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Sex/Life Season 2 Ending Explained: Is There More To Billie And Brad’s Story?

Sex/Life Season 2 Ending Explained
Billie and Brad (CC: Netflix)

Well, the Sex/Life Season 2 Ending was interesting for sure. Following Billie as she was navigating through her adult life, being torn between where her heart belonged, Sex/Life Season 2 was something that certainly didn’t hold back in what it was prepared to show us.

This show is genuinely like no other that I’ve watched before. Was it good? No, not really. It was very over the top, unrealistic, and relied heavily on its graphic nature of it in order to give it a sense of walkability.

With it only being six episodes long, there wasn’t that much time to spend with the characters to understand what they wanted, who they wanted, and how they wanted their life to resolve. But by the End of Sex/Life Season 2, we did get that. So let’s recap, break down and explain all that there was to take away from this new Season of Sex/Life Season 2 Ending.

Sex/Life Season 2 Ending Explained

The Sex/Life Season 2 Ending was something that I would say did feel a little rushed. And only having six episodes in the second season, it felt as though they utilized flashbacks and flash-forwards in order to make up for not having the runtime to be able to develop the story, so months would be pushed forward in the blink of an eye.

However, I would say that the Ending of this Sex/Life Season 2 most certainly felt as though they were done with it for good. There was no plot twist or cliffhanger like at the end of Sex/Life Season 1, which insinuated that there was going to be another season on the horizon.

Sex/Life Season 2

Billie and Cooper (CC: Netflix)

Season two had more of a happy ending for every character that was within the show, so I feel as though this could be the end of it. In this Sex/Life Season 2, Ending Explained, Breakdown each of the main character’s ending in this show. So let’s start with Billie.


Within this season, we saw Billie spend most of her time with the new arrival Majid, who was the owner of a restaurant within the city. Despite falling for him, introducing him to her children, and then spending a lot of time with him, we saw that she still had some feelings buried deep down for her ex-boyfriend Brad, who she actually wanted to be with at the end of season one.

Nothing happened between them for the entirety of the season other than platonic, friendly meetups where they were merely just there for each other in their time of need. We saw that Billie and Cooper were co-parenting and going through the divorce that was filed, but even though Cooper still wanted to be with Billie, she made it apparent that she didn’t love him anymore.

At the end of Sex/Life Season 2, we saw that Billie had let Majid and her son Hudson go to a game together, but whilst that was happening, Majid got called into his restaurant for an emergency, and it meant that Hudson wandered off into the city on his own.

This was the turning point in their relationship. She realized that he was never going to be somebody who wanted to have a family or children, as he cared mainly for his restaurant. As he said, the restaurant was his baby, so they ended up parting ways due to the different parts that they were going to take

Sex/Life Season 2 Explained

Billie meets Brad (CC: Netflix)

After this, we then cut forward several months, and we saw that Brad surprised Billie at Sasha’s wedding, and they ended up being together for good, not before another flash forward, and then they themselves were getting married, with Billie whispering in Bread’s ears that she was pregnant, rounding off the character’s arc within the story in a somewhat unrealistic and rushed way. Oh, and she also graduated with her Ph.D. as well. So it was a very happy ending for Billie.


Sasha had just as much of an interesting story as Billie did in this season. She was working with a new agent to make her a globally renowned writer. And we saw that she was successful in doing so. However, it came at a price. It meant that she couldn’t be with her longtime love, Kam.

Sasha wrote books on how to be an independent woman and how you don’t need to rely on a man in your life. So with her being with him and it being in the public eye, it meant that she was contradicting all that she was writing about, which was damaging our brand.

As Kam was going off to Singapore to continue his work, we saw that, as he did 17 years ago, he asked Sasha to move away with him, but she declined again, this time due to her job. However, in the Sex/Life Season 2 finale, we saw that when she was reading out the book that she was writing, she came to the realization that she wanted to be with Kam. And she was prepared to give up everything.

Sex/Life Season 2 Ending

Kam and Sasha (CC: Netflix)

We saw her go to her agent and tell him that she wasn’t going to be doing what he wanted anymore. And then she rushed to the airport to meet Kam just as he was getting on the plane.

However, he wasn’t, and he was getting off because he couldn’t face going without her, showing that they were both on the same page. We then had a time jump, and we saw that the both of them were getting married, rounding off their arc in a joyous way as well.


Brad didn’t have that much screen time in the show, but his inclusion was important. Throughout the entirety of the season, he mourns the love that he had for Billie and the fact that he feels stuck in his current relationship with Gigi, whom he was having a baby with.

Gigi was jealous of Billie and felt like there was something going on between the pair, so there was a sense of hostility between them which did end up pushing Brad and Billie further apart.

As their son was born, we saw that being a father changed Brad for the better, and his priorities changed. He lost his company over some controversy which led to Gigi leaving him. But he didn’t mind due to enjoying fatherhood and all of the enjoyment that it brought.

With Brad getting married to Billie at the end of the season after surprising her at Sasha’s wedding, their season-long will won’t come to a close. And it felt as though they made the right decision in being together and will ultimately lead a happy life with another baby on the way.

Sex/Life Season 2 Ending

Brad with his baby (CC: Netflix)


The final main character to touch on in Sex/Life Season 2, Ending Explained, is Cooper. Cooper’s life was derailing and derailing pretty fast. The divorce from the woman that he loved, Billie, was impacting him harder than anything else in his life had. He was partying, he lost his job, he was spending time with lots of different women, and he started becoming dependent on alcohol.

However, after a crash that he had on the day of his divorce, we saw that his life changed around. He realized how things could change in the blink of an eye, and he started to get his life back on track.

After his son Hudson went missing, he went over to his ex-girlfriend Emily’s apartment and confessed his love to her. So much so that after the time jump at the end of the season, he stated that he was going to ask her to marry her.

There was an emotional conversation between himself and Billie at the end where he stated that he didn’t regret any of the time that they spent together and that he treasured the fact that she got to be his for a small time. But Emily was the person who ultimately made him feel complete, thus showing that he had finally moved on.

Sex/Life Season 2 Review

The six-episode structure of the season was a hindrance. It made the pacing of the show feel extremely inconsistent, and you never really knew how much time had passed. The acting was very much like a soap, not a Netflix show, which did surprise me. It was over the top when it didn’t really need to be.

Sex/Life Season 2 Explained

Billie at the end of Sex Life Season 2 (CC: Netflix)

This show also had every cliche in the book within it too, from the running in the airport so that ‘I’m pregnant’ right at the end and the extremely happy Ending for everybody during the season finale. I personally can’t see this show coming back for a third season. One, I don’t think there’s an appetite for it. Two, the story rounded off in a somewhat natural way.

And three, it’s just not that good enough. It’s not engaging, it’s quite unrealistic, and you don’t really care for any of the characters. It’s a straight two or three out of 10 show that makes me understand why there were only six episodes following on from an 8 episode debut.

There are better shows that Netflix can invest time and money into rather than giving this one further development, but I think that’s already the case anyway. Let’s see if this one does end up coming back in the not-so-distant future for a Sex/Life Season 3. So there you have it, Sex/Life Season 2 Ending Explained.

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