some time back. Tina asks Oliver to pick up the oars for the boat. While doing this, he gets the oars and a rope. One key thing to mention is that Veronica says that she does not know how to row a boat.

Oliver, Tina and Veronica taking the boat.

Oliver, Tina, and Veronica are taking the boat.

But anyway, the siblings row the boat and get to the other side. Olivers asks permission from Veronica to search for his toy truck, and she tells him that he should not wander off too far. But well, we all know how kids can be, so being a child, Oliver wanders off too deep into the jungle.

He sees Tina asking him to follow him, but the real Tina is with Veronica where. She was telling her how all the creepy incidents that took place in the forest. After some time, they start looking for Oliver, and they see him starting into a painting on the rock. 

When they saw the painting, they started discussing how it was not there initially, and it appeared all of a sudden. Oliver was still staring at it then, and when touched by Veronica, he faints. They bring him back home, and then he wakes up, and they have dinner.

Oliver faints.

Oliver faints.

At night when Oliver is sleeping, his sister comes to his room and tells him that Veronica has left the house and might be with his boyfriend. Tina insists on investigating, while Oliver is very hesitant about doing so.

She asked him to go to their dad’s office and get the binoculars. Oliver is still hesitant but goes to his dad’s office and searches for the binoculars. While searching for the binoculars, he finds a picture of their old nanny, who had only one eye and disappeared all of a sudden.

He finds the binoculars and then starts looking at the woods for Veronica. She is with a torchlight and seems very clueless. Tina suggests that they should go to the forest and check what is going on. Before going, Oliver hands over a walkie-talkie to Tina. 

After they reach the pier, they see that there is a bag floating in the lake. Tina tries getting the bag but asks for something long. So, he cuts off a branch of a tree that had come near their house. Oliver gets the branch to Tina to retrieve the bag, but she falls into the lake. 

She is unable to get out of the lake as something is holding her leg. They freak out, and Oliver goes to get help. But before he does that, he gives Tina a walkie-talkie. Oliver goes to Mrs. Jordan for help, who asks him to look after his son Thomas who needs special help, while she goes and helps Tina.

Oliver and Thomas have a long talk, and after some time, Thomas brings out an Ouija board. Thomas asks him who he wants to get in touch with, and he says that he would like to contact his old nanny. While they were doing this, there were blood drops on the Ouija board. 

Oliver goes upstairs to check what’s going on and sees that Mrs. Jordan is in the bath and she is dead in the bathtub. Oliver freaks out and asks Thomas to call the police while he is trying to reach out for his sister on the walkie-talkie.

Mrs Jordan dead

Mrs. Jordan dead in the bathtub

Tina was not responding over the walkie-talkie, so he went to the pier but could not find her. All he found were footsteps. He follows those footsteps and sees a squirrel on the torchlight. So, he throws his toy truck, and the squirrel follows that. He is able to take the torch and follows the path.

Following the path, he finds Veronica’s dead body, and then his lights start to flicker, and he is attacked by a creature. The police report Veronica’s dead body and two missing children. This is how the first game ends. 

Youth Mental Hospital

Youth Mental Hospital

Now, Midnight Scenes: From The Woods is a game that happens 10 years after the two siblings went missing. Oliver is found after ten years, so now he is eighteen years old. He has been admitted to a youth mental hospital to make a smooth transition to the real world. 

We meet a new character here whose name is Elijah. He gives Oliver a tour of the entire institution. We also get to meet a goose named Mrs. Murphy during the tour and Mr. Joe, the gardener. There are two bullies, Aiden and Theo, who always seem to bother Elijah.

While the tour was being given, two main important things happened. One, Oliver is seen talking to a tree. The second thing that happens is that while showing the rooms to Oliver, he says that he likes to shower late at night as it is more peaceful.

In the youth mental hospital, all the patients are given a responsibility per day. Elijah walks Mrs. Murphy, and that’s when he notices that the root of the trees has grown a lot and is now coming into the building. He also notices one peculiar thing the tree’s root had grabbed Oliver’s hand.

Tree has grabbed Oliver's hand

Tree has grabbed Oliver’s hand.

The very same day, during dinner, Elijah was sitting with Eric. They were talking about Oliver, and also Eric was telling him to stay away from Oliver. So, when Oliver came and sat at the table next to theirs, Elijah offered to give his dinner to him as Oliver was eating only an apple and nuts. When he was trying to force Oliver to take his lunch, there was a power outage. 

Many people believed that the power outage was caused because due to Oliver or something related to the power outage. Later, when Elijah had gone to shower in the night, he met Oliver in the washroom. Oliver had left his shampoo bottle in the washroom, and when Elijah told him about it, the lights started to flicker. 

