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Between Us Episode 12: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Between Us Episode 11 recap
Between Us Episode 12 Release Date

Between Us episode 12’s release date is here. The fans worldwide watching this BL drama are on their toes to watch the newest episode when it comes out. If you are a fan too, hop on with us as we will recap Between Us’ last episode, and reveal Between Us Episode 12’s air date and streaming guide.

Win separates the Team from the other swimmers in the Swim Club. Vee gets ridiculed by A and Sea for using excessive sunblock. Win enquires about Team’s well-being and encourages him to have faith. He then embraces him to encourage him. As Win reassures “Team” that he will always watch out for them, “Team” starts to cry.

The Team pledges to communicate with Win about what happened once Win is ready. “Win” kisses the Team & sends him all the luck to make things better. Then we enter the restroom; we see Bee running into Prince, who assists Bee’s romantic partner in applying sunblock to his body.

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Between Us episode 11: A recap

Prince receives a kiss, but he begins to doubt their fate as a couple, given Prince’s fame and how it impacts their closeness. Bee is worried, thinking Prince is now out of his league and that the star is growing accustomed to nothing like Bee.

Between Us Episode 11 recap

Between Us Episode 11 recap’s still.

The two choose to keep their feelings for one another a secret until they are prepared to share their true feelings for one another. Minow, Pharm, & Prince are visiting the Swim Club on another day to assist Team and Bee. The Team leaps into the pool as he wants to look for Win.

They cross the finish line and move ahead of Bee and several other members. Tim wins and receives good marks from the swim club members, and Phruek proposes they organize a party at the hotel. Dean claims that Win covered the Team’s night excursion cost.

Waan is enjoying an online game from home with T-Rex, whose true name is Tul when the pupil unintentionally reveals additional details about him. Since Tul disguises himself as Tee to trick Waan, he cannot tease them.

Between Us Episode 11 recap

Win and Team.

The following day, Win dispatches Team so he and his families may celebrate holidays alone. He & Team romance before Team returns home to see his family and siblings. Then Team enjoys the food with his pals. The Team becomes anxious as his mother instructs him to visit his old pal.

Before their first breakfast together in a bit, the entire Win household feels uncomfortable around one another. Due to the uncertain environment, Waan will not start eating. A and Sea informed Bee about the star Bee is currently dating that evening.

Team phones Win simultaneously to wish her a happy new year. The Team runs across the mum of a childhood friend; they have some unpleasant conversations regarding Ton. Later that evening, Team begs his father to let him stay the night with friends so they can assist him in putting an end to his fears.

Between Us Episode 11 recap

Between Us Episode 11 recap’s still.

The Team informs his family of Ton’s passing, and they provide some consolation. We then cut to the next day; the Team visits Ton’s grave and presents his 1st place to his deceased childhood friend. When Team tells his buddy about the incident and inquires about Ton’s forgiveness, Team starts to break down.

The Team is seen apologizing and fleeing when Ton’s mum comes to clean up the gravesite. We see that Team has overheard her complaining to Ton’s gravestone about how she wished he hadn’t been able to play with them. We then see him breaking down.

Win calls the Team after Wiew asks about them when they get home. The win stops as he witnesses Team screaming on the other line, and Wiew makes fun of him for feeling sympathy for Team. Win accelerates his motorbike through the storm to visit Team in his hometown.

When Win comes, the Team is still in tears at Ton’s burial. The loss of Ton makes him sad. He talks about what transpired to Win and wonders why he wasn’t killed that night. The Team tells his family that he will spend the night apart from them, and Win will take him to a guesthouse.

Between Us Episode 12: Release Date

Between Us Episode 12 release date is Sunday, January 29, 2023, at 11:45 pm. International watchers can stream this episode as per the dates and times mentioned below:

  • Indian Standard Time: 10.15 pm (January 29)
  • Japanese Standard Time: 12.30 am (January 30)
  • Korean Standard time: 12.30 am (January 30)
  • Australia Eastern Daylight Time: 3:45 am (January 30)
  • Singapore Standard Time: 12:45 am (January 30)
  • Philippines Standard Time: 12.45 am (January 30)
  • British Summer Time: 4.45 pm (January 29)

Between Us episode 12: Where to watch

The GMM25 YouTube Page offers free access to the program. The show will additionally be accessible on iQiyi. So, be on the lookout for Between Us Episode 12 when it debuts on the streaming mentioned above the platform at the specified time and date.

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