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Preview and Spoilers: Pacific Rim The Black Season 1

Pacific Rim The Black Season 1 Release Date

The release date of Pacific Rim The Black Season 1 is less than a month away. Netflix’s upcoming anime-style American streaming television series will premiere next month. Here, we will discuss everything you need to know about the series, including the release date of Pacific Rim The Black Season 1. Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle are the creators of this science-fiction action series. Craig Kyle is the co-writer of Thor: Ragnarok, while Greg Johnson is the head writer of the 2000 series X-Men: Evolution. Jae Hong Kim and Hiroyuki Hayashi are the directors of all the episodes of the first season. It is based on the first two live-action Pacific Rim movies. The series serves as the anime version of the spin-off of Pacific Rim.

The series comes as a delight to Pacific Rim’s fans as there will be no third movie of the franchise. Legendary Television is the production team of the series. They have produced series like The Expanse and Lost in Space. Netflix released the first teaser of the series on 1 February 2021. After that, Netflix released a full trailer on 5 February. The release date of Pacific Rim The Black Season 1 is 4 March 2021. The series will most likely have seven episodes for the first season. Each episode of the series will have an approximate runtime of twenty-four minutes. Netflix announced an anime series adaptation of the movie in November 2018.

Initially, the series was set to release in 2020. However, during a virtual “Anime Festival” live stream event in October 2020, it was revealed that the series would air in 2021. Additionally, they also revealed that a second season would also release after the first. There are high chances that the second season will be the last season of the series. Apart from Legendary Television being the producer of the series, Japanese studio Polygon Pictures provides the series’s animation.

Pacific Rim The Black Season 1 Trailer:

The trailer showcases the anime-style design and gives a better idea of the story than the teaser. We can guess from the trailer that the series will focus on the siblings most of the time. This is because the entire trailer centers around Hayley and Taylor. Apart from that, we also see a few small Kaijus. These may be the newly created Kaijus. However, nothing about this is known as of yet. Another mystery is the appearance of a little boy. In the beginning, the trailer hints that he is the enemy. However, towards the end, we see Taylor carrying the boy. Taylor was probably trying to save the child. So, we can assume that the boy may not be a threat.

The Plot of the Series:

Pacific Rim The Black

The production confirms that the series will occur in the same timeline as the live-action Pacific Rim movies. The episodes of the series will build on the story of Pacific Rim and Pacific Rim: Uprising. Kaijus are a race of genetically engineered amphibious creatures. They were the biological weapons of warfare that threaten humanity. Kajius are designed to be extremely hostile and toxic creatures. The sole purpose of their creation is the wipe out all humankind. After they rose from the Pacific Rim, humanity finds a way to fight back against these monsters.

Humanity built Jaegers, gigantic robots for the sole purpose of fighting those creatures. In the series, Kaiju terrorized Australia. The entire continent is on the brink of destruction due to their terror. As a result, the entire population of Australia evacuated somewhere else. Pacific Rim The Black focuses on two teenage siblings Taylor Travis and Hayley Travis. However, Hayley and Taylor were the only ones who didn’t evacuate.

The siblings embark on a dangerous journey to search for their missing parents. As they are at wit’s end with no hope for a safe future, Hayley discovers a Jaeger named Loa. She shows it to Taylor. Consequently, the siblings find a new prospect for their mission. They learn to pilot an abandoned Jaeger that will help them in their quest. Eventually, the siblings find hope for their survival.

Stream the Series Here on 4th March

Cast and Characters:

The production is very discreet about the cast and characters of Pacific Rim The Black Season 1. As a result, we only know the below information about the cast and characters.

Hayley Travis: Yui Shimodaya (Japanese Voice)

Taylor Travis: Yusuke Kobayashi (Japanese Voice)

Loa: Iku Minase (Japanese Voice)

Actress Gideon Aldon reveals that she will give the voice of one of the siblings. So, it is not difficult to assume that she will play the English version of Hayley Travis.

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