Anyway, Elijah went to shower, and then when he looked in the mirror. He saw a horrifying creature. It was so bad that he had peed himself and gone out. He got an anxiety attack and was not able to breathe. One of the people who worked in the hospital came to assist him. 

The next day Elijah meets the mailman, who seems to be in a lot of pain and is also bleeding from his hands. The mailman claims that he was delivering letters, and when he was delivering letters to Oliver, something scratched his hand. He thinks there is a negative energy associated with Oliver.

Later that day, Elijah meets Mr. Joe, who seems to need help with the tree’s roots that have gotten too big that now it is in the institution. Mr. Joe wants to cut the roots of the tree with a chainsaw and then asks Elijah for help to dump them in the dump yard. 

Later that night, during dinner, Aiden and Theo come up and tell Elijah that Mrs. Murphy is on her deathbed. When Elijah goes to check, he finds that someone has put a pen through her neck. He starts sobbing and starts fighting with Aiden. 

Eric and Elijah go to his room, and he tends to Elijah’s wounds. After that, Eric ensures that next time he will make sure to give a beating to the bullies. While this happens, Eric suggests that he might be interested in Elijah romantically and for which the game gives you the option to choose.

The next morning everyone found Mr. Joe dead. He was tied to the tree and was dead. So, then Dr. Green asked all students to lock themselves in their rooms. But Elijah decided to confront Oliver. So, Oliver gets Elijah in his room and tells him all about his past about what had happened. 

He told Elijah about how he was kidnapped and had something like the nanny in the form of a tree taking care of him and his sister Tina. So, this one day, Oliver had gotten a high fever and was not being cured by the roots provided by the nanny whom Oliver used to call mother. 

Looking at this condition of his, Tina decided to put the mother on fire and run away. Unfortunately, mother’s desperate move was to kill Tina, but she became one and became a creature. But somehow, Oliver was able to escape, and the police found him. 

After knowing his entire story, Elijah feels sorry for Oliver for going through so much. That day at night, it was raining heavily, and he looked outside of his window only to see Oliver standing in front of the tree. 

After looking at this, Elijah goes to him and gets to know that Mother is dead. She was weakened by the fire, and then trying to kill Mr. Joe took out her entire energy, and that killed her. So, Elijah takes Oliver back to his room, holding his hands. After entering his room, Elijah puts his head on Oliver’s chest, and we can see a creature appear, but Oliver dismisses it. 

Eric notices this as he is one door away from Oliver’s room. Out of jealousy, he goes and tells Aiden and Theo about Elijah entering Oliver’s room. Later that night, when Elijah was going for a shower late night. Aiden and Theo, alongside Eric, enter the washroom and ask Elijah to sit down.

They ask him to sit down on a chair. Elijah tried resisting, but they hurt him. Looking at this, Eric sat down in a corner and started crying. They made Elijah sit down on the chair and tie his hands. They started telling Elijah how being gay is wrong and tells they are going to cure it for him.

How it is nothing personal, and they are just trying to cure him. They poured water on him and gazed at Elijah. While this was happening, Oliver got to know that something like this was happening in the washroom.

Aiden and Theo torturing Elijah.

Aiden and Theo are torturing Elijah.

Oliver rushes into the washroom and tells them that they shouldn’t have done this. Aiden and Theo were like here’s another “weirdo” and what he was going to do about it. Oliver kept repeating that they shouldn’t have because “She is here.” 

In a fraction of a few seconds, we see a creature appear and attack Aiden and Theo. When the creature was about to kill one of them, Oliver started begging her not to kill them. He told her that if she did kill them, then he would have to go hide in the woods again. 

The creature just injures them but does not kill them. Eric starts asking forgiveness from, Elijah. He just tells him not to show his face ever again, and neither should he speak of it ever, and if he ever did, then Elijah would hurt him.

Due to this incident, almost all the patients of this hospital left, and no one knew who did this to Aiden and Theo. Everyone suspected it was an intruder. We can later see in the game that Elijah took the experience from this entire thing and wrote a book. When taking a picture with Oliver at his book release, we can see his sister Tina as the creature behind them. 

Honest Review on the Midnight Scenes From The Woods

The first game had a very strong story, and the whole suspense part played out really well. We could play as Oliver in the game. But then, when it comes to the second game, it kind of felt like it was a forceful extension of the first game. There were introductions of many characters who did not play any important role in the game.

 For example, we had a character whose name was Grace, and she had no role in the game at all. We get to see her in the end, but there was no point in it, to be very honest. But again, none of it really comes to mind because the story was well written, and characters from the first game were also tied down in the end. We get to see some old characters that were present in the first game too.

We understand what happened to Tina and how she is always going to be there for Oliver. We get to see a happy ending for Elijah and Oliver. Many expected there to be a third game, but well it stayed true to its series. I would rate this game a 3.9/5. 

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